Glutton Berserker ch.85

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The plot slowly become intense.
and guess what? IT’S A MOTORCYCLE!

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 85 – Kingdom’s Military District

At midnight, when the moon was at its highest, I left the mansion.
Even if it’s an inspection, I can’t just barge into the Burixes’ mansion. Therefore, I’ll just blend in the dark of the night just like the old times (the way Mukuro did), and do as I please.

It’s next to military district and one could only enter the holy knights estates from there. However, there should be gatekeepers guarding the entrance, so I had to take a different route.
While I was observing through the high wall that separates each district, black sword Greed spoke to me via《Mind Reading》

『This will be our first solo action since a long time. Isn’t fun? To not have the old man and Myne tagging along』

[No idea yet, this doesn’t seem to be something I can do alone.]

Since Aaron doesn’t like to do something like this, I asked him to report this matter regarding the Burixes to the King.
The people living on the Kingdom were under the control of the King. Even so, they attracted people to come to the military district without permission for their personal interest, and even killed some of those people, this shouldn’t go on without them taking any blame. Therefore, I also had the sister to go with Aaron to the palace.
Seeing how they hadn’t returned up until I left the mansion, then the reports should still be ongoing.

Myne wanted to come with me, but I asked her to stay at the mansion in case there was news. In any case, she’s not well versed in subterfuge. With that black axe of hers, she’ll just hit everything that comes before her, too conspicuous.
Although she agreed to it, she kept watching me with a look as if she was having grudge against me from being made to stay at the mansion. I could only hope that I can lighten her mood after I return from the military district. Myne can be this mildly annoying at times.

[Now then, by jumping through this wall, I’ll be able to get in.]

『Can you really jump that high, I want to see how』

[I’ll show you how much I have become accustomed to Area E]

I kicked the ground gently, and flew over the wall. Then, having done so, I landed on my feet.

[How about that, pretty nice, isn’t it?]

『60 points, you have a long way to go. I can still feel the slight vibration from your movements.』

[So it’s already quite good. Greed always sets a ridiculous standard when evaluating me after all]

『It’s only natural since you are my wielder. Anyways, look downward』

This was….amazing.
As far as my eyes could see, buildings lining up in order shone with beautiful lightings. The amount of light was incomparably many more than the other district.
Having been blocked by high and thick walls, I never knew about this before, but even the style of the buildings were different.
The buildings on the commercial district, residential district, and the holy knights estates were all made from bricks.
However, the buildings on the military district were different, they weren’t made of bricks. They had this slick feeling to them. There were no windows in any of them, and each one was tall and sturdy.

Then, the source of the lights itself, were actually the buildings emitting light.

[What’s with that….buildings?]

『That is, Gallia’s technology. It’s a special plate that can extract energy from the atmosphere. The energy is then used to power the building』

[The kingdom military district actually uses Gallia’s technology…..]

Gallia was destroyed long ago. I’ve always thought that its technology had also been lost, but who would’ve thought that it’s still living, right behind this wall.

『Well, even if it’s said to be destroyed, not all of it has vanished. There are still many ruins on Gallia, Fate has seen one yourself, haven’t you? From there, things like this can be collected.』

[In that case, Gallia would be like a mountain of unexpected treasure]

『Yeah, that’s why Envy put Tenryu on Gallia, it was to keep watch. It also happen to be a good way to control the monster’s aggression.』

However, Tenryu was defeated by me. Regarding the monster’s aggression, during that same battle I made a large and deep chasm separating the kingdom and Gallia, so it should be harder for them to attack.
Moreover, I have others’ help too. So I don’t give Gallia’s monsters too much attention.

[If, from now on, people starts looking for relics of Gallia, will this kind of view also spread outside the military district?]

『The kingdom wouldn’t allow that. Seems to me that they want to monopolize Gallia’s technology』

[Yeah, isolating this here is also an evidence.]

But now that the road to Gallia had been opened, those who were seeking the technology wouldn’t stay put. Then, Hausen, which is the closest to Gallia, albeit still under reconstruction, would inevitably be involved in this battle.
Imagining a city filled with technology never seen before, I got excited.
However, the Burixes should take priority now.

[From here, we can’t yet see the Burixes research facility.]

『From what the sister said, it’s north from here』

[And she also said that it’s easily recognized with a single glance]

The Burix is one of the Five Great Families of the Holy Knight. It’s said that their family crest is painted on the research facility.
Moreover, it’s said that it was actually more than a research facility. That was what the person who escaped told to the sister, so it must be correct.

[Well, I’ll understand once I see it myself]

『Don’t get caught. Just observe. Whatever happened, don’t involve yourself in』

[What’s with that? All of a sudden.]

『How the human make use of Gallia’s technology, has nothing to do with me since a long time ago』

Being cautious isn’t Greed usual characteristic, but anyways, I jumped down the wall after I was sure that there were no people around.
When I landed, I swayed a little due to the shock.
All the buildings I saw while running, were made by a material I’ve never seen before, and since the central parts of the building shone with light, the direction was clearly visible even at night. With many of these kind of buildings around, I didn’t feel the need to use night vision.
Occasionally, I saw some patrolling soldiers, keep going north. Then, crowds of people amassing around a lump of metal that I’ve never seen before. There were about ten or so people who wore white robes in addition to the soldiers.
Everyone was watching intently, at a pair of metal rings that were lined up side by side, the contraption seemingly had a place to sit on in the middle. Strangely, although the construct seems unstable and may collapse at anytime, it stood upright and balanced on the ground.
While looking at it from a distance, I asked Greed.

[What the hell is that thing?]

『It’s a mechanism called bike, a kind of vehicle used in the old days of Gallia. It seems that they found it on Gallia, and had been attempting to restore it』

[That’s a vehicle? It’s only mass of metals]

『You won’t understand the underlying mechanism and how it worked. However, it was an excellent vehicle that was hundred time better than a horse. It also won’t get tired like horses do.』

I can’t actually believe that riding that thing will be better than riding a horse. However, it’s made of inorganic matter so it must’ve indeed cannot feel tired. Just like Greed here.

[How do you ride one?]

『You can change direction with that handle at upper part of the front wheel。And since there is balance control device on it, even a first timer will be able to ride it just fine.』

[Fu~hn, then, why they haven’t tried to ride it?]

As I said that, Greed snorted a laugh,

『They have insufficient magic power to rev the bike on. That vehicle consume magic power to move. Among all of them, sitting on the seat alone will be like flying to heaven』

Indeed when I looked closer, there were three person sprawled around the bike, all fainted.
All of them, had similarly white eyes and foam coming out from their mouth. That seemed to be what Greed meant by ‘flying to heaven’.

[Can I ride it?]

『Of course you can. Fate belongs to Area E. You’ll be able to ride it as long as you like. But, just give it up for now』

[I know, let’s go on!]

The kingdom’s military district was the only place I knew nothing of, so it couldn’t be helped.
While repressing my desire to see more new things, I continued to march northward.

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    1. He”ll look like Ghost Rider on that thing lol… Actually I imagine the bike looking like the one in “Breath of the Wild”


  1. They better not be trying to make a machine angel or something… though I sincerely doubt they have the capability to do that but, hey you never know.


  2. Starting to sound more like this could be experimentation, but then why are they murdered now, and not all the other times. The timing is suspicious, it’s not because plot.

    Isn’t Gallia supposed to be a different continent? Very doubtful that is the only means of crossing into Gallia, unless they are implying that the chasm spreads across the continent?

    It’s starting to feel like there is only one Tenryu, I could have sworn that when it was first mentioned by Roxy, when she showed Fate her dad’s grave, the conversation implied that there was more than one, and that they had a nest, and one of them left the nest and was roaming close to the border, but with everything, it’s starting to feel like there is only one Tenryu, even Greed mentioning that Envy placed Tenryu in Gallia. Might have to check out that early chapter at some point to confirm.


  3. lol, everyone’s on about the magic bike and ghost rider, but no one showing some love to “Green Renewable Energy” even in an isekai world lol. They have friggin luminous “solar panels?” lol.

    Sounds like that Old Gallia. Creating bikes, Green technology, Mechs, looked like science was strong at the time. Even the admantite feels like it might have come from Gallia.

    I always lol when Greed tells Fate to be careful or not be reckless, lol same person that tells him to kill every warrior in Babylon, raze an entire mansion in the city, unleash the beast, by poking Myne.


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