The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.7

Weekly chapters (1/2)

This chapter contain the point of view from the MC’s father.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Edgar Schwarzer

[…..and those are the details regarding the bandit and magic beast subjugation mission.]

[Hmm, I see]

Sitting calmly on the chair was the Schwarzer Archduke, Edgar, who listened to the report and quietly nodded with closed eyes.

[Subjugating numerous magic beasts, hundreds of bandits, and including two Land Dragons….while only taking minimum damage of a few injured soldiers……as expected of Young Master. Truly skillful]

The one who talked just now was the old man who was standing next to lord Edgar and had been serving under the Schwarzers for years, Rouen.

He was originally one of the generals who defended the northern fort from the Wolfgard Empire.
He’s another elder who, alongside Alberto, are known as the [Schwarzer’s Twins] and as the [Northern General]; someone the Schwarzer family can boast about.

Ares had considered Rouen his immediate family as the old man had taken the role of teaching him of various things during his early years.

He was visiting Romaria when Ares is about to make a report by chance, so he also attended the reporting session.

[Normally, when a land dragon makes appearance….we would’ve sacrificed hundreds of soldiers to defeat it. Beating two with the power of only one person each….I’ve never heard of something like that before.]

Nodding at Rouen’s comment, Edgar asked one question.

[However, why did the magic beasts, who have remained silent all this time… not to mention the land dragons, who supposedly won’t attack people, suddenly attack?]


Ares showed to them a dirty gray piece of item as he said that.

[This is?]

[It was an artifact of Galgain, once feared for its violence.]


Edgar and Rouen took a deep breath.

Galgain. The name of the legendary demon who created a country of demons in the far north. He was famous even among demons. It’s said that he was reborn as a powerful existence after being swallowed by the power of darkness. He wielded his dark power and led the other crazy demons to war against the people of the races. The story of the carnage he did was all too famous. But then, it was said that he was defeated a by lone hero.

[You can still feel the traces of the demon king’s power from within this shard. The magic beasts in the forest of evil were Zephyr’s subordinates and attacking Sigurd would be considered a breach of his order, but they still won’t listen. And the Land Dragons don’t even like fighting in the first place. Moreover, they simply don’t dare to approach the lair of a top-class being like an Ancient Dragon. But instead, they crazily charged in…..I had to advance with the plan so I had no other choice but to kill them.]

Ares kept talking with signs of bitterness in his voice.

[They’ve turned crazy and started to see themselves as someone stronger. This is…. one of the same symptoms that had been observed from the demons that were controlled by Galgain…]

[….does the Hero’s memory say so?]

[….yes, Galgain was Shin Oldeus’ nemesis….his irreplaceable friend that had fallen victim to the demon king’s magic. There is no mistaking it.]

The story of Shin Oldeus the hero has been told by bards and in theatres all over the continent. However, the story about his friend who defected to the demon king’s side was omitted.

Edgar gave his son a gaze as he never knew that there was such a story before and sighed.


It’s been 10 years since the time when my son was struck with that mysterious disease. At that time, I could only hate myself for my powerlessness as I could only watch my son suffer. No famous doctor and healer knew of the cause, making me spend my days in worries.

When the pain finally subsided and my son became healthy again, not only me, but also all the people on the whole territory were rejoicing. But at the same time, I was troubled. By that….

I heard from my son that he bore the memories of 3 persons.

At first, I didn’t know how to handle it. I laughed it out as a mere dream he had due to the fever and that it will vanish soon after but upon seeing the changes in my son, I decided to change my mind. His calm temper didn’t change, but the way he acted was no longer that of a child. Most people got scared of this change and chose to stay away from him. But that was nothing. The changes in my son actually appeals to me since that’s exactly what I wanted him to be.

[I want to read books. I want to know all of the contemporary knowledge.]

[I want to swing a sword. I want my physical strength to be in balance with my knowledge.]

When I saw such a situation, I was forced to re-evaluate my thoughts.

Even if he bore the memories of others, he’s still my son. If he got the memories of a Hero, then it only means that the Gods had their own designs for him.

So I just let my son do what he wants. My son read and learned from many books and absorbed the knowledge like a cotton absorbing water. I let him to study abroad so that he can obtain the knowledge to the highest degree. As for swordsmanship, he already had what I could say a godly skill. However, I still felt that his experience in real battle was still lacking so I asked Rouen as one of the best warrior in our family to refine that part.

With his increasingly vast knowledge, his refined fighting prowess and his original gentle temperament kept intact, people naturally gathered around him again.

Looking at this situation, made me think….

What I can do now is to wait carefully until this son of mine gathered enough power before I let him off to face the world. I have a feeling that he is the child of destiny that will bring changes to this vicious world….


Edgar took a deep breath, and asked his son once more.

[Are there more other like this…?]

[I don’t know. Why did an artifact of Galgain even appeared in the forest of evil in the first place I can only think that someone had done this intentionally. And this requires a thorough investigation.]

[Understood. This matter can’t be overlooked. I will try to investigate this.]

[Thank you very much.]

To his son who was bowing his head, he had to tell him what he has to say.

[You must be tired. Go get some rest. By the way…..Sharon came barging in here yesterday, angry because you broke your promise.]

[HA!? The-then what did Esteemed Father say….]

Looking at his son’s look, a mischief sprouted in his mind.

[What did I say back then again…..anyways, won’t it be better if you go apologize now?]

[Haa…. I completely forgot….that I promised Sharon to be her swordsmanship instructor…does Father know where she is right now?]

Whilst looking back and forth between his son and Rouen, Edgar gave a subtle reply while laughing heartily.
[She’s next door.]

[WAA! Why didn’t Father say so earlier! Please excuse me!]

Edgar laughed and said silently as he watched his son leave in a hurry.

[The memories of the Hero are also useful at times like this. Troublesome you are, my son.]


Edgar Schwarzer was known as the father of the King of Heroes Ares, who, although not affiliated to the throne, was widely mentioned as [Grand King] inn history books.

He was the first to notice his son Ares’ talent, supported him from behind and kept him safe during his early years. The first and foremost, who understood Ares the best.

Despite mostly hidden under the grandeur of his son, he was a very capable monarch and was loved by his subjects.

….however, he loved to tease his son, which was probably the only thing that frustrated Ares regarding his father. Not many people know about this little fact.

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