The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.8

Weekly chapters (1/2)

More explanation about our MC.
The author-sama sure love to set-up the background story perfectly.

Anyway, enjoy~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Elder Rouen’s Story of the Past

I am Rouen Beluga. Once a knight of the Clifford family before I went to serve the Schwarzer family.

I’ve served for decades since the predecessor Roberto-sama. Now pledging my life under the current lord Edgar-sama, I was entrusted with protecting the land in the North.

The northern part of the Schwarzer territory directly clashes with the Wolfgard Empire. Thus, it was also an important stronghold for the Holy Arcadia Empire.

Feeling worthy of being given such a great responsibility, I spend most of my days there.


It was… about 10 years ago during a stormy evening.

At that time, the Wolfgard decided to launch a huge offensive. The north has always been in tensions. Fortunately, I was able to repel them owing to the success of our own army and reinforcements from the capital, but should they come again….I doubted that we could repeat this victory.

And then I….even though still working as the guardian of the North, was recalled back to Romaria all of a sudden.

Such a sudden order…..has something happened in Romaria? Or is it because the Imperial capital issued a seemingly impossible task for the lord……either way there was no other for me to find out other than to return.

Hurriedly, I rushed back to Romaria and headed to Edgar-sama’s mansion. Entering the mansion, there were Edgar-sama and his wife and the already gray haired, old knight with well-trained body and well-kept beard. Alberto, a childhood friend of mine who works as the guardian of the Romaria, was also seen there.

[Ho, Alberto, you are also being summoned. What is this all about?]

I was uncomfortable with such a heavy atmosphere. So I tried to lighten the mood. However. Alberto, who would usually respond with an equally cheerful tone, merely stared at me while keeping a serious face this time. From that, I realized that this was something really urgent. He didn’t even have the will to think about anything else.

And true to my thoughts, what Edgar-sama told us afterward…..was an important thing concerning the survival of the Schwarzer house.

On that day, Alberto and I received new orders.

The order that was entrusted to Alberto….no, from what I understand, I shouldn’t talk about it. Cause even a slight mistake could make his head fly off from his body.

And the order I received…..was to become a confidant to Ares-sama who was still an adolescent at that time.

I was told by Edgar-sama that Ares-sama possessed the memories of three different spirits. Therefore Milord told me to provide Ares-sama as much practical experience as possible, as this was also what the young lord wanted.

Ares-sama was 8 years old at that time. I was told that he’ll go to the Imperial Academy at the age of 12. I didn’t know the details about the memory of the spirits yet, but the young lord should be nothing but a little chick at this time.

I questioned Edgar-sama’s decision on why would Milord want his son to see real battle. I couldn’t understand no matter how I think about it. An 8 year old seeing a real battle…isn’t that too cruel? Edgar-sama is a thoughtful lord. But I couldn’t help but to doubt….his judgment this time.

However, Milord’s order is absolute. Therefore, during the four years until young lord would leave for Imperial Academy, I thought of giving him various kind of experiences as much as I could. And yet, at that time, I only thought to give the young lord [experiences fitting for a normal child].

But the first time I met the young lord was when he was doing a sword training…..and I knew how wrong I was when I became his training partner.

(Wha-what the…..? This pressure….is this really coming from a mere 8 year old….??)

I’ve been a knight for decades. At one point, I’ve led thousands of soldiers and I have been through a lot of obstacles. I’ve fought with many fierce opponents. But, those can’t even compare.

(My, my body won’t move…!)

In the end, I was the one being played with. No, Ares-sama was an intelligent person. He trained at a place that people rarely visits so when I lost, I was spared from the shame of being witnessed by others. Such a thing didn’t even cross my mind. It was my complete defeat.

Well then, I decided change my approach. No, I had no choice but to change my approach. Rather than treating the young lord as an 8 year old child, as much as possible, I should treat him as one of the knights and give more emphasis on letting him experience actual warfare.

Even the soldiers…..convinced by the young lord’s attitude, surprisingly started to obey him. A charisma that naturally attracted people to him…’s like I was witnessing the rising of a ruler.

Ares-sama was really outstanding…no, I could go as far as saying that he’s already fitting to become our future lord. Overwhelming vigilance, accurate instruction, and intelligence that could make any enemy looks like a joke….

In order to do that, after actual warfare, the young lord will always go as far as asking others for opinion and advice. He said that there is no definite way to [Truly understand what others really feel] so doing so would be a great way to learn…..of course, there were times when I also wanted to know.

Yes, I didn’t only show him the experience unique to this land only. I let Ares-sama experience what it’s like to be a soldier by letting him live among the soldiers and not just war strategy and political affairs. When a heavy snow peculiar to the northern area fell, we shoveled the snow together with the soldiers and local residents. We learned a lot.

To let him understand the life of a commoner, I made him stay at one of the knights’ or soldiers’ home.

I personally felt that it was exciting everyday. Ares-sama also seemed to enjoy it. Even though he’s born an aristocrat, he actually enjoyed the hard black bread that the commoners eat.

Now then, from what you hear so far, you’d thought that Ares-sama is a brilliant person….but he’s still a human. And is still but a boy nonetheless.

On our free time, we would go catching some insects together or taking a walk around the town….that’s right, Ares-sama loves the snacks sold by the street food stall. We used to eat some together. He often visited my house. And he seems to like my wife’s stew as he always ate it merrily. He also sometimes helped with taking care of my grandchildren.

Also, this can’t be said loudly. But when we went camping, Ares-sama asked me to sleep alongside him since he couldn’t sleep. Our young lord surprisingly has a cute side.

Ares-sama is no different from my own grandchildren. Beyond my duty……I want to keep watching over him as [Family].


Guardian of the North, the Schwarzer clan. When talking about the generals they can boast about, then the names of Rouen and Alberto would come to mind.

Rouen was famous as a great swordsman while Alberto was a master of twin daggers. Both are warriors worth a thousand soldiers, bearing great talent as commanders and have a great deal of achievements under their belt.

The two were known as [Schwarzer’s Twin Generals] and were feared by many including the Wolfgard Empire at the North. But only few knew about their day to day appearance…..and that they prefer to live on the countryside far from luxury.

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