The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.10

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We’re almost reaching the first appearance of the first heroine soon.
It sure took long chapters to reach it. XD


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 10

Near the Northern Fortress, the town of Leonard.

There were indeed a lot of small skirmishes that happened between the Holy Arcadia Empire and the Wolfgard Empire. But despite that, it can be said that it’s just trivial compared to what happened on other places.

Why, you asked? The answer is due to the existence of Schwarzer territory’s Northern Fortress Leonard that directly faces the Wolfgard Empire.

It’s said that the generations of the Schwarzer Archduke have always maintained the status of being the bravest among the Four Great Clans. Then, with their best soldiers guarding the northern fortress, it’ll be like playing with fire if someone were to stir up some trouble there.

Especially on the recent years, with the rising of the [Schwarzer Twin Generals], specifically after Rouen Beluga took command of the fortress. And now, after many long calm days, the village on the vicinity of the Northern Fortress that was originally built for the soldiers to stay, had gradually grown into a town.


ーーLeonard Town square, the story of the popular tavern「White Cat」ーー

Yes, welcome to our tavern. Eh? Ares-sama?

Ah, it’s the [Captain Milk]. E? What do I mean by [Captain Milk]? Well it’s young master’ nickname in this tavern. He went to a tavern but will only order for milk. It was a source of laughter among the tavern’s customers. It’s just a joke of course. Young master himself also considered it as such and usually also laughed along…..Aa, don’t get angry please? Don’t worry, since I already know young master’s real identity. I’m not a fool…. He’s really loved by everyone after all.

He actually came to visit last year despite his business. A celebration was in order and tables and chairs were set even outside of the tavern. Both soldiers and townsfolk alike joined in the party regardless of age and gender. This kind of thing don’t usually happen. Only when young master is in town. No, really.


Yes, here it is. Boiled mollusk innards. Eh, you ask if mollusk can really be eaten?? Don’t be silly. Don’t you know that this is the tavern’s specialty? By the way, it’s also captain milk…, let’s just use his actual name already. It’s a delicacy that Ares-sama taught me.

How to make it? Don’t tell this to other taverns, okay?

……to make this, I need to extract all the blood from the mollusk first.

Chicken is also okay, but mollusk is still better. The depth of taste is completely different.

Ares-sama blew my heart away with this mollusk dish recipe of his.

So, I cook everything except for the heart and liver. Eh? The heart and liver? Oh, I use it for another dish. I’ll save that for later.

Next, clean up the intestines and stomach and cut away the innards to be cooked just like that. I had this habit of carefully processing the ingredients after doing it so many times.

Cook it for quite a long while. The innards will become soft and have a rubber-like texture. Isn’t it strange?

Lastly we put in some seasoning. Now, please have a sample. Isn’t it delicious?

And here is the liver. It has to be eaten raw. Try to eat it after dipping it in the sauce. Delicious, isn’t it? Even so, it’s a valuable delicacy, you know? I can’t make it unless it’s fresh ingredients. It’s no good if you store the main ingredients even for a day. So, still thinking about cooking it by yourself?

You can eat the heart after it’s baked. Or do you prefer it served cold?

That is the popular menu of this tavern. Well, it’s all taught to me by that certain person though.

……I have said this before, but please don’t tell this to other taverns, okay?


ーーthe story of a shopkeeper in Leonard townーー

A story about Ares-sama? Why do you want to hear about it?
Ha? You want to write an article about Ares-sama for the newspaper? Ah, I guess Ares-sama’s name has started to spread in the capital…..

Well then, I guess it’s fine.

Try to eat this slowly, alright……eh? What is this? It’s potato [fried with oil].

Eh? You don’t know what [frying oil] is? Hee, is there no [frying oil] in the royal capital? So much for a citizen of the imperial capital……Oh, you only moved there recently? Well just enjoy it for the time being.

…’s delicious, isn’t it? That’s also Ares-sama’s favorite if you ask me. There are plants called cold-resistant beets growing around the area. You can extract oil from its fruits. That’s why, we call this thing [Flower Oil].

I heard that the imperial capital uses oil extracted from animals. That’s why it’s considered as a valuable commodity. But here we use the flower oil which is not as expensive. We can use the oil as we please since it’s abundant in this area.

Ares-sama often visits here and buys this [fried potato] for his journey back home. It become his habit. Is there any other menu? Fish fillet and meat…..all fried with [frying oil]. Well about the fish fillet and meat…..if you ask me….it was Ares-sama who gave me the idea.

Young master seems to be really interested in food…..and he’s eager to eat something he hasn’t eaten before. Good grief…..he’s such an interesting fellow..

Since I’m pretty keen on making it myself, do you think the people on the imperial capital would want to import some [frying oil]?


The story of a popular tavern on the southern part of Leonard town

Ah, calling it day already? Eh? Ya want to hear about Ares-sama? Why do ya want to hear about young master anyways? But before that, let’s drink this ale first!

Ohh! That was a nice drink. Delicious. Eh? Are ya saying it’s tad bit too cold? Why of course. It’s the town at the north after all. Ee? Isn’t this cup made of glass? Well, yes it is. It’s made this way to improve ale tasting. Indeed people use wooden cups to drink ale in the Imperial capital. That’s actually no good. Ya won’t be able to judge the purity of an ale using a wooden cup.

Ale is indeed best served cold. And in a glass, of course.

It’s enjoyable to drink during summer time, y’know? Like, all yer fatigue will be drowned away after ya drink this.

Well, it’s all Ares-sama’s idea actually. And not only in Leonard……all of Schwarzer territory should also have this kind of drink too.

Eh? How do I make this? You guys must be newcomers in Schwarzer territory, aren’t ya? It’s quite well known, y’know? See that box over there? It has a magic stone that can cool things. Ya use that box to cool the ale and pour it on a glass.

Eh? Ya think this glass is neat too? This isn’t any glass, y’know? It’s a glass only for ale. It’s called a mug. Well, by the way, want another swig?

This is a limited menu for summer. Cause it’s really hot here at the north during summer. Without this….it’s crazy hard to work, y’know?

It was Ares-sama who thought about creating this box. That young’un is truly an exceptional fellow.


The King of Heroes Ares was a person with various interests and is said to be often absorbed in his personal research. Among all the things he’s interested in, he’s known to put more emphasis on [food].

The food culture shows the civilization level of the particular place

That’s what he said.

It’s said that he researched various recipes and ingredients, enriching the food culture with excellent delicacies.

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  2. first of all, thanks for the chapter!

    my personal opinion, if this goes on, im gonna die from the cringe and boredom. all this praise and shit, we haven’t even seen much of the MC. this kind of approach from the author is killing me xD it feels too much like the author wants to project himself into the MC and gather praise. it’s as if living in dreamland lmao, no… i don’t hate this novel. i might read it for more atleast until chapter 50-60-70 as the reviews suggest. ill try to survive this POV praising chapters


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