The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.11

Weekly chapter (1/2).

Finally, our heroine is here!
More details and background please, Author-sama!

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 11 – Sharon Roxietta

Esteemed father and old man are terrible. If I knew about it sooner, I would’ve gone to meet Sharon much earlier.

Sharon is my childhood friend. She’s of the same age as me. The only daughter of Earl of Roxietta. Rumors say that she’ll be engaged to me once we are adults, but it’s just a rumor. It doesn’t really matter.
Because unfortunately, I’m not really sure about how I feel toward Sharon.

I…just….don’t want her….to hate me.

Eh? Is there something about Sharon that I don’t like? I don’t think so. Because we are childhood friends who grew up together. She’s one of the most important people in my life.
But…..Sharon seems to prefer courageous man. But that doesn’t mean that she likes rowdy people. It goes without saying since I’m the heir of Schwarzer clan, who are blessed with courage from the start, but I heard that she’s also interested in people who was rumoured to have shown courageous deeds like that person called Kaizer who is said to be the most courageous person in the Empire….
Well, to be honest, she’s like a sister to me. I didn’t dare to ask for more since it will only cause bad rumors to spread.
And in fact, Sharon is pretty strong too. She’s been swinging a sword since she was young and is a straightforward person to boot.

That’s why I think that she looked down on me who didn’t really like to fight when I was younger, and whatever things that I tried to do. And I think that she still is.
Even now, I only trained how to use a sword with either Sigurd or the old man and I never showed my capability to the people of Romaria even once. And there are not a lot of people in the northern fortress who know that I could wield a sword well…..I never really gave it any thought until recently.
So, Sharon surely thought that I’m still no good at swordsmanship.
I guess it’s best to let her think that way…….Well, it’s not like I want to show off my ability.

Nowadays, she doesn’t seem to push me to wield a sword as hard as it used to be in the past….but she might still send me flying if I don’t show my face.

In short…..she’s both a person I cared for the most and also someone I feared the most.
Ah, the complexity of a youth’s heart.


I went to the room next door and gently opened the door…..ah, there she is. My childhood friend.

With translucent skin and flowing blond hair, she’s a beautiful girl with an impressive pair of blue eyes. She’s dressing herself up as a knight in blue armor, but those bulges on her chest can no longer be hidden away.
I heard that she’s been receiving a lot of marriage proposals recently. No wonder about that. Although it’s not something I enjoy hearing to be honest.
I just hope that she’ll act a little softer after all that…..

[Hi Sharon. Nice to have you here…]

Looking at that terrible face….ah, is she angry after all?

[I want you to tell me what’s the meaning of this…]

Sharon quietly spoke. Ah, she is seriously angry, isn’t she?

[You promised to train swordsmanship with me today, didn’t you?]

[Aaーーー, sorry!!]

I lowered my head while saying so. Yep, a really deep one at that.

[It’s just that I didn’t expect that magic beasts would appear along the way. If we didn’t subjugate them until later on, they will only bring trouble to other people in the future….]

[I don’t care about such a thing!!]

Sharon interrupted my excuse with a loud voice…..what a domineering girl….

[I understand what you’re trying to do. You’ll help when you see people in need. But can you worry about yourself a little more?! Not taking any day off, going to battle, moreover, I heard that there were dragons in that battle!]

[Well, it’s because I’m already used with drastic changes in situations like that so….]

[That’s not the problem!]

Her gaze seemed like she’s about to kick someone. Eh? Then why are you so angry at me?

[~~~~!, Enough about that. Now then, how will you atone for this mistake?]

[Eh? Atone?]

[Isn’t it only natural? You broke your promise]

And then Sharon surprisingly started to speak with a smile on her face.

[Because you broke your promise, you have to make up for it. Like perhaps, convince me to forgive you!]

Saying that, while blushing a little, Sharon pointed her finger at me.

[Take responsibility if you are a man! There, what is your answer?]

[Ro, roger!]


Saying that, Sharon smiled nicely as she touched the door handle. And…

[Alright? You must absolutely do it within this month!]

She left the room after saying so.

Meanwhile, I was left there, still dumbstruck…..

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