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GGC Estell

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi


Chapter 43 – Priest…?

Now that the latest distribution has ended, things have settled down.

I have obtained a full Adamant series set. And the Defense Bracelet too.

When you get this much defense oriented equipment…

[Mmmー, this is basically telling me to be the Tank isn’t it?]

[Perhaps. But being a Tank, means you are going to need balls of steel to take all that pain coming your way.]

I’ll certainly be actively taking attacks from enemies as I protect my party, that’s the sort of position it is.

If you feared the pain, that hesitation might delay your initial action.

Of course I’m afraid of pain, but I’m probably competent enough when it comes to having balls of steel. If it’s endurance you are talking about, I’m pretty confident in mine.

[Fumu, in another words I’m perfect for the role.]



“The heck is this guy saying?” was written all over Noru and Estel’s faces. Shisuha had a wry smile on her troubled face.

Huh? Was what I said really that strange?

[L, leaving that aside. We can consider ourselves a proper party with that arrangement, yes?]

[But I’m worried about the drop in offensive power of the front line due to the change.]

[If our objective is to conquer the Labyrinth, it does give the impression of being insufficient.]

[Yeah that’s what it looks like.]

If we switch to the new composition in our present state, Noru would be the only one available when the need to defend Estel and the back line arises. Our front line offenses will drop when it does happen.

That gives me some uneasiness about fighting enemies with high magic resistance.

I would really want some form or way to stabilize our offenses, if I do become the tank… The minimum would be another offensive unit or a dedicated tank if we are talking about diving into the Labyrinth.

[Also I have been forgetting to do this all this while, I finally changed my Title.]

[Ah, come to think of it there was such a system too.]

I completely forgot about the Title system after that one time at the beginning.

Well, the 10% increase to all Status from Leader is plenty strong, so there was no real necessity to change it.


10 – Swordsman Leader - Damage of Sword based attacks +20%
20 – Archer Leader - Damage of Bow based attacks +20%
30 – Shield Leader - Defense power +20%
40 – Magician Leader - Damage of Magic based attacks +20%
50 – Commander - All Status +15%


[Mmー? I wonder which one I should pick.]

[You can just leave it on the overall buff normally, then Onii-san can just switch it around when you want to.]

Muu, this feels iffy somehow. Comparing the +15% from the Commander to the 20% boost of the others is just…

I’ll just leave it on Commander for now. I’m instead more interested in why the title names are different from those back in GC.

[By the way Shisuha, mind if I confirmed your level?]

[Yes, there is no need for confirmation if it is you Okura-san, please feel free to do so whenever.]


Level 40
HP 1550
MP 1800
Attack Power 550
Defense Power 350
Agility 45
Magic Resistance 20
Cost 20

Unique Ability
【Saint’s Prayer】
Expands range of Recovery abilities, allows simultaneous healing of multiple targets.

【Boost Recovery】
Increases effects of Healing magic by 40% Cooldown time before reuse: 1 hour

B: 94 W: 60 H: 88 Estimated to be: G-Cup


Her Status are mostly similar to Estel besides her being tougher? Also having only a 1 hour cooldown for her Skill is going to be very helpful.

And … You could tell that they are big just be looking and as expected those are huge. It’s harder to not stare. (ED Note: boing boing)


Attack Power +800
Healing Magic +30%


Defense Power +400
Healing Magic +20%
Delay Time -20%


I guess her UR equipment are the Staff and the Necklace with the Cross motif? They boost healing effects as expected.

[Hmm? I thought about this back when I summoned Estel too, but are your levels on summoning based on mine?]

[Sure looks that way. We are combat ready from the moment we are summoned.]

Although her level is the lowest among us, but she does start at level 40.

This means that there’s no need to put in extra effort into leveling up any of our new comrades when they join us in the future. (EN: yes there are more characters)

So a priest’s healing rate is dependent on their attack power. This means… I’m now curious to see what happens if she actually attacks.

[For now I’ll get some practice in for my new Tank role as we do the request to get Shisuha to F-rank.]

Back when Shisuha got her Plate, I picked up her F-rank promotion request while we were there.

There’s still time before night falls today, the subjugation target is also at a location near the Royal Capital so we shouldn’t have problems finishing today even if we started now.


We have arrived at the specified hunting grounds for the F-rank promotion request in the Royal Capital. It is a cave, located a short distance away from the city.

In front of the cave, about a dozen-ish monsters were loitering about.

The target this time are Kobolds. They are slightly larger than the average goblin and have heads that resembles those of dogs. They wield something that looks like a sword made of stone.

They are but monsters for the F-rank promotion so I don’t see the need to check their Status.

[So, we have arrived at the hunting ground. How do I look in this getup?]

[Somehow Onii-san…]

[I, I think it looks good on you, yes.]

Whenever I moved, clunky sounds of metal chafing could be heard.

I have fully equipped the Adamant set to get a feel for it. I feel that it looks kewl.

However I’m still using Pot Lid for my shield, and my favourite Bar as my weapon. I have the Nike’s Shoes on and it doesn’t really fit the image of the set but I can’t really do much about that.

I tried using the Adamant Shield too but it felt awfully unwieldy to me due to the large size of it…

Also because the helm is a Full Face type, it’s hard for me pick up the voices of other people speaking as my head is covered up.

[It’s kinda hard to move in.]

[Looks like you need start with getting accustomed to moving around in the armor.]

I’m finding it hard to properly move around, now that I’m wearing armor all over my body.

My defenses have rocketed up with this, but now I’m getting uneasy about my offenses.

[Well, the target this time are Kobolds so they will make for good practice.]

[Onii-san, it’s pretty much impossible for shit to happen here but you shouldn’t let down your guard too much.]

Muu, Estel worries too much. There’s no way I’m going to be beaten by Kobolds with this equipment… Probably.

I’m still uneasy so I shall be cautious.

After receiving support magic from Estel, I make my way towards the Kobolds.

While making much more intense metal sounds compared to before, I raise my Bar up as I advanced towards the Kobolds.

The Kobolds notice my approach and turn to face me, they begin prepping to swing their swords.

The moment I reached my attack range, I swing my Bar down.

My attack crushed the stone sword and then proceeded to cleave through the Kobolds body.

The process went on as I defeated a number of them, then a sudden clunk came from the side.

When I looked over there was a Kobold with a broken sword. It seems that it broke its own sword from attacking me.

[Hーmm? My field of vision is much worse than I thought. Noru, I’m surprised you can move so smoothly(with that helmet of yours on).]

[I have become used to it. By the way I think the field of vision on your helm is of the better variety.]

After clobbering a few more, I picked up the fangs which are the Drop Items then made my way back to where the girls are.

Although Kobolds are considered one of the weaker class of monsters, to think that I would get hit by surprise attacks from them… I really need to get used to the new armor faster.

If I were to face stronger monsters as I am now, this minor problem can prove to be fatal.

Although the slit for vision on this helm is the horizontal type, it’s still harder to see than it would be normally.

Noru sure fights well with this sort of field of vision.

[Shisuha, sorry about this. It doesn’t look like you’ll be getting any action for awhile.]

[Oh no, I don’t mind it at all. Though I wouldn’t call myself proficient, but I am capable of close quarters combat.]

[Oh, I want to see that in action.]

[Me too.]

[Here’s some support magic.]

Hoo, she’s saying she can do close quarters combat, though that’s hard to imagine due to her appearance.

Not that I remember Priests ever actually attacking back in GC…

Though there’s that huge slit in her skirt, maybe it’s very purpose is for such movements.

Apart from me the other 2 girls also sound interested too.

If she really is capable of close quarters combat, I might be able to rely on her for some self-defense(for the rear line).

Even with me and Noru doing most of the protecting, there will be moments when even us two can’t handle everything.

[It feels embarrassing when everybody has such expectations of me… Here I go then!]

She diverted her face away while being fidgety, maybe she’s feeling shy from getting our attention.

Thereafter she receives magic support from Estel, Shisuha then does a guts pose to pump herself up.

Ooh, she looks cute when she does that. She is a priest, so her combat prowess wouldn’t exactly be the best but she will be fine if it’s just Kobolds.

After she finished her preparations, Shisuha propelled herself towards a cluster of prancing Kobolds.

The Kobolds notice her approaching and prepare their swords to intercept.

Shisuha then makes contact with the Kobold closest to her, with the Kobold releasing a thrust of its sword to intercept her.

She twists her body and avoids the sword at the very last moment, then using the momentum from the dodge she swings her staff at the Kobold’s face and blows off the head of the Kobold.

[….Eh… Eeeeeh!?]

[Priest…. She is a priest, right?]

[… Priests are amazing.]

Huh… I’m getting the feeling that her movements are way more precise and fluid than mine.

The other 2 who were watching the spectacle with me were also astonished to see her in action.

After the initial exchange Shisuha went on to punch, kick, stab and club the remaining Kobolds into submission.


Imagine: Ruler Martha

Strangely… It felt like her face was filled with ecstasy as she was doing so.


Level 44 -> 51
HP 2780 -> 3060
MP 640 -> 780
Attack Power 860 -> 1000
Defense Power -> 595
Agility 105 -> 119
Magic Resistance 30
Cost 15

Level 36 -> 46
HP 870 -> 1230
MP 1980 -> 2240
Attack Power 575 -> 735
Defense Power 225 -> 295
Agility 18 -> 20
Magic Resistance 40
Cost 22

【Commander】Okura Heihachi
Level 43 -> 50
HP 1220 -> 1360
MP 320 -> 390
Attack Power 480 -> 585
Defense Power 420 -> 525
Agility 80 -> 94
Magic Resistance 10



This week mobages events:


Fate/Grand Order (JP)


Fate/Grand Order (NA/Global)


Granblue Fantasy



May RNG Goddess bless you.

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