The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.13

Weekly chapter (2/2).

Heroine who strive hard so she can help the MC in the future.
I can’t get enough of this kind of romance. ❤


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Sharon’s story of the past: The case of Earl’s daughter kidnapping part 2

The『Scarlet Reaper』Kiel.

A famous assassin even on the Imperial Capital. Has a long scar crossing his face, and deformed one eye.
Because he always wear a scarlet, crescent-moon pendant hanging around his chest, he became known as the 『Scarlet Reaper』

Rumoured to be a first class swordsman, it’s said that his target never survived even if they are a famous warrior.

[Do it! Do it already!]

Baron Gordon shouted as he backed off.

[It cost me a lot to hire you! So you must do your part]


In contrast to the baron who is laughing maniacally, I was more surprised looking at the assassin’s expression.
This fellow, could it be that he doesn’t enjoy killing?

Kiel quietly drew his sword. Meanwhile, Ares, who apparently noticed the change in the assassin’s expression, threw a question.

[Why do you kill people?]

[Because that’s the only thing that I can do.]

[Any other reason?]

[I have no obligation to tell you the reason.]

As he said that, Kiel dashed toward Ares with blinding speed.
Ares merely stood there unguarded. He instead lowered his sword as I watched the scene unfolded.


I raised my voice so much that it almost resembled a scream. Kiel’s ability was first class in the Imperial Capital. Anyone could see that Ares wasn’t his match, let alone to scratch him.
But what happened next was beyond shocking.


Ares didn’t even enter a stance and simply watched with a slight smile as Kiel approached.

Kiel’s sword swiftly moved to sink itself on Ares’ neck.
But Ares dodged that slash without any change in his expression. There was no unnecessary movement when he did so.

So was Kiel. A surprised look appeared on his face briefly, but then he moved even faster with two, then three slashes, one after another.
But Ares dodged them with ease all the same.

[You actually don’t really want to kill people, do you?]

Ares kept speaking while continuously dodging.

[There is a slight hesitation in your sword. Is there something that bothered you?]


Kiel remained silent. Ares raised his sword in response to that, but Kiel immediately retreated a great distance when he saw that.

[I don’t know what the cause, but you can always tell me about that problem of yours.]

Ares said so and laughed.

[Now, though…..I don’t have time to listen to you yet….so I need you to get some sleep for now.]

At that moment…..Ares…..simply disappeared. No, he was moving so fast that it’s as if he had disappeared.


Then, he struck at Kiel, utilizing the split second opening that he created just now.

Kiel, unable to do anything, collapsed.

[…..Now then]

As he said so, Ares slowly turned back toward Baron Gordon.

[Wha…what is going on? Am I dreaming?]

Ares approached the bewildered baron.

[How much pain have you inflicted to other people? How many evil deeds have you done up to this point? The current you is even worse than an insect.]


[I am someone who won’t allow anyone to make the innocent cry, let alone killing them. Don’t expect me to just kill you off so easily, okay?]

Right after, the moment I thought I saw Ares move his sword, Baron Gordon’s arms and legs separated from his body.


Ares then stepped on the fallen baron, and said in a low voice.

[Until you ran out of blood, you can regret everything you’ve done in the past.]


I could only look silently as all that happened.

Baron Gordon was on the floor, barely alive with both of his arms and legs severed, right beside the headless body of his son. Across them were the corpses of mercenaries, and the supposedly famous assassin, Kiel, who collapsed there seemingly dead.

Ares open his mouth when I turned to him.

[Did I scare you….?]

After letting out a lonely sounding laugh, Ares continued to speak.

[Soon enough, the knights and soldiers will arrive here to protect you…. Please return back to Roxietta estate with them at once.]

[….and Ares…?]

[I can’t go with you.]

He showed me his hands after he said that.

[Look at my hand. It’s drenched in blood. And…..I’ll only get myself dirtied with blood from now on. I have no qualification to go with you now.]

At that moment….

Ares had an expression that I’ve never seen before on his face.

When I saw his face…..I could neither move, nor speak at the same time….


He started walking away as he said so. On the way, he carried Kiel’s body along.
Right as he’s about to leave, Kaiser and many other knights arrived.
After Ares gave some instructions to the knights, he went further and further away….

But I could only look at his back silently.


I could only think about Ares during the journey back to the Roxietta estate.

Ares is strong. He’s stronger than anyone I’ve even seen before. And yet he never showed this part of him to me….

I like strong men. I admit it. But….what is the real meaning of being strong? Is it just to freely show off your power? I gradually started to question it..

And, above all, Ares’ last expression.
Ares told me.

[I’ll only get myself dirtied with blood from now on.]

His face at that time…..looked as if he’s in pain. As if he’s sad.

Ares is strong. Definitely more than I thought.
And for that reason, Ares will continue to fight. It’s just his character to do so. Helping people who are need, like me earlier, and those who are suffering.

But Ares dislikes fighting….let alone killing people. However……Ares will still have to do it even if he doesn’t want to….I could only assume that his expression must’ve come from this conflicting feeling.

How he truly feel……I do not know. But when I thought about it, I felt pain in my bosom.
When I looked outside, the rural view of Roxietta’s territory came into view.

Once arriving back on the estate, I requested to return to the Imperial capital as soon as I met with my father.
Then, after I returned back to the capital, I resolved myself to study even harder.

To be able to stand side by side with Ares. Also…

So that he can share his sorrow with me.


Sharon Roxietta, one of the Queens of Arestia Dominion. Sharon Roxietta Schwarzer was a prestigious knight, and the only daughter of the Roxietta clan.
According to the history books, regarding the kidnapping case, it is stated that she later graduated as one of the top rankers thanks to her subsequent diligence in studying after she returned to the imperial academy.

She was known in the history of the continent, as one who took an active part under Ares’ command in the future. Due to her outstanding military expertise and appearance during battles, she earned the nickname of [Golden War Maiden] that’ll spread wide across the continent, and later on she’ll etch her name in the history as [Arestia’s Fourth Battle Princess].

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