The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.14

Weekly chapters (1/2)

The point of view from random man about the relationship between MC and the heroine. Poor guy!

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Kaizer Dollet’s Story of the past.

My name is Kaizer. Baron Dollet’s son.
Dollet Barony’s territory is in the northern part of the Empire, thus making us the vassal of the Schwarzer clan.
Being from a clan with generations worth of history as knights, I’ve been trained in swordsmanship since my early years.

And apparently I had a natural talent for it.
By the age of 12, there was no one who can match me among my peers.
After that, even with the many talented and excellent students on the knight course of the Royal Academy, I always ranked among the best.

Just like at the Barony, I was quite famous in the Imperial Capital. Well if I could say so myself, I’m quite confident with how I look too.
Hence, I received many invitations from nobles’ daughters, of whom I gladly play around with.
In the imperial capital, my days have always been pleasant.

However one day, when the Dollet clan visited the Archduke Schwarzer’s residence, I met a girl.
Her name was Sharon.
The only daughter of Earl of Roxietta.

Translucent skin with golden hair. And her soul-sucking big eyes….she’s beautiful.
It’s as if, she was a goddess from a picture that came to life.
I almost lost my mind when I first saw her.

She said that she likes [strong men]. Isn’t that just what I am? Fortunately her family is also a vassal to the Schwarzer clan, and she even studied in the same Knight course. So I approached her furiously. Both in the Imperial Capital, and in the Schwarzer territory. I also visited her birthplace, the Roxietta clan’s territory. Since we studied on the same course, I had many opportunities to approach her when we train together. She also…..didn’t seem to be bored when talking with me.
But her gaze……I noticed that it was directed not to me but to another man.

Archduke Schwarzer’s young master Ares Schwarzer.

Our liege, Archduke Schwarzer’s first son.
He didn’t practice swordsmanship, just reading books…..truly a meager man.
Sharon would go to his side in front of me and many other people. Approaching a son of the Great Clans without any hesitation. However….when I looked at the situation, I realized that I was seriously wrong.

There were certainly rumours that the two are fiancees. But rumors are rumors. I couldn’t simply accept it.
Sharon is the only daughter of an Earl. I thought that I should be able to match her since I’m a son of a Baron. Even if it’s against my clan’s Liege, I couldn’t just give up.

To convince Sharon, I would challenge Ares to a match from time to time. But the answer was always no. The challenge was always refused.

[I don’t think the match will be necessary.]

[Then do you want to train together instead?]

[That too….I don’t want to burden you too much. So no, thanks]

Those at the scene won’t say anything right then, but in the shadow they would say the worst things. Weak, coward, a dishonor to the Great Clans name…..etc.
He also denies me in front of Sharon a couple of time. What’s the matter with this guy….for real?

Then….that incident happened shortly after.


When Sharon was on her way back from the Imperial Capital to Roxietta Territory, I heard that her carriage was attacked by Baron Gordon’s men, so I galloped with my horse quickly to meet the Earl of Roxietta.

The Earl had actually organized a troop of his own, and was about to head there himself.

[Kaizer-dono, thank you for coming all the way here….but you are still only a student. Moreover this is Roxietta clan’s personal problem. You don’t have to trouble yourself with it….]

[No, if it’s for Sharon, then I won’t mind the bear the trouble.]

After pressing the Earl for several times, I finally joined the Sharon rescue team.
To rescue Sharon and to gain favor from the Earl. This is something really important.

The situation is urgent. But when we were waiting for the signal to march out of the gate….that Ares Schwarzer-dono appeared before us.

I was annoyed. Why did this man appear at such timing? He didn’t even need to bother to come at all if he couldn’t be counted as fighting force.

[Young master…..there is no time to talk with you right now. Would you please step aside?]

[Kaizer. I also have not time for you right now. So could you move aside. Also could you call the Earl to come here?]

[….., the Earl is busy right now. Why did you even come at this time of emergency….]

I thought to shoo him away by force. At that moment I grabbed his arm, and tried to shove him away……but it won’t budge……no, his body didn’t even flinch one bit?

[I also don’t have much time. Please call the Earl immediately. This is starting to irritate me.]

Ares emitted a terrible pressure. I could feel [fear] that I’ve never felt before coursing through my body. Ares had a rather small body. How did such a small body produce this enormous strength….

[Ares-sama. Sorry for the wait.]

On that timing, the Earl of Roxietta, Lloyd appeared from behind me.

[Has their location been found?]

[Up to where Baron Gordon held Sharon]

[As expected. Then, where is the location?]

[On his Barony, a mansion at the southeast. It seems that he has hired a large amount of mercenaries too.]

[Is Sharon safe…..?]

[I think they won’t do anything to her until Prince Joseph arrived. That’s why the time is precious.]

[That’s for sure. If they messed up, it’s the same as if they inflicted damage to themselves.]

Earl of Roxietta said with a hint of relief on his face.

[This abduction is that fool of a prince’s ploy. Those stupid clan only moved as per his order. With the purpose to bury Roxietta clan to the ground. That’s what that foolish prince is aiming for. But Joseph is still in the Imperial Capital. It’ll take a few days before he can do anything.]

At what Ares-dono said, Earl Lloyd bowed his head deeply.

[Ares-sama’s arrival is truly a godsend. I was about to raid the wrong mansion.]

[But at least you haven’t…. Well, I’m glad I made it on time.]

Then Ares and Earl Lloyd laughed.

Meanwhile I……didn’t have any idea what’s this all about. How did that man even obtain such information? And why did the Earl of Roxietta readily believed him.

[After hearing about this matter, His Majesty immediately sended a purging order to me. All that left is for us to do the purging.]

[Young master really works quickly. Now then, what is our next action, Ares-sama?]


Ares kept smiling while resuming what he said.

[I’ll have you people clean up the rest. Because I’ll definitely arrive there faster….]

And with that, Ares-dono passed a small paper to the Earl of Roxietta.

[I made this map. I want you to go here. By the time you arrived I should be finished taking care of the matter. You can take Sharon back by then.]

[Ares-sama will not go together with us?]

[I…will not join you. I’ll be too dirty with blood by then.]

After saying that, he went out of the gate.


[Wait! Please wait!]

I chased after Ares-dono.

[What was that all about!? Please tell me!]

I was frustrated. From how the two interacted, it’s painfully obvious to me how the Earl of Roxietta put his absolute trust on Ares-dono…. Yes, to the extent that I can’t even compare. In fact, his arrival even changed the initial plan to attack Baron Gordon’s main mansion. When it comes to your own daughter life and death, and even if it’s what your Liege’s son said, will you still follow it so readily?

[Do you have something to say?]

That emotionless reply came to me in response to my action.

[I’m in a hurry here. I don’t have time to play charades.]

[Uh! The, then why don’t we go together….]

[I don’t actually mind…..but]

As he said that, Ares-dono climbed up on to his steed. Ares-dono’s horse… was a very beautiful white horse with equally pure white mane. He said quietly while stroking the horse’s neck.

[I think it’ll be difficult for you to keep up with my horse.]


Talking about the conclusion, I really couldn’t keep up at all. Ares-dono’s horse ran at such a tremendous speed….not to mention that it ran without even a hint of ever slowing down.
The difference only steadily increasing…..until his figure was completely gone in the horizon.

Just because Ares-dono had told us the location, I was able to get there on my own.
I arrived shortly before the arrival of Earl of Roxietta’s troops.

[What? is this…..]

I could only say so when I looked at the state of the mansion.
It was terrible.
Perhaps they were hired by Baron Gordon, but there were a lot of fallen mercenaries…..and neither of them had their head still attached.

I heard a voice coming from behind the door, so I tried to peek. I was on the right moment to see Baron Gordon’s son’s head flying off of his body and that Baron Gordon is crying. Sharon was also there.


I tried to open the door without thinking….but then I noticed the two who confronted each other with sword in hand.

(That’s…..that Ares boy and… way, the『Scarlet Reaper』!?)

A famous assassin, a swordsman with a lethal sword unrivaled, that is the『Scarler Reaper』.
He’s famous among the aristocrats in Imperial Capital……yes, as a means to eliminate competition.

You need a lot of money to hire him to kill someone. Just how big of a financial power the baron is to be able to hire him as a mere bouncer?

Killing moves. But all of it were useless before Ares-dono.


I had no choice but to groan. Those slashes came from a superbly honed technique. After exchanging a word or two, Ares knocked him down with the hilt of his sword…. I wouldn’t be able to do the same thing unless there was an overwhelmingly huge difference in ability.
I was rendered speechless….

Afterward, Ares delivered the punishment to the Baron and had a short conversation with Sharon….. I only dared to enter the room when he’s about to leave with the Scarlet Reaper in tow.

[Take care of the rest. I leave Sharon to you.]

Ares-dono left after saying that.
A large amount of Roxietta knights passed through my sides……But, I was left there flabbergasted.

Yes, a huge defeat has already been carved inside my heart.

The difference in sword skill as well as our insight. It’s too huge.

I thought that Ares-dono was incapable of using a sword and is a fool…..but, what about the fact? If I were to confront him……Ares-dono would’ve defeated me with ease.

On the way back, I looked at Sharon. She also seemed to have plenty to think about.

I’ve made a decision myself. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to reach that height. But I’ll continue to work hard at the Imperial Academy, in the hope that one day I’ll be able to compete with him evenly….


There is no distinctive record regarding Baron Kaizer Dollet’s tenure in the history books. However, many people know his name.

The reason being…..

He appears as a knight who bears a passionate feeling for Sharon in the famous drama『the Goddess of the Moon』, on which The Dominion Queen Sharon is the main protagonist. He lost a duel against Ares, and later on, served as one of his subordinates.

However when looking at the available records, and even the chart of military organization, there is no mention of “Kaizer Dollet” at all. Also, since the Dollet clan had ceased to exist, there is no existing source that can accurately provide any information regarding the man.

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  1. was there even a point of this particular character’s background story if their entire fking clan ceased to exist!!!!
    there is something wrong with the author’s head…..


  2. another pointless bg story, i will give this novel one more chance if I see another I am out, I came here to read a story with action and the deep plot not a flashback about strangers and their thoughts.


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