The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.16

Weekly chapters (1/2)

Sorry for the delay again. I was busy with IRL stuffs since we’re getting closer into the end of year.

Enjoy the chapter~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Archive Officer

A general in the battlefield. A politician inside the country. And the youngest aristocrat in the world.
With his calm disposition, there is rarely anything that Ares couldn’t do. However…

[This is bad. How should I apologize to her? Sharon is too whimsical in the first place…how could I know that she’s just next door….]

His childhood friend Sharon is angry at him.

This is a common happening. It could be said to be a usual thing even. However, there is no escaping from the apologizing every single time…

Wonder if there is a good way to do this….

When he felt troubled, there is only one place he need to go to. Ares promptly headed to the Schwarzer clan’s library.


[Now that everything has been said, is there any good way to do it?]

[Well, why did Milord ask me in the first place? Milord knows full well that I’m not into that kind of problem….]

At the back of Romaria library, two youths were having a conversation.

One was the Romaria young lord Ares.

While the other one was a black-haired, glasses-wearing young man. He, Shion, served as a Schwarzer army officer and, during peacetime, as an archive officer.

[Well, since Shion knows everything, I just wonder if you can help me in this matter.]

[Is this a way to harass me?! Have I ever been seen being together with a woman before?!]

Saying that, the glasses wearing young man Shion sighed with a slightly annoyed face.

[Ares-sama….there are things that shouldn’t be told to others. Does milord think that such stories should be shared with others?]

[No, but even so, what would a soldier do in this kind of situation?]

[That’s not the kind of fight a soldier would fight in. Please be quiet when someone else is reading books here. This is my greatest pleasure after all.]

Shion waved his hand while saying that.

[You are just as grouchy as ever……well, I mean, Sigurd isn’t here at the moment, and the other members are busy. I would’ve thought about it myself if I actually could. So please lend me some of your wisdom]

[Why don’t Milord ask the memories instead? Isn’t Milord able to meet them inside the dream?]

[Nope, those three are useless in this kind of thing….]

Saying that, Ares made a dull face.

[Gilbert immediately offered to teach me the『Art of Persuading Women」, Shin wasn’t even interested in women while Leon simply said [Too soft! Go forth!] or something like that…..]

[Well, that’s certainly something those old men would do judging from their history….]

[That’s why…..please, anything you could think of will do!]

Ares bowed his head to Shion.

At first Shion thought of just ignoring this, but seeing his lord bowing his head to him like that…….it became difficult to do so.

[Ahーーーenough already! If Milord bows like that much longer it’ll only disgust me. Really now.]

Closing the book he read, Shion looked sharply at Ares.

[Will it be okay? This is Milord’s problem. Regardless of what I say, it’ll be Milord who will have to act on it. Moreover, if after I lend my wisdom and Milord still failed…..I’ll become the target of scorn of the whole household!]

[No, I think you’ve already become one somewhat anyways…..]

Ares murmured.

[What did Milord just say?]

[No, it’s nothing!]

Shion sighed once more then, as if talking to himself, told Ares.

[By the way, Arnold told me that he’s quite pleased with how the Fire Dragon Salamander ranch is starting to be filled with more tenants. He said that with this, a squad of dragon riders will no longer be a fantasy story anymore.]

[That’s right. When I suggested this to Sigurd, to be honest, I thought that it’ll be tough….but we are managing somehow.]

Hearing Ares’ word, Shion then continued while smiling.

[According to Milord’s story, it’ll be three weeks from now, right? By that time, shouldn’t the fire dragon salamanders and the sky dragon wyvern be given a test ride? That way many more people will be able to enjoy travelling through air, am I right?]

[Travelling through air…..ah! That’s right! I get it now!! She should be be pleased if she can ride the dragon and fly to the sky! Thank you for lending me your wisdom!!]

Saying that, Ares jumped of from his chair and set off towards the exit.

[Good grief. To think someone who is usually so dependable and very good at sword fighting will be no good at this kind of matter…..]

Saying that while watching Ares’ back, Shion then grew silent.

[Now then, I suppose I can read serenely now?]

After letting out a small sigh, as if nothing had happened, Shion turned the pages and resumed reading.

4 thoughts on “The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.16

  1. Reminds me of the game Spellforce where a barbarian tribe is attacking, The general request some forces and a catapult . Once won, it turns the female chieftain is angry with the general. a Lovers quarrel. After the two go, the main character state no amount of forces and a catapult can solve his problem.


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