The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.17

Weekly chapters (2/2)

It’s quite a long chapter.

Shion Tristan’s Story of the past Part 1 – The Eccentric Dominion’s Number 1 Scholar

I was born as the eldest son of a small aristocrat of the Arcadia Empire. The rank was baronet.
The Tristan clan was formerly just a member of imperial knight but was able to rise to the rank of baronet thanks to their valor.

Initially, my father had high hopes for me as his eldest son..
In order to raise the clan’s rank, the quickest way would be by doing meritorious deeds in combat. In order to rise higher than baronet…….my father tried to dump swordsmanship teachings onto me, but unfortunately I’m not all that talented in that regard.

Disappointed by my failure in swordsmanship, my father turned his effort to my brother Luke. Meanwhile, I was kicked out from the family mansion.
Even though I was born from a family of warriors, I don’t have any talent to become one….. I couldn’t blame my father and mother for acting like that. Many people were eyeing our clan’s position after all.

For that reason, I had to leave the family mansion. Away from my father and mother as well as the right to use family’s servants.

Starting with Luke, my other siblings also felt bad for me. In exchange I actually also feel sorry for making them worried about me.

I knew full well that I cannot succeed my clan. And I… be really honest, didn’t really care about losing the position.
More than being unable to hold my position in the clan, there was something more important to me. A really important matter, which is……

[Time to read some books.]

I like reading books since I was young. I would read a book if I had nothing to do or before bedtime.
Books are really nice. It’s the condensed form of other people’s knowledge. Everything that I want to know is written inside the books.

My clan’s territory can be considered the countryside of the Arcadia Empire and its size is on the small side too. That’s why there weren’t many good book available there, and I had to go to the Archduke Saxon’s territory to buy some books. Even then, it’s rare to find a really good book there. So I decided to find a place where I can read as many book as I want to.

I’ve been keeping my eyes on that place for a while now. It was to study abroad on the Imperial Academy.
My father was willing to send me there as long as it can get rid of me. I was given a small amount of money then off I go to leave the mansion I had lived in for ten years.

There was no such thing like going against my family’s decision in my mind.


I entered the Strategic and Political Science course on the Imperial Academy.

The Imperial Academy is consisted of several courses.

The Regular course is where the citizen normally studies.
The Aristocrat clan member learns about land management.
The Magician course is where magicians learn about magical techniques.
The Knight course is where knights learn the path of chivalry and how to be a better knight.
And the commerce and craftsmanship course is where merchants and craftsmen acquire their skill.

And the course where I belonged to, the Strategic and Political Science, studies strategy and politic in general.

In order to enter the Imperial Academy, anyone other than the aristocrats will have to pass an exam. By aristocrats, I mean those belonging to a clan with rank of Baron and above……I, myself, am a member of a Baronet clan will have to join in on the exam.

The exam was easier than I thought. It’s all about what I’ve read up until now. If it’s not, an application of what I knew from the book would solve most of the problems.
Several days later, I found out that I managed to pass the exam.

Originally, I was supposed to enter the regular course….but upon seeing my result, a professor made a special recommendation for me to enter the strategic and political science course instead.

As for me, it did not matter where I would learn. The more important thing is my position as a student in the Imperial Academy. In fact, thanks to that, it was possible for me to read books at any time in the Great Library on the Imperial Capital.

I found the best environment for myself like that.


Three years had passed since I first enrolled to the academy.

I never truly felt that the content of the lecture to be interesting to say the least. Because I already knew about most of them. Therefore, I often skipped my class. From time to time, I would even ignore the lecture, by either reading a book or dozing off.
Because of my attitude…..naturally my daily grades were bad. However, I was able to keep my status as a student safe because I never failed during exams.

Friends, I don’t particularly care for it….since I would leave them be unless they interested me. For instance, the horse riding games with chief George, helped me in regard to skipping classes.

On one particular day. When I was about to doze off from listening to the lecture, I actually found something absurd in the professor’s speech.

He’s saying:

[A short spear is better than a long spear.]

What the. I then pointed out while rubbing my eyes.

[What teacher said is wrong.]

The room became as if it’s frozen over.

[A…are you an idiot! This is what the ancient hero said!]

[It depends on the situation. Indeed short spears has its advantages. However, it pales in comparison to the long spear in an open battlefield.]

[You are just a class-cutting fool…..what on earth are you talking about!]

[Then please tell something worth to hear so that I won’t skip class.]

The professor was a young honorary lecturer who was just assigned a few days ago.
It seemed that he was very angry that I argued with him and deemed that it was a mistake on my part. However, the vice president of the academy, Professor Artorius who was also the honorary professor of the strategic and political science course heard about how he pushed me to withdraw from the course.

When professor Artorius heard the story,

[In that case, with other students’ cooperation, why don’t we judge which one is more beneficial in a simulated battle?]

That’s what he said.

If the young professor won, then I’ll be suspended.
If I won, the young professor will have to apologize.
The simulated battle will be held in 5 days.
Twenty students without martial arts experience from the regular course were to cooperate in the simulated battle.

The young professor was delighted when he heard this. He immediately contacted the master of spear users and had him train his squad for 5 days and 5 nights.

And then the day of the simulated battle arrived.

The rumour about the battle was spread, causing a lot of audience to show up. Many people in the academy, even the general director, professors, students, and some aristocrats heard the rumour. They gathered in the knight course practice field to watch the simulated battle.

Now then, in the meantime, the starting bell was rung.
The short spear wielding students led by the young professor arrived a bit late. Meanwhile, the long spear wielding students already gathered and formed formation. Also when the long spear was brandished toward them, the short spear wielding students momentarily looked afraid.

The moment I saw that situation, the bell was rung a second time. Following the signal, the long spear wielding students gave out loud shout, as they marched ahead with spear poised.
The short spear wielding students were stopped on their tracks.

At that point, the long spears were swung down. Countless stabs were launched within that short moment.
The short spear wielding students dropped their spears and ran away.

I saw in the distance, the young professor was shouting with red face.
It’s obvious to everyone that I’ve won.


The simulated battle became a hot topic in the academy.
The young professor announced that he’s retiring the very next day.
I felt a little guilty and sorry for him somewhat…..but well, there was no other choice.

About a week later, professor Artorius summoned me.

He was the honorary lecturer of strategic and political science course and also the vice president of the academy.

His lectures had many things not written in the books. Most of the contents were based on actual hands-on experience.

[Why is there a lot of starved people in Arcadia; this is a difficult political problem]

[Discrimination of status and all the disadvantages it brought.]

[Looking at it from both the strategic and political views.]

Although there were some contradicting contents in the middle… sparked my interest.

I actually passed professor Artorius’ lecture without dozing off nor reading other books.

I headed to the professor’s office.
And that moment would greatly change my destiny.


[Hi, sorry for being so sudden.]

Professor Artorius motioned me to sit on the chair, which I did accordingly, albeit slowly.

[I have something to tell you…….Ah, do you like coffee? Drinking this has become a habit of me but….]

[Anything will do. Please don’t worry…]

Professor smiled widely upon hearing that, then started preparing the coffee with already familiar hands.

Coffee is a kind of drink often drunk in the southern country Zarunagora. It tastes bitter, but has a deep flavor.

Putting the cup in front of me, professor also sat in his chair and started speaking.

[Lately, I heard you’ve been skipping classes?]


My expression turned sour upon that sudden question.

[That’s very much like you. Spending that time on the Imperial capital’s great library?]

While professor Artorius laughed, I raised my cup and sipped the coffee elegantly.
My mouth was filled with bitterness.

[Alright then…..I have something I’d like to talk about concerning the simulated battle.]

The professor lowered his sight a little as he spoke.

[You seemed to only use 3 out 5 days to train the students, 1 day to rest, and 1 day to shout as loud as possible. Even on the training day, you only told them to thrust their spear forward.]

He’s probably reading the document about the event, all stacked there in front of him, then resumed his talking.

[Why did you train them that way?]

[So professor want to know why I did all that within those 5 days?]

I put my cup back to the table and replied.

[Indeed, it’s more convenient for master spearmen to use short spears. But with regular soldiers…..the story is different, especially when they lack martial art prowess. And so, for this kind of amateurs to enter the battlefield…..long spears will be a better choice.]

Professor Artorius listened to my explanation with interest.

[I suppose the same thing also applies for actual warfare. It’s impossible for everyone to be able to handle short spears like an expert after merely a year of training. Moreover…..if the movement is unified, even amateurs will be a threat when wielding long spears.]

[I see…….that’s why you only asked them to do three things. But why 3… only 4 days of training?]

[For regular students, do they really want to do something like this? Wouldn’t it be better to keep them motivated by letting them train as they wanted?]

Listening to my explanation, the professor was initially astonished, but then laughed loudly.

[Well well. How enjoyable. You seem to have a bright future ahead of you.]

After saying so, professor’s face turned serious.

[Now then. Shall we get to the real subject? There is someone who wants to meet you.]

He then took out a piece of paper from his breast pocket. When I gave it a look, it seems to be an address.

[You harbour a vast amount of knowledge. And you have a good talent too. However, you still lack actual experience. I want you to learn from that person. That is my recommendation.]

[To tell the truth I’m not really interested…..but since professor say that, I’ll give it a try. Who is this person by the way?]

The professor’s reply to that question was particularly surprising to me who was still reading the address.

[Kasim Sahid. People calls him『Wandering Great Soldier』. Have you heard that name before?]

『Wandering Great Soldier Kasim』

I’ve heard of that name before and that he hailed from a faraway land.
He’s said to be a great soldier who brought victory no matter where he goes.
Many aristocrats and even the emperor of this Holy Arcadia Empire seeks to employ him. But so far, none has seen his nodding head.

After giving it a little thought, I asked professor.

[Why did professor recommend me to meet him?]

[The first reason…. Because there is something that you need the most.]

The professor said so with a wide smile.

[You see, your brain might contain vast amount of knowledge. But you also need to accumulate『Experience』in order to use all of it properly. So why don’t you try to fly around a little?]

[Other than that?]

[The second reason….apparently that young professor still bears some grudges against you. It’ll be dangerous for you to stay here for the time being.]

[Aa….I see. I can vaguely tell about that one already.]

I did something that caused bad blood between us. In that case, it will be only a matter of time until that young professor attempts to get back at me.
I let out a small sigh.

[Lastly……the other party wanted to meet you after hearing the tale about you. So I suppose it’s not a bad arrangement.]

Professor Artorius grinned while saying so, raising his cup to his lips once more.

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