The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.19

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Shion Tristan’s Story of the past Part 3 – Slave War

I headed northwest where the territory of Marquis Morlot was located.

When I first told my idea to sir Kasim, he was wide eyed in amazement. But then he laughed.

[Well said. Then please do as you like.]

That’s all he said.

Boarding the ship…..for the first time after several years, my mind was filled with thoughts of my hometown.


My destination….was Baronet Parom’s territory which was the rebel’s headquarters. Of course, I inevitably met with my brother.

[Older brother……it’s been a long time….]

Meeting Luke again for the first time after several years…..his face hardened. I had ditched my responsibility as the first son, skimped swordsmanship and lived only by reading books. Thinking back about how I was the only one who got to study at the Imperial academy, I couldn’t deny that I did have some feeling of guilt.

[Luke……it’s been hard on you.]

[No, it’s nothing compared to the hardship that the people experienced.]

Luke’s attitude softened. We smiled to each other. But there was no time to rekindle our brotherhood. He’s a clientele, and I’m here to solve his predicament.
Brought by Luke, alongside other barons and baronets, we entered the room of the leaders.

There were 5 clans that caused the rebellion this time. The only baron among them, Baron Parom was the mastermind behind the rebellion.

I was an acquainted with Baron Parom before.
When he was still a baronet, he used to comfort me when I was troubled with something…’s small things, but calming nonetheless.

HIm becoming the mastermind…..I could only imagine what have driven him to this situation.

[Oh….to think that it’ll be you who will come on behalf of Kasim-sama……fate is truly strange…..]

Baron Parom let out a little laugh. But I noticed that he had a subservient look in his eyes. It’s hard to believe that he’s the mastermind behind this rebellion. Comparing him to the figure of his past……he looked like a different person now.

[Why did you do something like this….could you please tell me the reason?]

Baron Parom curled his eyebrows to my question….then began explaining.


It appear that all of this started due to Marquis Morlot himself.

This year, the northwestern part of Arcadia Empire kept having irregular weather, which in turn caused bad crops. Under that circumstance, the marquis actually raise the annual tax and procure materials to build his personal mansion. He also leeched on the other aristocrats who reside on the northwestern area.

[The citizens had begun to starve. I heard the starvation was even worse for the slave servants….it’s like hell on earth.]

Baron Parom then went to the Marquis to appeal for the plight of the people. But what he saw there…..was even more corpses of people dying from hunger. And only his mansion and lands remained fertile.

[I voiced the complaints and plight of the people. But his answer……was not what I expected…..]

Marquis Morlot issued an order for Baron Parom to send his daughter, and as many women as possible to work as his slave servants.

[My family is not a souvenir….]

Tears dropped from Baron Parom’s eyes when he said that.

[I knew that the whole area was suffering the same. I heard of how Marquis Morlot can be very unreasonable. Even if I reported this to the capital, it’ll require power to crush the opposition. And so….I gathered the like-minded clans around the area.]


Luke resumed the talking after Baron Parom was unable to endure his feelings and collapsed..

[It’s not only Parom territory. Tristan clan’s territory is also like hell…..would you please lend us a hand…..?]

I observed Luke for a while. He had wrinkles on his forehead which didn’t exist before….probably due to a lot of hardships. After looking at the situation some more, I opened my eyes and replied.

[My only condition is for all of you to follow my instruction unconditionally. If all of you can do so, then I will surely lead us to victory. Will you agree to that?]

And naturally…there was none who opposed to my condition.


My aim this time was quite simple.
Isolate the Marquis capital, and take his head.

[First of all, let’s increase the number of our forces.]

[No, it’s difficult to increase the number as of now….]

[Set the slave servants free. I’ll handle the rest.]

Many of those slaves were beastmen and long eared elves. Both are actually highly capable of fighting. A strong troops can be formed by recruiting them.

However, Baron Parom shook his head upon hearing it.

[…….but how would the church think about that…..]

[Did the church have anything to do with all og this?]


Presently, the church is enforcing the discrimination against the demi-human races. The church has a particularly huge influence in the empire, so it’s hard to go against them.

Certainly it would enrage the church if we do it in the open. But our first priority now is too survive.

[Clean up the problem in front of you first. We’ll keep the matter of the demi-humans for later.]

I resumed the talking.

[The situation will greatly shift if we release the demi-humans free. So it must be well within our target.]

Starting from the 5 territories, I decided to release the slave servants and incorporate them into the army. I even advertised it on neighboring town and cities.
That’s not all. I also spreaded some rumours regarding Marquis Morlot to the public.

Tax will continue to rise starting from now.

If you won’t obey, your whole family will be killed.

If the slaves rebelled, they will receive similar punishment.

If they don’t rise up now, there won’t be any tomorrow for them.

A few days later, a lot of people contacted me wanting to join the rebellion. And, at the same time, the city officials said that they were overwhelmed by the momentum of people who started to enter the camp one after another.

Listening to this news, Baron Parom and Luke were surprised.

[No way… less than a month, to become this great of a scale…..]

[It’s all thanks to Marquis Morlot’s past deeds. This is even more than I expected.]

I laughed after saying so.
Yes, it was more than I expected. Many clans under the Marquis and towns under his rule decided to switch sides. This way, the fire I started began to burn steadily, and it’s only about time for it to spread to the whole northwestern area.


[Southwest of Tyrol, we’ll commence the decisive battle here at the swamp area.]

Saying that, I explained the strategy while pointing to the map with a fan.
After listening to me, I noticed that the aristocrats who were present at the military council sighed.

[Pardon me but will you hear me out a little?]

One aristocrat raised the question.

[Certainly you strategy is amazing. But there is only Marquis Capital on the northwest. He still have a lot of clans and towns under his rule…… would it be better to take our time and act carefully?]

The tone was calm, but the accusation that lies inside his words was evident.

[Attacking thoroughly….it does sound good. Less people will die that way, we might really be able to do it.]


[However, time is not on our side. If we wait for too long, the empire regular army will soon arrive here. If the『Mad Prince』or『Tiger of Saxon』was the one who leads the subjugation army, it’ll be no doubt that the whole northwest area will end up charred.]

Listening to my reasoning, all of them turned pale.

[Therefore, we’ll have to end this war decisively, then try to stabilize the land as soon as possible. We’ll have to manage somehow.]

To that, the aristocrat who raised the question earlier spoke once more.

[In that case, I have one more question. What about using cavalry?]

[Since it’s Baron Descartes, I don’t have any complaints!]

[I will just follow!]

The young aristocrats became excited. Perhaps they were all on Descartes’ side. However. It was Baron Parom who came to shield me.

[Lord Descartes. You are certainly young and brave….but this time we have agreed to follow Tristan’s instruction…]

All of them were noticeably disgusted being doused like that.
They then started to raise their voice.

[Really now, what a general! He didn’t even listen to our suggestions while devising strategies.]

The contempt was obvious in each word.

[Well, that’s fine. But Tristan-dono, have you decided to leave out the most important thing to everyone here? Will you be able to keep your end of bargain?]

[Yes, of course. I will keep my promise, brave Descartes.]

Hearing my answer, he nodded and left the military council.


The council is over. All other aristocrats had left, leaving only Luke, Baron Parom and me alone.

[Although many answered to our call, why is it really hard to put everyone together…..]

Baron Parom seemed to about to cry.

[But older brother…..are you sure you can fulfill that promise? There is no way that the Marquis will give up the『right to represent the area』so easily…….]

Luke was also confused.

Previously, I told to the other aristocrats misinformation about the Marquis’ depravity. That the one with the greatest achievement in taking down the Marquis will retain the right to represent the area.

[Originally the rebellion was incited by baron Parom. Even if he’s already quite advanced in term of age…..]

Descartes joined us late after other local aristocrats had gathered. However thanks to his high rank, he’s been showing attempts to move behind our back. In addition to that, he’s not completely agreeing with the decision to free the slave servants, saying that they will only wage violence.

[Luke, I know you meant well. But…..that fellow is necessary. Endure it for a while.]

That guy is necessary to put everyone together. I have to bind him here somehow.

While comforting my angry brother, I thought about the future battle.


When I walked in the hallway.

[Shion-sama, please wait.]

A voice stopped me. When I turned around, it was baron Parom’s only daughter, Rina Parom.

[Oh, Rina. How have you been?]

[Umm….is my father alright? He’s not obstructing, is he?]

A smile bloomed abruptly without me realizing.

[Erm….did I say something strange?]

[No…..pardon me. No problem. The baron is working with me properly.]

Rina in turn smiled after hearing my reply.

[That’s good to hear….I thought that my indecisive father would only pull your legs down. Anyways, if there is something you need, please tell me.]

Rina has a gentle character like her father. However, she can also act out of character from time to time. Becoming brave, and sometimes a bit hot blooded.

Once, fully armed, she said that she’ll lead the army in place of her father.

That appearance when she’s wearing light armor with her hair coiffed was that of a female knight. However, she’s still indeed a Baron’s daughter. There was still a lady-like atmosphere around her. Even I, who rarely had any interest in interacting with woman, found her rather attractive.

(If this girl was a boy instead…..Baron Parom would’ve thought differently….)

Coming to this place, after talking and getting to know the personality, I could think this much.

(This girl will balance well with Luke….)

[Anyways Rina-dono. Do you mind if I ask for one thing?]

[Yes! What is it!?]

[Lina-dono, have you already had a gentleman decided in your mind??]


Fumu, she’s visibly upset. I guess it’s too impulsive of me.

[Ah, no, it’s fine. That kind of thing will come naturally. Please forget it.]

[……why did Shion-sama suddenly ask about such a thing?]

Rina asked while having a blushing face. I should tell her honestly to avoid misunderstanding.

[Well, my clan’s Luke has come to age and I wonder if you two are a match….]

[Shion-sama……is the worst.]

Oh? I wonder why she became angry…..I really don’t understand woman’s heart.

While looking at the Rina-dono leaving angrily….I tilted my head.


A few days later. The marquis marched to marsh together with his prided knights in response to us setting our camp there as expected.

[Foolish peasants. I will crush you all thoroughly!]

I could tell what he said even from a distance.

[He’s really a simple man. I didn’t expect that he’ll come with such a simple invitation.]

I took off my glasses.

[Now then, we shall commence as planned. Will that be okay?]

[ [ [Affirmative] ] ]

And the decisive battle began.


Marquis Molrot ordered his heavy cavalry to assault. The tradition of cavalry has been handed down from generations in Molrot’s clan.
The heavy cavalry charge killed off a lot of adversaries.

[Go! Let those smart asses see with their own eyes!]

The cavalry started to move swiftly. The target is the enemy headquarters.

However… developed into something that Marquis Molrot would never expected.

[Your Excellency! It’s impossible!! We can’t proceed any further!]

[What did you say!]

[The horse’s feet are stuck on the swamp…..uwaaa!]

Naturally…the swamp has been tinkered with. I strewn dried grass all over to give an impression that the swamp isn’t deep, while in really had dug it out to make it even deeper….

Moreover the heavy cavalry acted as planned.

[Foolish peasants. So you actually have some brains. To setup a trick like this….]

Baron Parom muttered after looking at the confused enemy cavalry.

[For a fool like him, this trap is truly fitting. He would never give something like this a deep thought before proceeding.]

That said, I pointed my fan and started to give more instruction.

[Now then, let’s enter the second phase. Attack the cavalry that is currently stuck in the swamp en masse]

With my signal, starting with Luke and Maria-dono, the aristocrats in their respective field started to shout out instructions all at once.

[Yosh! Fire!]

Every soldiers, and the freed slave servants all released the arrows all at once at the cavalry. Those who can use magic would shoot out offensive magic. The swamp was soon turned into hell on earth.

[How dare those bastards……retreat! retreeeeat!]

Marquis Morlot could be seen escaping in a hurry.

[And that have made it a checkmate.]

For the place he ran into…..

[I am Baron Descartes! Morlot! Prepare to feel our wrath!]


And then Morlot was beheaded by Descartes without question.


This battle….became two important points in the history.

The first was about this particular battle.
In the history of Arcadia empire, this will be the first time slave servants joined a battle, thus earning this battle the name of『Slave War』later on.
After this battle, many demi-humans would move for independency…..this was only the beginning.

The second was….the entrance of [Shion Tristan] name in history. His presence gave huge influence to many points in the history.

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