The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.20

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Shion Tristan’s Story of the past Part 4 – Encounter

Now then, let’s talk about the aftermath.

The news regarding the huge rebellion on the Northeast naturally reached the imperial capital and the deployment of the regular army to suppress it was in consideration.
However, it was quickly called off due to how the situation had quickly been settled.

Marquis Morlot has been dealt with. His territory confiscated and became the Second Princess’ territory in return.

On the rebel’s side……the responsible representative. Well, of course it’s Baron Descartes.
After the fall of Marquis Morlot, I knew that Descartes will be held responsible. Then, how come it’s not Baron Parom instead? That’s where Baron Descartes entered the stage. That person is too ambitious. So I reckoned that I can use it to our benefit. Therefore, I spreaded ‘baits’ around him. And then, that guy…..took it hook, line, and sinker.
Baron Descartes was charged as the mastermind behind the rebellion. However, he seemed to have escaped execution by giving up his territory. Perhaps also because a lot of people favored him for his bravery. As for the soldiers under him, it’s been settled that the First Prince will take over them.

The slaves assembled during the revolt…..harsh rules will be issued against them. But before that happen, I planned to let them escape.

Eastward is the Schwarzer Territory, which is known to be tolerant to demi-humans. I’ll sprinkle a bit of the spoils of war from Marquis Morlot’s treasury, so that they can escape there more easily.

Peace has returned to the Northwest region.


Returning to the capital, I headed back to sir Kasim’s residence. But he wasn’t there, only a letter remained.

The contents, were about his seclusion and my future.

First, I want to retire to a certain place, and I forbid you from looking for me.

Next, you are younger than me by more than a decade. Starting from now, the continent will be slowly engulfed in turmoil. Many heroes will appear, and one of them will surely be able to guide you. About that, you’ll know since you have the talent for it.

After reading the letter I packed up, and once again heading to the Northwest region. I’ve decided to return to Tristan territory.
I’ll open a private school there and watch how the trend goes as time marches on.

I asked Luke about it, and he in turn gave me a small house in the territory. I opened my private school there.
Along the way Lina Parom-dono continuously pushed me to accept her as my disciple. I’ve declined every single time since she’s Baron Parom’s only daughter, but Lina-dono would keep returning to persuade me. No matter how many times I refused…..she insisted to go along with me.

Then……few years went by since then. I’ve been teaching kids to read and write… well as refusing the invitations from many to become an official.

Apparently, my name became famous after that rebellion. The fact that many aristocrats have been coveting sir Kasim, and that he himself had paraded me around the continent few years before didn’t help either.

Saying that I’m a person with [Tenfolds of Talents]

Really now, he’s truly who a master who could foresee many things.

Today I received another invitation from the officials, and I intended to refuse it as per usual. Yes, I intended to [refuse] back then….


I met him when I was lying on a tree while reading my book. The sudden sound of footsteps made me cease my reading.

[Well then, is there anything I can do for you?]

[Aa, sorry. I disturbed you, didn’t I?]

Saying that, that person laughed and continued speaking to me.

[Nice to meet you. I’m Ares Schwarzer. Schwarzer clan’s young lord.]

[Hou, what is the son of the Archduke doing in public place like this?]

I quickly looked up as I said that.

[I wanted to meet you, didn’t I already inform you before?]

[For what reason? Only a fool of an aristocrat would want to meet a teacher of a private school in the countryside in person.]

Laughing, he then told me a name.

[Kasim Sahid. I heard about you from him. 『One thing, I have a great fool of a disciple that I want you to meet』he said.]

He then quietly sat next to me.

[A recommendation to become your officer… it?]

[Eh? I don’t mean that, alright? I came here because he asked me to meet you….to be really honest that’s the only thing I intended to do…..]

I was speechless. This Archduke’s son seemed to sense that I felt troubled.

[Anyways, Kasim asked me to see how you are faring. Also, professor Artorius spoke good things about you. It’s just that…..I don’t choose a retainer just from the recommendation and story of other people. If you don’t even know me, then how would you serve me?]

[Well…..that’s indeed true.]

It’s strange. I was taken in by his pacing. However… didn’t feel uncomfortable.
Our conversation continued until sunset. Recent events, histories, and about people…. apparently he’s also the imperial academy student. Talking about the current condition of the academy and also about professor Artorius, loud laughters could be heard.
After finished speaking about that, the air turned grim all of a sudden……and he continued.

[Okay, I can see now after talking to you. What Kasim and professor Artorius weren’t lies……..I’m considering to recruit you. Of course, I will prepare a job that is proper for you.]

I felt down. I was having a good time after a long while….and it turned out ot be yet another recruitment?

[Ha. I don’t intend to serve anyone at the moment, alright?]

[Eh? No……well, certainly you have a brilliant mind, but something like that, isn’t up to me to decide. I’ll have to consult with my Father first.]

Ares laughed as he said so.

[That said, how about being an archive officer? Since there are quite a lot of books on the mansion, I’m thinking to hire someone to keep them in order……well, because when we talked earlier, I noticed that you seem to like books. I don’t mind if you decline… how about it?]

I wonder how many times already I have been surprised since I started talking with him? Later on when I asked Lina-dono who happened to see us, she said that my mouth was left agape for many times, which in turn also astonished her.

[Kukuku, wonderful. I feel like I’ll be entertained no matter where you go….how fun…..]

[That’s…..errr? Did I say something weird?]

I turned towards Ares-sama, kneeled before him and said.

[This Shion Tristan will swear my allegiance not to the country or clan, but only to『you』from now on.]


One of the Six Heavenly Generals, [Heavenly Wisdom] Shion Tristan.
He can also be considered as the leader of the [Arestia Seven Wise men].

After this, with him as the center, Schwarzer territory, as well as the later [Arestia Dominion] would become domestically developed, and their weaponry became even more advanced. In addition to that, it can be said that the subsequent strategical movements were born from his brain.

[Superior in strategy, win by tactics] was quoted from him. This was also how he achieved successes in what was commanded to him.

Although later on, Shion Tristan would serve as first general of Arestia dominion’s military power just below Ares Schwarzer himself in terms of influence, it is said that he’s not really interested in that position and would want to retire as soon as possible.

The position he cherished the most, and one that he held till the end……………..was said to be 『Schwarzer clan Archive Officer』.

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