Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… Extra – 3

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Extra Story 3 – Reading other people’s journal is somewhat exciting

○○Month ○○Day
Today is my birthday.
I was born as the eldest son of an aristocratic family. My beautiful parents showered me generously with love. As an angel-like baby, I shall grow healthily with the love from everyone.

○×Month ◎◇Day
I could already read and and talk at the age of 3. Thus I started my study as an aristocrat at the same age.
However, my blooming talent was more than that.
I also gained a talent for “Magic”.
There was no precedent where talents to use magic appeared during childhood. And so I was considered a [genius].

○×Month ×○Day
I’ll be taught by a magic tutor.
The tutor introduced to me was a marvelous middle-aged woman.
I was taught the basic magical knowledge by this person. I can still remember that she once called me a wonderful child.
Although I appreciated being called wonderful, I just wish that she’s a younger girl….

●○Month □△Day
At 5 years old, I went to magic school by skipping classes.
By this time there were less and less subjects that could be taught to me. What’s left for me were just usage of magic in actual battle and in research which I would master without any doubt.
Whether or not it’s really a necessity for me to go to the magic school remained a question for me, but I guess I did learn few things while studying there.
Since my parents strongly willed it, I had no choice but to consent.

■◆Month ○◎Day
……to be honest, I never thought that the level was actually pretty low.
I had no more things to learn from the school.
My peers were also too low-leveled.
No, it’s just that my own level was too high….

○Month ×●Day
I’m disgusted by teachers’ unreasonable attitude toward the students.
…..well, there was a reason actually.
There was this female teacher. I’ve seen enough while pretending to be a good student.
Some day, I think I’ll look back in my mind when my magic power improves.

○○Month ×△Day
I headed to the city to take a break
I was involved in a squabble between a drunken man and a woman. While I was trying to solve the problem, I met him.
A wonderful magician to whom one can ask for guidance and to help solve a problem.
This person’s magic was really amazing.
Overflowing with creativity and using magic with high practicality.
I truly want to be taught by him from the depths of my heart.

○○Month □■Day
I found out the identity of that wonderful magician.
He was a former A rank adventurer and is now working as the court magician.
I dropped out of school and went to seek his teachings.
I wanted to be taught by this person no matter what.
I wanted to acquire his way of magic.
That’s all I can think of.

○○Month □▼Day
Only at times like this that being an aristocrat has its perks.
Somehow, I was able to meet the wonderful magician.
And after asking over and over again, I was finally accepted to be his disciple.
Now, let’s learn more kinds of magic from now on!
On a side note, around this time, I received a letter from my parents saying that my brother was born.

●○Month ◎△Day
I turned 10 years old.
I kept absorbing master’s magic lessons one after another.
It was inevitably fun.
The day when I finally mastered everything; I can feel that day will come one day.

●●Month ▲■Day
Later on, I started to wonder if it’s really okay to learn from master at such a fast rate.
He might’ve begun to consider me as a threat.
I could see the fear swirling inside Master’s eyes.
And today, brought by Master, I was thrown into the forest near the mountain at the center of the continent.
I was told to live here for a year.
This was the final trial of my master’s teaching or so he said.
I was given some amount of baggage, but the rest must be provided by myself or else I might ended up dying here.
Recently, my genius had been drawing the attention of various aristocrats. He feared that his position as the court magician will be threatened.
Although I felt that it’s such an unreasonable thing, I did learn a lot from master and I also thought that I could research his teachings and improve it later on.
This is an opportunity in a sense.
I’ll definitely survive this one year and look forward to meeting master again.

◎◎Month ○△Day
Living in a forest is too troublesome…..

Month Day
The monsters are delicious….
Spider is chewy…..
Beetle is crunchy…..

◆◎Month △▲Day
I need to solve the wilderness.
I can’t just leave like this.
While improving my own magic, I can create my very own magic. I can’t just back down so easily.
However, maybe because I’ve lived in the wilderness for so long, my physical body had become strong too.
From now on, let’s use more time to research magic.

□■Month ◎○Day
I think one year had passed, but master still hadn’t showed up.
And when I returned to the city, I felt that something is missing. I won’t move away from the forest until I find out what it is.

○●Month □▼Day
I’m creating new magic one after another.
My talent turned out to be insufficient.

■■Month ○○Day
I made friends with the elves.
Humans despised them just because they are a different tribe, but they are actually nice people.
With their help, I built a house in the forest.
Perhaps because I’m already familiar with it, I felt comfortable living in the forest.
Might as well stay here permanently.
Anyways, to prevent unsavory people from disturbing me and the elves, I erected the barrier of hesitation around the forest.

●◎Month □◆Day
Although it’s hard to notice in minute detail, I realized that I actually did grow up after all.
How many days have passed?
My life here was too comfortable that I forgot how much time has passed.
Even so, my master hasn’t showed up yet.
One day, I think it’ll be nice to visit the city.

●◎Month ◎●Day
I decided to head to the city.
Thanks to the elves’ cooperation, my house has turned into a very comfortable living place.
Without a doubt, I can call it my home.
Now that I’m leaving for the city, I don’t want anyone to break in or even destroy my home by mistake so I kept the barrier on to make it inaccessible.
Then I headed out to the city after the elves sent me off.

○◎Month ■■Day
Arriving at the city…
After confiding with the people, I found out that twenty years has passed since I was first sent to that mountain.
How much time passed without me knowing…
I enjoyed my life on the forest a little too much. I need to reflect a little.

○◎Month ■▲Day
I sold the monster materials that I had on me and couple of days passed after I obtained the money.
In the past few days, I kept collecting information,and found out about few things.
My master… he’s already dead.
After sending me to the forest, he apparently died in a war that happened soon after.
Since I had no opponents to look for, I became skeptic.
And, about my family, they probably thought that I’ve also died in that war and had been living happily with my brother whose face I had never ever seen.
I don’t think I should go and meet him as I imagined that the response I got will be [Ah, is that so?] kind of reply.
And now, the country is in the middle of a war with its neighbor.
This is a great opportunity.
It’s a good opportunity to try out my magic so I decided to participate in this war.

○●Month ◎◆Day
I made a lot of achievements.
Honestly, I literally had no one that could match me. Apparently, my magic was much stronger than I thought.
I was praised and invited to the palace.
This is a problem. It’ll be troublesome if I were to reveal my identity.
After some consideration, I decided to change my name.
Sage….no, let’s go with Great Wizard [Inaizu].

○●Month ■◆Day
Ahahahaha! A man died like trash to my magic!

○●Month ◆◇Day
The war is won and, as a result of getting many achievements that are otherwise impossible to do by others, I was promised a sufficient reward.
I was summoned to the great hall.
The reward is money. And I get to choose how much I will get!
I’m coming, Men’s Eden!

○●Month ◆□Day
I’ve had enough. This city scares me.
After going to the Great Hall, I went to the local bar for a small celebration, but someone ripped me off.
I thought it was strange.
A beautiful woman went up to me and offered me one drink after another.
Completely drunk, I lustfully touched the woman’s body. As the bar isn’t a place like that, they accused me of various charges and I ended up losing all of my money.
I’ve had enough. Since I no longer wanted to stay in the city, I returned back to the forest.

○●Month ▲▽Day
I went back to my home in the forest. That’s it. People are scary.
That night, the beautiful woman who came up to me, she was merely my delusion.
Thanks to that, after puking the contents of my stomach out and finally feeling refreshed, I received enlightenment.
Great Wizard….no, I’ll use Great Sage from now on.

□■Month ◆○Day
Decades have passed.
Due to my merits in the previous war, I was invited to participate in the battles that occurred several times afterward. Although I only participated in a handful of them, people truly hailed me as a [Great Sage].
However, that previous accident had created a phobia in me of some sort.
After receiving the award, I avoided any tavern or bars and headed straight back to the forest.
While repeating such a life, I wondered how old have I become.
Perhaps it’s because I’ve become old, but I started to wonder how my life looks like from the perspective of others.
Compared to my own, I believed there are others in this world that lived a more fulfilling life than I did.
Once I thought about it, anger started to well up in me.
Through that anger, I……yes, I started to research the magic that would be the greatest masterpiece of the Great Sage Inaizu.

●●Month ●●Day
Decades had passed since I started this research, and…’s finally completed.
For me, this is probably something I could call the ultimate magic.
However, even if it’s finished, my body is at the age where it can no longer move satisfactorily, so I couldn’t even see the result.
But if……..if perhaps, someone is seeking for this ultimate magic…..
And, if that person is currently reading this journal…..
The spellbook for the ultimate magic that I created is hidden under this house.
How is it… is it……my only wish is that, for the one who found the spellbook to….


That’s where the journal ends.
I quietly closed the book and thought.

(Wiseman, what a wiseman indeed!)

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