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Chapter 93 – Black Spear of Vanity

Rafal’s black spear easily pierced through the magic arrow that I sent to him. Normal attacks won’t get through to him.
The number of nightwalkers pouring out of the facility kept increasing. Aaron, while keeping the immortal Hado at bay, was also thinning their numbers slowly.
Rafal turned his attention towards Aaron. He didn’t even pretend to fight me, and tried to stab Aaron with his spear that can jump through space.
Greed quickly spoke to me.

『Infuse the Dust magic to the magic arrow, aim for the tip of the spear!』

Adding dust magic as told, I released the magic arrow. The magic arrow which was now brown colored due to the infusion of dust magic flew true and hit Rafal’s black spear’s tip.
Rafal noticed the arrow and flicked it off with his spear as if it’s annoying thing. And then, while still trying to attack with his spear that can bypass space,


The dust attribute that turned the spear tip into stone, had seemingly interfere with the space jump.
Looking at that, I told Greed.

[If you know such a good method, you should’ve told me sooner.]

『My bad. That spear, I didn’t recognize it at first. I wasn’t sure because the appearance is different from what I remember, but that space bypassing ability is undoubtedly belonged to Vanity, a Mortal Sin weapon prototype』


『Yeah, that thing does not have(Safety Measure)installed like the completed weapons. In order to demonstrate its power, it’ll continue to suck away its wielder’s life force.』 (TL Note: I don’t know why the author wrote and put safety measure inside the bracket)

Rafal bitterly clicked his tongue. He struck the ground with the spear to get rid of the stone.
Blood continued to flow from his hand to the black spear.

[So it really does suck its wielder’s blood]

『That’s right. It would continuously drain blood to do the spatial bypass attack. If he’s a normal human, he’d end up as a bloodless mummy already at this point.』

[He doesn’t have any trouble with draining out his blood, since he’s got the origin of Dracula.

『That’s how it is. He has the same near immortality that Hado has. Now then, what will you do』

[Do I have any other choice!]

『That’s indeed the case』

Having the method to temporarily disable his space bypassing attack, I rushed in to attack Rafal, but several Nightwalkers got in my way. Probably Rafal ordered them to do that.

Reverting back to the black sword, I launched bits of attacks to them. Most of the times I just cut their limbs to prevent them from moving. But when my attention was mostly focused on the nightwalkers, Rafal’s spear suddenly emerged right in front of me.
I simply deflected it with the black sword.

[Can’t afford to think up anything some wiser method eh?]

[That’s quite clean. Although, having come this closer, I knew you can’t activate the spear’s ability at this range, can you?]

[Fate, you came closer……only just to say that? Up until this moment, I still considered you a commoner who had begged for his life while I was stepping on his head.]

The black spear received the black sword as me and Rafal collided. Our weapon clashed as we tried to overpower each other.
I was on a more disadvantageous situation where I can’t freely move around. The nightwalkers around me were slowly approaching.
Greed had once warned me. Their bite bypasses Area E protection, and carries a strong curse. Meaning if I ever got bitten, I’d become a nightwalker, and Rafal would win big time.

Probably wanting to keep me as one of his servant, Rafal seemed to hold back a little on his spearplay.
As far as I know, the kingdom had at least 2 people who belong to Area E. Those mysterious white knights who were the aides of the king.
Those white knights shouldn’t be incompetent fools.

If Rafal really wants to destroy the kingdom just as he said, then it’s through my and Aaron’s body first.

[No retreat, Fate]

With a delightful face, Rafal exerted more pressure to his spearplay.
The wailing and screaming of the nightwalkers could be heard from behind me.
Even so, I felt strangely relieved, as I faced Rafal.

[I’m not fighting alone like you, however.]


Behind me, I could hear the sound of the nightwalkers being torn apart.
And at that moment, I also heard someone calling my name.


As if on cue, I pushed the black spear away as Rafal’s attention was divided between me and Aaron. Then, I launched the martial arts 《One-Inch Punch》 at the side of Rafal’s head.
Gores scattered swiftly. I retreated and joined with Aaron.

Behind him, the transformed Hado was pursuing with flapping its black wings. No, Hado’s original target was me. Aaron merely denied it from reaching me.
Right then, when Aaron headed towards me just now, it probably followed him.

[I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Hado]


I unleashed the power of Gluttony skill up to semi-starving state. My right eye soon turned red as if challenging it.
It won’t die even if it’s beheaded. Its heart as a human had been lost a long time ago, causing it to transformed into monster after it broken through Area E.

[How about this!]

The two holy swords that Hado wielded came at me. I blocked one with my sword, and take the other one on my shoulder. However, that didn’t make me falter.
While shouting, I swung the black sword from the top of Hado’s head down to its midsection.
Hado was split evenly. Its body rolled on the ground and ended up hitting the wall of the nearby facility.

Behind me who was breathing haggardly, Aaron pierced the headless Rafal’s chest with his holy sword. He aimed for Rafal’s heart.
He twisted his holy sword as he shouted.

[Grand Cross!!]

The holy power that Aaron had kept accumulating so far was being released all at once at that point, making the supposedly dark night became bright as if it’s daylight. On top of that dazzling light, Aaron added his own magical power.
Rafal received the 《Grand Cross》, a technique from Holy Sword Mastery skill, from the inside of his body.
It was such a powerful attack. Once it landed, there was no way to survive it.

When the light ceased, Rafal’s body was riddled with holes. Looking at it from here――the view was not that strange among the research facilities that had become rubbles due to the battle.
A cold wind blew. And snow started to fall despite the clear sky.

Aaron confronted Rafal and said with a sad tone.

[Even that will not stop you, Rafal Burix?]

[I’m short on blood. Need more blood. Is this the real power of the Sword Saint….? Don’t make me laugh.]


Aaron collapsed on the ground, his hands released the handle of the holy sword. A black spear that appeared out of empty space was stuck deeply into his side.

[The pain will disappear once you become my servant. Let me free you from all of your responsibility. Take it easy now, O Sword Saint.]

With that, Rafal brought his mouth closer to Aaron’s neck.

[As if I’d let you, Rafal!]

Grasping the black sword tightly, I drove it into Rafal’s open mouth.
However, he actually caught the black sword by biting it, and even managed to stop my momentum.
From within that mouth, a pair of far too developed fangs peeked out.


Oh no, a cliffhanger chapter!


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20 thoughts on “Glutton Berserker ch.93

    1. If not even a mortal sin weapon can destroy a mortal sin weapon, I doubt mere fangs could destroy one.


  1. Author needs to learn about pacing. For a 1st person pov story, it really lacks emotion in the story telling.

    But anyways, thanks for the chapter.


  2. Vanity being a mortal sin “prototype” might be confirmation that the sin skills are artificial creations. Which could explain why the ignore the rules of god, but I guess the question becomes, how then do new generations like Fate and probably Eris gain the skill naturally. Does it then become hereditary?


  3. [He doesn’t have any trouble with draining out his blood, since he’s got the origin of Dracula.]

    I wonder how Fate knows this, because it seems like it’s Fate and not Greed saying this. I thought greed said Rafal was the origin of the night-walkers or at least had it in him, or perhaps was the translation changed from Nightwalker to Dracula? or is this referencing something else.


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