The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.22

Weekly chapters (2/2)

It’s really a short chapter. uwu

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

At his room…

By the time Ares returned from the Dragon Ranch, it was already dark outside.

[Haa. It took longer than I thought…..Theta will surely be mad at me…..]

Theta is a maid who served as an exclusive servant since several years ago. The girl was two years older than Ares. She got recruited since she had no relatives left to take care of her.
She is kind and friendly to everyone. She’s also good at her job. On top of that, as time went by, she became quite popular within the household. In addition to that, apparently there are a lot of suitors who are interested in creating a relationship with her.
But I heard that Theta has declined any offer for relationship.


When I returned to my room

[Returning very late today, didn’t you, Milord?]

I was called out, the voice coming from behind me.

[Aah, Theta……I’m home…..]

Nooo, th-that face is too scary, Theta.

Ares then took a look at Theta carefully.

Ares always thought that Theta is a cute girl. Yes, it’s more fitting to say that she’s cute rather than beautiful.
Shiny neck length black hair. Big eyes whose color matches her hair. Porcelain-like, translucent skin. And bulging pair of breasts that stretches her uniform to the brim…..
More than that is her firm working attitude
No wonder a lot of people seems to have a crush on her.

But now……the smile on that cute face……….

(Her eyes tell otherwise….!!)

[Have you considered that you’ve done something rude just now?]

[No! It’s nothing!!]

He replied in spite of himself…..
This girl’s intuition gave Ares cold sweats.

[Well nevermind. Welcome back. How is today going?]

[Ah, today….]

Ares was about to speak regarding today’s affair. However, Theta was quick to cut in with the shorter version.

[So to apologize to Sharon-sama, not knowing what to do, by borrowing Shion-sama’s wisdom, Milord made an appointment at Arnold-sama Dragon Ranch to enjoy air travel…….am I correct?]

Waitwaiwait. How did you know everything?

Ares stared at Theta dubiously. Meanwhile, Theta seemed to be slightly saddened.

[It’s unfair.]


[It’s always Sharon-sama. I also want Ares-sama to reward me once in a while.]

[A reward….well, I think I’ve done lots of thing with Theta…..]

Yes, there were various things already. As parts of Ares’ hobby, they would go to restaurants, and often visit festival-like events together… can’t be considered as ‘unfair’ here……

[I also want to travel in the air!!]

[Eee!? Well that’s……]

To be really honest, Ares didn’t want Theta to meet Sharon again just yet…..or else, their cold war will be ignited once more…..after some begging on Ares’ part though, they would show that they are getting along well, which is a wonder in itself…..

[It’s a given for me to get a reward after serving here everyday? Am I right?]


When Ares nodded unintentionally, a smile bloomed on Theta’s face.

[Well then….. Please excuse me]

As he watched Theta lowered her head and took her leave…..Ares thought about the future….and couldn’t help but to hold his head.

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