The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.23

An additional bonus chapter if I got a SSR in FGO~



Okita-san daishouri!


Devil ~Story of a certain bandit~

This is the story about how Ares met Theta.
How did that happen??


The bandit leader kept standing without knowing their situation.

Many of his subordinates had their neck severed, then another, and another one…..

The village raid went out so well earlier.
Launching a surprise attack at night, they killed the village chief and all of the villagers who could put a fight, then the village immediately submitted to them.

The rest was obvious, they plundered the village coffer, raped the women, then sold all of the remaining villagers to become slave.

Drinking the liquor, he could already imagine himself having a good time with one of the women…

That is, until the white devil appeared.

[Boss! I, it’s the white devil. The white devil has appeared!!]

[Aa!? What was that just now I don’t hear you!?]

He was too drunk to hear the shout properly.
He turned around towards his subordinate with unhappy face..

And at that moment, the reporting subordinate’s head flew off and landed on his lap.

There was a moment of silent. Then the place was thrown into chaos.

[Aa? What the? This is!?]

I panickely looked at the severed head. The expression was that of fear. It’s evident from the severed wound that it came from a very sharp blade.

When I raised my head again, there was a short statured man carrying a white sword walking forward from behind the now deceased subordinate.

I realized that he’s but a boy when I gave him another look. But an overwhelming pressure was being released from the body of that young boy. He looks just like a young pretty boy, but his appearance right now reeked of unspeakable terror. Right, it’s as if I’m looking at an Ancient Dragon… one among us who looked at him was able to move, as if we’ve been struck by thunder.

[Is this all the members of this bandit group??]

Looking more thoroughly, I noticed that the parts that weren’t covered by his white clothes, like his cheek and hands, were splattered in blood, but yet strangely enough……. there was not a single stain on his white clothes. Which only add to the terror.

[Now then, I’m a bit tired today. I don’t feel really well cause I’m splattered with blood. I, the white emperor is so arrogant that I don’t even bother to touch myself… let’s finish this already. Well, I don’t intend to kill you guys quickly, so it’ll be painful. I guess that’s the only you can atone after everything that you’ve done]

[Who…on earth… are you…]

[Aー, who said you’re allowed to speak? You can only speak when I say so]

With that, the boy swung his sword. And at that moment



Several men had their arms and legs severed at the same time. Following that, the room was filled with wails of pain.

[Is it painful? The same holds true for the village you’ve destroyed.]

Saying so, the boy started to swing his sword seemingly in a nonchalant manner.
And from there, was one-sided massacre.
Regardless of those who backed away, trying to escape, or even attempting to challenge him back, everyone received the same fate equally.
It was a strange sight. How heads flying off at the mere flick of his sword.

I was alone before I knew it. And that boy is approaching me.

[You are the leader of this band. Now then. How will you choose to die? First…]

[Fo, forgive me!! Please spare my life]

I don’t care anymore about pride. A head of a bandit group……kneeling on the ground begging for his life to a young boy. What a ridiculous sight that would be. That’s not important right now.
But my last hope was quickly washed away.
The moment I did that, my hand flew away.


[I’m not done talking here. You’re not allowed to speak. First is to be decapitated as is. Second is to be immolated by magic. Third is….]

[Noooooooooooooooo! I don’t want to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!]

Something inside me broke.

It’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary it’s scary

Right, it was that overwhelming.

[Fear of death]

The boy looked at me who was in a half-crazed state.

[Ah, he broke unexpectedly easy. Well then, I guess becoming a subject for magic experiment it is.]

He muttered.

[This is a magic that will cause you to wander in the darkness forever. I don’t know what will actually happen since this will be the first time I use it…..hopefully you don’t die from it, although you’ll still end up in the dark forever… well, consider it like going to another world, I guess?]

Are you joking?

That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t put it out into words.

There are still a lot of thing I haven’t done. I still want to keep killing, keep robbing, keep committing crimes. I became a bandit because that’s the only way I can rampage on freely.
To hell with working honestly. Once I tasted it, I couldn’t get enough of robbing. I was planning to have more enjoyment by attacking more villages….

[Evil Eyes…..]

His magic wrapped my body right after he muttered those words. My consciousness was soon sucked into the darkness.


Ares laughed in an amused mood while watching the bandit leader got swallowed by the darkness.

[Being called devil by bandits…eh? Sounds good. That’s like the best praise I can get.]

That said, Ares took out a handkerchief from his breastpocket, and walked away as he wiped the blood stains.

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