The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.24

Weekly chapters (1/2)

The past from one of the heroine.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Angel ~Theta’s Story of the Past~

My name is Theta. A normal village girl you could find everywhere.
Today, I’d like to talk about how I met Ares-sama.
Was it about 10 years ago…..?


My parents passed away in an epidemic and I was raised by the village chief who was my relative.

The village chief had no child, so he cherished me veryly. Although we were poor, we could still live day to day and I’m fine and happy with that. That is until those vile devils appeared.

One evening, our village was attacked by bandits. The village chief who was like a parent to me was killed, the influential people and the young ones were also killed as a show of power.

The remaining villagers who witnessed everything, soon surrendered to the bandits.

Women will have to comfort the bandits while the men and children will be sold as slaves.

I only saw darkness in our future.

[Boss! What will we do with this little girl?]

[That little girl is a looker! Probably an aristocrat might buy her for a high price!]

The bandit leader pointed at me while laughing.

[Those people always prefer girls like this! Money won’t be problem for them!]

The other bandits laughed in response.

Apparently, I’ll become a plaything for an aristocrat. I’ll bite my tongue off before that happen.
At that time, I was prepared to do so.
However, it’s not something that can easily be done even if you want it. I was just but a little girl. My body won’t stop trembling in fear. Time is ticking. When will you actually do it?

The room where we were being held was at the deepest part of a cave that became the bandits’ base. I was there with dozens other women. Yes, we were just waiting for our fate at the mercy of those bandits….

At that time.
Suddenly, the door opened. It wasn’t the rough voice of a man, but rather a calm and gentle voice that came from beyond that door.

[Are you alright? Is there anyone who is injured?]

I raised my head, attracted by that voice. The one standing there was not a bandit, but a boy slightly younger than me.

That boy….was just slightly younger than me. But yet, that calm and collected face and those pure white clothes. They reminded me of the figure of angels depicted on the church.


[I guess you’re still surprised. The bandits have been taken care of. You are free. There is no need to be scared anymore.]

At first, I couldn’t quite get what the Angel-sama was saying. But when I gradually realized that we’re saved, my tears started to overflow.

[I, I…..up until, just now….I really don’t know what to do…..I thought about dying but I just couldn’t do it….]

As I murmured, the boy approached me and gently hugged me.

[It’s alright now. Those bad people is already gone now. But I guess, it’s still scary, isn’t it? It’s alright…..cry as much as you want.]

As soon as I heard that, a feeling of relief, the sadness from losing my family and the hatred towards the bandits ….various emotions washed over me, and I ended up crying loudly on that boy’s chest.


The angel then told me that his name is Ares-sama.

Ares-sama also released the villagers and children who were being held in different rooms, and guided us outside.
Once outside…..there were a lot of soldiers.
We were surprised…..but the soldiers freely spoke to Ares-sama.

[What the… done already?]

[Milord… are being unreasonable as usual. Not telling your arrival…..Such things, could you please stop it? Milord just arrived back at Romaria. Yet already set out again early in the morning.]

[My bad, my bad. Look, I’m alright and the villagers are safe.]

[As usual with the superhuman feats….is Milord really a human?]

[That’s awful, Rouen……but didn’t it work just fine?]

[Please act more accordingly to your standing. By the way….I’ve prepared the carriage as per what is written on the letter.]

[Great! Rouen is always so understanding.]

Just like that, the soldier-san and Ares-sama talked in a friendly manner.

The people of my village was moved to the capital Romaria. It’ll be difficult to function properly as a village and it’s good to be able to live in a safer place for a change. Of course, nobody was against to that. We rode on the carriage that the soldiers have prepared. But no one dared to speak to Ares-sama’ since we were wary of his origin.
However I.

[E-excuse me!]

I built up my courage and spoke to Ares-sama.

[I…..I can do any kind of chores. From washing clothes to cooking. So…..can I work for Ares-sama?? I would like to repay you for saving my life!]

Although I expected that it’s no good, I still tried regardless.

I have no family left. I didn’t have any place left to go.
Anything….I would do anything to repay for everything you’ve done for me….I don’t want to be an ungrateful person. Even my late parents taught me to always repay other’s kindness to you with gratitude.

Ares gave it a thought for a while albeit with a troubled face,

[I do have to find someone to take care of my personal belongings on Romaria. Very well. You can come with me.]

He said so as he laughed.

[You see the carriage at the back with a different shape than the others? That’s where I put my luggage. Please tell them to advance more carefully although they have to keep up with other carriages.]

[Y-yes! Thank you very much!]

Surely Ares-sama could already tell. How lonely I’ll become after we reached Romaria. And also my feelings.
To what extent, I do not know but that was how I ended up serving as Ares-sama personal maid.

Ten years later……I’m happy to be able to serve on Ares-sama’s side.
All the while, I got along with many people who frequently go in and out of the mansion. There are also some who seems to have some feelings for me. I really appreciate the thought, but…..

My feelings are all for Ares-sama. For that person…..I’d devote everything from the last of my hair, and every drop of my blood.


After that, Theta would take care of Ares’ belongings as a personal servant that was exclusive to him.
The girl’s name was mentioned in history books.

Later becoming one of Ares’ queens; Queen Theta Schwarzer.

But even after becoming a Queen, she would still constantly take care of Ares’ personal belongings and it is said that Ares would only drink tea if it’s the tea she personally made.

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