Glutton Berserker ch.96

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 96 – Enter Lust

I used 《Appraisal》 on the two unknown skills that the archdemon possessed.

Dark Magic: Summon dark matter from the other planes.
Spirit Unity: Increases the power of techniques and magic by a factor of 5 for a certain period of time.

What was this ‘dark matter’ under the Dark Magic skill? Was that what had demolished the entire research facility just now?
Greed confirmed my thoughts through 《MInd Reading》, as expected.

『It’s just as Fate thought. Dark matter is a very unstable substance in this world. Its form cannot be maintained for long, and it’ll disappear soon afterward. It’s exactly the high pressure energy that was emanated earlier.』

[Then, did it use that spirit unity on that previous attack as well, I wonder]

Spirit unity was a very threatening skill that could raise the power of magic. The question was, did it use it on the earlier explosion?
If it did, then the crown monster’s area of attack wouldn’t become any wider than that.
However, if it didn’t, then it’s actually capable of releasing an explosion five times greater than the one it used just now.

Such power, it’s won’t be joke to say that the kingdom would vanish if it used the attack repeatedly.
I myself have the Herculean Strength skill. It could double my physical strength for a duration of time. Although a powerful skill, it’s not without drawbacks. I will receive status penalties, and will only recover after a day.

These temporary stat multiplying skills usually have immense drawbacks. But that’s not the case with this Spirit Unity.
There is no risk in using it, not even a penalty to the user’s stats…..

『Well, it’s hard to tell……whether that crown monster really used it or not.』

[Rafal, that guy who took over his body. He said that he’d grant Rafal’s wish.]

Even speaking confidently, that level of destruction from earlier might be enough.
It still floated in the sky, the Undead Archdemon. Its eyes closed as it remained silent.
I glanced at Aaron. Although his breathing was haggard, he also understood the situation. He also had appraisal just like me. He instantly knew how much of a threat this new monster, probably due to his years of experience.

[This is as far as I can go. I will only drag you down if I keep fighting in this state. Fate, leave Mimir here.]

[Yes, I’ll leave her to you]

I passed Mimir to Aaron. As he gently took over carrying the girl from me, I briefly told him.

[The girl, she lost too much blood. Let her rest.]

[Understood. However, depending on the situation, it might be unwise to bring her to the mansion. We need to evacuate as many citizen as possible, taking shelter in the goblin forest. And then, if that thing really is that dangerous……then perhaps even further than that.]

Aaron was expecting for the worst.
At that time, a voice could be heard from behind us.
When turning around, I saw the two white knights approaching us. And between the two, was a familiar blue haired figure. I couldn’t help but to smile when I saw her.

[I’ve kept you waiting, Fate. But, I came just in time, didn’t I?]

[You took too long. That, if we can’t handle that thing, the kingdom is over, Eris!]

Right then, the white knights pointed their spear at me. But why!?

[How rude, do you know who you are speaking to !!]

[Eris, right?]

[This, rude man!]

I was lightly stabbed by their white spear.
Eris who seemingly controlled them, signaled them to stop.

[Well, we’ll leave it for later. So this is what you’ve been trying to report. Isn’t it, Aaron Barbatos?]

Aaron was the one most surprised at Eris’ appearance. He seemed to regained his wit quickly though, before with a relieved face, kneeled on the spot. Why did he do something like that in the middle of battle just because of Eris!?

Also, the black colored weapon that Eris brought with her, the memories behind it was enough to send chill down my spine.

[Why, isn’t that the black bayonet Envy!]

[Why, it’s my mortal sin weapon. Back then, we quarrelled due to a misunderstanding, but we made up to each other after the event at Gallia. It merely returned to its original sheath.]

Saying that, Eris tapped on the black bayonet that fits perfectly on the decorated sheath.
There was not much time, so the explanation had to be kept brief. But apparently the kingdom was created and ruled by both Eris and Envy. Hundred years ago, the two had a falling out due to the differences in their ideals.
Eris wandered around seeking for purpose, while Envy, capable of taking control of a human host, became the ruler of the kingdom ever since.
However, Envy eventually stuck with trying to find an ideal body that could replace Eris’ place.
And then the idea of creating a human with unique title of Rose. But for that, a huge amount of resentment was needed. It’s an experiment of applying hate phenomenons to humans.
Whilst maintaining the lowest strata of people to live, Envy let the holy knights do as they wish over the years. And then, when the resentment reached the peak, it planned on killing Roxy Hearts who was the commoner’s light of hope in Gallia.
I couldn’t just forgive that black bayonet for that.

Envy was the one who controlled Tenryu. In other words, it’s through Envy’s command that Roxy’s father was killed by the Tenryu. Which in turn paved way for Roxy’s departure to Gallia.
Even if it’s the ruler of this kingdom, there are things that you could do, and there are things that you shouldn’t.
I guess my anger was evident from my expression. The white knights were alerted by that, judging from how they grasped their white spear.
Eris had to apologize for all that.

[I often told Envy this. But all of this, is mainly caused by his tyranny. Originally I wanted to apologize by breaking this black bayonet, but it’s indestructible. At the very least, I want to compensate you in the future. It was also my fault for ignoring what Envy had done all these years.]

Eris who was supposed to arrive at the Kingdom earlier than us was actually lagging behind, it was all to reconcile with Envy. We entered the Kingdom first because she went out to retrieve Envy back from Gallia first.

Speaking of which, when I was officially hailed as the heir of Barbatos family, I wonder which one of them we actually met.

[Envy was stubborn. Being defeated by you back at Gallia was somewhat a very shocking event for him.]

[Right…..what did he say again?]

[Let’s just do this already. I’m the loser here after all.]

With a laugh, Eris unseathe Envy from its gaudy scabbard. Apparently, it seemed to really hate me.

[Let’s keep the long talk for later. You people help evacuate the citizens! The opponent has power surpassing that of the Tenryu. It’ll be a bad joke if the capital is laid to waste by that thing]

[ [ Affirmative!] ]

Following Eris’ instruction, the white knights rallied the holy knights and soldiers, then began the evacuation.
Aaron also followed along, carrying Mimir on hs back.

[Fate, I’ll see you again later.]

[Yeah, take care Mimir.]


I saw them going, then turned my sight back.

[It’s about time it’ll start moving. Are you going too, Eris?]

[It’s been a while since my last real battle, but I will do my best. You may already know this, but I’m more of a support role. I’ll leave the frontline to you.]

Now that she mentioned it, it’s also been a while since the last time I fought alongside a senior Mortal sin skill owner.
Nn? I wonder what Myne is doing at the moment. The fuss is getting bigger overtime after all.
But I didn’t have time to give it any further thought,
I took a stance with my black sword, while Eris aimed the muzzle of the black bayonet at the Undead Archdemon.


Raizu’s Note: To be continued next week…..

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      1. Holy s**t, that actually sounds like a legit reason for why she hasn’t shown up.


  1. Thanks for the chapter
    I get the feeling that Eris is actually a powerful person in the kingdom. I thought she maybe a noble. But to think she is the King…

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    1. You should reread the series then, but if you want-
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    (Fate)Gluttony – Greed
    Only Pride is left with in the 7 deadly sins.
    I wonder if Roxy becomes Pride or becomes the owner of Pride.

    P.S. Not counting the prototype sin.

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    1. How could you forget Eris-sama lol, anyways, she’s the sin of lust. The one he kept meeting in the tavern in Gallia. That told him about the plan to let Roxy-sama-nim die.

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    Finally, I get how Envy’s power and ability to control a host is suited to staying as King all this time, but unless he can control more than just the current wielder, then does this mean that Norden was the King before? If he was, how come nothing has been mentioned about there being a new King recently. And if Norden was not the King, then does it mean Envy can control more than just it’s wielder? and can also continue to exact that control across hundreds of miles? or Perhaps the King just keeps himself hidden and absolutely no one except the knights know what he/she looks like.


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