The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.25

Weekly chapters (2/2)

Here is the MC’s inner dream…along with several grandpas.
What a heartwarming chapter.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 25 – Inside the Dream

[So, boy, between Sharon-chan and Theta-chan, which one will you choose?]

Ares was listening to the voice silently. His expression…..was empty.

Why do I have to get this preaching even in my dream?

Ares thought.

[Boy…..are you listening?]

[I’m listening.]

Before him was one of the three soul memories; a famous figure in history

He is Gilbert Goraye.

.[In the first place, which one… you actually like? That daughter of a merchant who was great at the academy or the three sisters who you rescued the other day, or that girl you met in the slums of the imperial capital, or that….]

[Aaa…..cut it out already…..]

Ares had an increasingly frustrated look on his face.

[In the first place, boy, you are too indecisive when it comes to relationships between man and woman. Do you understand? When it comes to the relation between man and woman…]

Gilbert began his sermon. At that moment,

[Oi, you need to do something soon.]

Another voice came from the other side. It was belonged to the other soul memory, Leon Arcadia, who stood there with an astonished look.

[It’s indeed troublesome….but such things, you need to decide and commit to it. You can learn from Gilbert after you finished your training today. But before that, you have time to spare. Come here.]

[Aa, Leon! I didn’t expect you to speak for me but thanks for the save!]

Saying that, Ares rushed up toward Leon. Watching the scene unfold…..Gilbert sighed. Then….he murmured in a low voice.

[Oh well. Today let’s not only train in long range magic but also mid-range ones…..]


Once in a few days, the soul memories appeared in my dream. That is….to teach me their skills, magic and knowledge.

Gilbert teaches magic and alchemy as well as various other knowledge.

From Leon, I learn military strategy, lessons on becoming a ruler along with territorial business administration.

Lastly, Shin Oldeus trains me in martial arts, specifically swordsmanship.

The first session today is the lesson on becoming a ruler with Leon.

[Looking at the current political situation of your world, what should be done?]

[Currently, keep the power in the center strong, but not to be too invested so that there is enough power to keep the rurals area safe, right?]

Answering correctly, Leon smiled at me in satisfaction.

[Indeed. You are blessed with good vassals.]

Certainly, this strategy was coined by Shion. The empire is currently rotten at the core. Even His Majesty [Thunder Emperor] Sephiros could not suppress it. Particularly the corruption of the aristocrats and the church.

However, I can’t just sit by as a bystander. Time will surely change. It’s necessary to strike that wedge in the aristocratic world. And then, when the time comes, we need to have enough power to stand on our own.

[However, how Arcadia has fallen. Even more embarrassing since they are of my own blood. Now they could only rely on the ministers.]

[No, although fallen from grace, I’m also your descendant…..]

The future direction is already visible. It’s time to focus our strength according to the strategy. Ares had thought like that while he’s talking to Leon.


The session with Shin is exclusively for swordsmanship practice.

[Among the『Seven Heavenly Swords』, you’ve mastered two of them. First of all, let’s have a better grasp on it.]

With that, Shin drew his sword.

[Which one can you use now…..?]

[『Divine Sword Oldeus』and『Holy Sword Excalibur』respectively」

That said, Ares took out the sword handle shaped necklace and held it in his right hand.
When he extended his palm to the left, a pale body of a sword appeared.

[『Divine Sword Oldeus』……is it? The one I used the most; the sword that shares its name with me. Certainly that’s the safest sword for you to use. However, having only two……is still not enough. You need to be able to use more than that.」

Saying so, Shin attacked with a tremendous speed.

[What you need is the experience in fighting a stronger opponent!]


Ares blocked the first hit, but his balance was slightly off due to the heavy blow. Of course, Shin didn’t miss it.

[In order to truly master the『Seven Heavenly Swords』, you have to fight against various kinds of opponents. That’s the only way!]

Amazingly fast attack struck Ares.
Ares desperately blocked the attack…..he knew that his balance was slightly off. But even if he knew…….there is nothing he can do about it.

In the end, his sword was blown away, and his stance collapsed like a rice cake.

[Your physical strength is still lacking. And your skill is still immature……please continue to go forward. You can still become even stronger.]

Ares breathed roughly……he could only listen silently.


[Boy……why are you having such a disgusted face?]

[No, it’s just Gil’s feeling…..nothing’s wrong….]

Last is the session with Gilbert Goraye. It’s mainly about amplifying magic through meditation, and after that learning to use the『Non-elemental』magic which he’s really good at….

[Let’s do something different today.]

[No, I have a bad feeling about that…..]

[It’s alright. I’m just gonna teach you something I’m most proud of.]

[Err…..the regular thing is already fine….]

[It’s how to please women in bed. It’s an enjoyable thing.]

[Thank you very much but noーーー!!]

Ares took that chance to escape.

[How stupid. This is your dream. You can’t escape.]

That said, Gilbert used magic without casting.

[Another World!]

A cavity was opened right under Ares’ feet, sucking him in.


The magic sends the target to another dimension which is created by the caster.
The dimension that Gilbert created where Ares was sent to is a huge bed; a secret world of debauchery. Basically a very luxurious brothel.

[Now then, this is the world I made for this special training. There are lots of women here,so please do your best to please them. Whether it’s threesome, foursome or even tensome….it’ll be up to you.]

[Don’t waaannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]

Ares tried to run away……but couldn’t.
Meanwhile Gilbert came closer with many semi naked women at his sides.

[Let’s show the appreciation of being born as a man. Now decide by yourself.]

Thus in his own dream, Ares was taken to another world….



I jumped out of the bed with a strange scream. Then I held my head.

[Gil……what the hell was that….]

Amazing. It was amazing. Although it’s just a dream, the content is still fresh inside my head.
And when I looked down at my lower body……


It was in a very dangerous state.
What should I do with this without Theta finding out about it…..Ares thought while on the bedside with a troubled face…..

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