The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.26

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Chapter 26 – Seven Heavenly Swords

[Remember! Don’t act reckless while I’m away, okay?]

[I know, I know…..]

It’s the day after enjoying the dragon ride with Sharon and Theta. Sharon had decided to return to the Roxietta Territory.
Thinking about yesterday……Ares was on the verge of laughing out loud.

It was a fairly chaotic day. Looking at those two for some reason forced themselves to look like they are getting along well was rather exhausting. Wonder why…..
Although the two seemed like they were having fun, Ares felt like his spirit had been worn down to the limit.

[Hey! Are you listening? Ares really is….]

[Ahー, I’ll just go already. I’m wasting time here….]

Sharon’s mood seemed to have brightened somewhat. Ares looked at Sharon who’d just given a long lecture to him, and let out a small giggle.

[Hey! Why are you giggling like that?]

[No, I’m not giggling….]

Back at her home, apparently Sharon is organizing her own knight brigade. It’s an all-women group. She said that she modeled it after the Empire’s [Rose Knight Brigade].

Sharon graduated as the top ranker of the Royal Academy’s Knight course. She’s backed by sufficient skill, so a knight brigade organized personally by her should be interesting to see.

[I’ll definitely make Ares surprised! Please look forward for it]

And so, Sharon returned back to her clan’s territory.

With Theta standing next to him calmly, Ares couldn’t help but to feel wary when he shook Sharon’s hand…..


After bidding his farewell with Sharon, Ares headed to the wasteland just outside Romaria with Sigurd. It’s been his routine to train swordsmanship there.

[Shall we begin?]

Saying that, Ares drew his training sword.

[Please don’t hold back.]

In contrast, Sigurd held a training spear.

[Of course. I can’t afford to hold back when fighting you anymore after all….]

That said, Ares entered a stance. So did Sigurd.

And a moment later, the two clashed.

Once, twice, thrice….impact noises erupted each time the two weapons met each other.

It went on for a while…..until after the nth clash, Ares’ training sword broke starting from the base.

[Uーn, I guess this is it?]

Both sides were breathing heavily.

[As expected of Sigurd. I couldn’t get even one hit in.]

[That’s my line. Ares-sama too. Has milord finally reached the required physical strength to draw out most of the power of the Sword Saint’s technique?]

[No, not even close. With my current strength, I still won’t be able to defeat Demon Lord Gargain who Oldeus had vanquished in the past.]

Saying that, Ares put his hand on the pendant hanging on his neck.

[I was scolded by Shin in my dream yesterday. I’m still immature. I need to fight against more varied opponents and only that way I will be able to master the 『Seven Heavenly Swords』, he said.]

Ares then muttered to himself quietly.

[It’s true that I was able to use『Holy Sword Excalibur』after training with Sigurd. Perhaps, if I fight another powerful opponent, a new sword that suits the situation will emerge.]

With that he took out the『Seven Heavenly Sword』and grasped it in his palm.

[This is a holy sword. An evil breaking sword of the braves which will light up the world.]

While saying so, a brilliant silver blade appeared on Ares’ palm.

[Holy Sword Excalibur!]

Materializing Excalibur, Ares confirmed the sword and as his body felt like it became lighter, he turned toward Sigurd.

[『Divine Sword Oldeus』’ ability is the『Invisible Slash』. While『Holy Sword Excalibur』’s ability is『Body Strengthening』. First of all, I have to familiarize myself with these two.]

Sigurd responded to that.

[It’s important to not rush anything. Milord will eventually master them all. Until then, we can only do our best in training and learning.]

Right afterward, Sigurd approached while spinning a different spear. At the same time, an enormous amount of magical power coursed through his body.

『Dragon Spear Gaebolg』

An ancient weapon that is said to hold the power of an ancient dragon. Sigurd’s beloved weapon.

[Now then, is milord ready for a second round? There is something I’d like to try]

[Yosh, both sides’ preparation is completed…..shall we get serious this time?]

And the training went on just like that….


Seven Heavenly Swords.

The weapon that the sword saint Shin Oldeus used; that was the [Seven Heavenly Swords].
He mostly used [Divine Sword Oldeus] during his lifetime, thus that was the only known sword among the seven in the history.

The original form was actually just a sword handle, with various swords appearing from it depending on the opponent and situation. There are seven swords, which is why Oldeus called this weapon『Seven Heavenly Swords』

It remains unknown how Ares Schwarzer managed to get his hand on this weapon.

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