Glutton Berserker ch.97

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The battle is intensfy

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 97 – Dark Matter

The undead archdemon flapped its four wings to fly up, and started to chant something.
Eris and Greed reacted quickly in response to that.

[No can do that]

『As if we’ll let you』

Even I knew that it’s trying to cast dark magic. A magic to conjure dark matter from a different dimension, only to let it explode here. The Fire Ball magic that I had, seemed like a joke when compared to the destruction it caused.

5 space distortions appeared. From there, the dark matter would be conjured up.


The black sword shapeshifted to the scythe form, as I jumped at the space distortion.
The casting seemed to be longer than normal magic. Perhaps, that’s why it’s trying to cast while airborne.

The black scythe can dispel any form of magic. The most important point here, is magic. That dark magic created a distortion in space to let the dark matter to enter this world..
Meaning, once the dark matter appeared here, even the black scythe won’t be able to do anything to it. If I missed the timing, I may just create a huge explosion for nothing. Once conjured to this world, it’d take less than a few seconds before the dark matter becomes volatile and explodes.

In that case, I had to keep the distortion from opening. Which one will it be!?
The problem is there were 5 of them…..
Whilst cutting them down, I counted.


I couldn’t reach the last two…. In addition to that, the Undead Archdemon was also attacking me while chanting the spell.


I couldn’t react properly while still airborne and was about to get knocked back down with a swat of its arm.
A thundering sound cracked, causing the undead archdemon who was approaching me to turn its head toward the source of that noise. And immediately afterward, blue blood flowed from its head.

[Fate, now]

It was Eris. Just like she said, she’s supporting me from the back line.
The magic bullet released by the black bayonet hit the undead archdemon’s temple. The bullet managed to flinch it, but couldn’t go through due to its immense defense.

I grabbed on the archdemon’s head, maneuvered myself and kicked it down. Using that as a footing to jump higher, I reached another space distortion.

[….4, one more to go….chi!?]

The fourth distortion was dispelled, but when I turned to the last distortion, I saw that the dark matter has been formed. I cut off the magic in a haste, but a large blob of dark matter already managed to go through.

It was pitch black as if it’s swallowing all the lights that came in contact with it. Fine cracks started to appear all over its surface. Surely, it has started to break down.

『Fate, turn me into the demon shield! We’ll get caught in its blast at this rate!』

Engulfed in the black light, I got anxious from being this close to the explosion, despite already switching to the black shield.

For a moment, my vision went white, and when I realized it I was already lurching to the ground in breakneck speed.
I would land on my head as it is. Twisting my body, I tried to alter my falling path so that I could land on my feet.

At the corner of my eyes, I saw Eris distracting the Undead Archdemon.
Simultaneously as I landed on my two feet, I jumped to join the fight.

[Are you alright?]

[Yeah, thanks to this]

Showing off the black shield to Eris, I slammed the shield at the undead archdemon who was hounding Eris down.
Now I’m even with that monster.

The undead archdemon landed on the ground with a thud, but quickly rolled up and regained its stance before flying back up to the sky.

This time it flew to a higher altitude. To the point that it’s fading beyond the snow clouds.

There is no way it’s trying to escape of course
Its movement is too fast for ordinary eyes. But right now I’m in semi starving state. My red eye is capable of following it by looking at the flow of magic.
Focusing my mind and opened my eyes wide, some unexpected is starting up there beyond the clouds.

[Eris! Over the clouds……]

[This is bad. What a number……]

Thirty……Forty……. It’s still increasing in number even as we speak.
I never thought that it could cast multiple numbers of magic at once and at such a quick speed.

As I was looking up, Greed said through the 《Mind Reading》.

『If it’s a normal crown tier, such thing won’t be possible. There is that weirdo inside it. Don’t forget about that』

[That’s right……at this rate.]

Eris said that she’s a support fighter. I didn’t think she possessed enough firepower to stop all that , didn’t she?
When I looked at her face, my thoughts were confirmed right away.

At that point, a siren sounded throughout the kingdom. It was such a loud siren, to the point that I want to close my ears.

Apparently, the evacuation had begun…….as it is now, large amount of dark matters will be conjured up from the numerous distortion on the sky. If it goes off at the worst time, not only the capital will disappear, the citizens will also get caught in the explosion.

There is quite a distance, but with that number, even an indirect hit will be enough.
Judging from the power of explosion I’ve witnessed earlier, even a holy knight will only barely survive the blast. There is no way that ordinary citizens could live through it.

『Fate! What are you waiting for?』

Greed called me out of my reverie with a mocking voice. This fellow….at such time…..
The black scythe already turned into bow form.
This is a first. Up until now it was me who controlled the form changing.

『Isn’t it the right time to finally use the mastered first form?』

[Right now!?]

At the dismayed me, Eris jumped in to voice her agreement.

[Back then, I’ve taught you about it during the training back in Gallia, but I regretted the fact that I didn’t see it until the end…, show me!]

[Stop it, it’s troublesome!]

[But, I think there is no other way. It’s the only optimal path we can take]

It’s on times like this, which always make me sigh
Fuu~, I took a deep breath, and told Greed.

[Take 10% of my status]

『Well said, Fate! In that case, I’ll gladly take it!』

Depriving me of my status, the greedy weapon’s shape started to grow and change.
Greed grew into a terrifying and large form, to the point that it no longer resembles the original shape of the weapon itself.

This is the usual thing. The first form’s 《Bloody Ptarmigan》
Greed and Eris had explained about this.

This was simply Greed’s power who has obtained parts of my status. I’ve been borrowing that strength up until now.
There is actually more things I can do. As this secret form is still a weapon…..I can try to master its use as a weapon.

It’ll leave me wide open, and even with all the firepower it offers, against that many…..
Since it’s come to this, there is no other way.
My Mortal Sin skill――Gluttony is capable of connecting me together with my weapon. That’s the evolution I obtained during my time at Gallia.

The normal secret form’s power was already immense, but I can further ramp up the power with this. Besidely, Greed can only control the normal secret form, so it’s up to me to control the combined variation..

It was really hard. Under the stare of Eris and Myne, I trained till I fainted. On top of having my stats decreased to unlock the secret form, I was told to kill monsters to regain my stats back, and to maintain the secret form until I can master it…… was like hell.

I was able to achieve reasonable control, but to use it in actual battle is a bit stretching it,

『Stay focus, Fate』

[Yeah, here I go!]

Pulling the bowstring, I traced the magical power then aimed at the undead archdemon at the sky. So it’s there…….I aimed firmly.
A black arrow converged out of magic power, black sparks of lightning danced around it.
I’ll need to consolidate my thought and be one with the transformed black bow. Connecting together through the Gluttony skill.

[Evolve, Bloody Ptarmigan!]

I shouted as I assimilated deeper, and deeper. When the connection reached a critical point, the transformation started with the magic arrow.

Originally there was only 1 arrow, but now it turned into double helixes.
Go! Without hesitation, I released the evolved Bloody Ptarmigan Cross, sending the two helixes spiralling toward the undead archdemon.


As the two black lightning bolts spiralled upward, the snow cloud above the kingdom was parted open.
And beyond that…..was everything. The Dark Matter which is still being conjured, and its summoner, the undead archdemon who were floating in the sky.


Author’s Note:
And then, although it was still in the night, the sun appeared and showed its light..
Thank you for your bookmarks, ratings and impressions. I am very encouraged!


Raizu’s Note: To be continued next week…..

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