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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 99 – Laplace’s Relative

What Myne was talking about, it’s probably the second secret form 《Deadly Inferno》.
I and Myne fought Machine Angel Haniel before. It could regenerate back no matter how much attack it received, almost like an immortal. Due to that, no matter how strong Myne was, she couldn’t beat it by herself. That’s why, she asked me to help her out.

And then, what I used to defeat Haniel, was the 《Deadly Inferno》. I had to lose 20% of my status to use that scary scythe.
The effect, due to the enormous curse put on the attack, was that if any kind of opponent was hit by it――even if it’s immortal, would rot and would die instantly. It’s a killing blow, but I had to land the attack on a precise spot. It’s where the magical power was gathering inside the enemy’s body. Its ‘core’ so to speak.

By slashing that spot with the scythe, the curse will spread all over the body, preventing regeneration, and making the body rot very quickly, thus killing it.
That’s why, it’s an attack that does not allow any mistakes. A slight error, and I would end up losing 20% of my stats for nothing.
So in order to avoid mistakes, I have to enter semi starving state, so that my eyes would be able to see the flow of magical power. It can’t be used all the time, since I can’t see it unless I concentrate.

I told Eris and Myne to back away from the undead archdemon. It was still struggling to free itself from the weight of the black axe.

First of all, concentrate. Read the flow of magic on the undead archdemon’s body.
The source of magic were two black dots on its forehead. Fortunately it’s anywhere under the black axe. If we have to remove the axe first, there is a good chance that it’ll go raging once more.

I told Greed while switching the black bow to scythe form.

[Take 20% of my status, I will end Rafal with 《Deadly Inferno》]

『Very well. But, will you alright? That thing is an Area E』

[I’ll be fine…..I’m no longer the me from the time at Gallia.]

When I ate Tenryu back at Gallia, the Gluttony skill overwhelmed me, and I survived only because of Roxy’s intervention. I’m the owner of Gluttony skill. Because of this skill, I cannot avoid having to fight from time to time.
And the enemies, they don’t grow weaker. I have a feeling that I’ll encounter more Area E in future. Well, it’s more like premonition.

Myne and Eris――acting alongside them, it’ll be inevitable to fight strong enemies. I would eventually step in to where they were now.

If I kept relying on Roxy, then the result will be the same just like what happened back then.

[Let’s do it, Greed!]

『Your resolve, I’ll answer to it. Very well, I’ll take 20% of your status.』

I was struck with a sense of weakness as power left my body. In contrast, the black scythe in my hand grew bigger.
What appeared was a scythe with lined three blades. It looks like a beast claw at glance.
I raised the powered up black scythe, and turned toward undead archdemon――Rafal.

[You used your power the wrong way. I used to be the same too….]

I killed Hado Burix. He was responsible for sending Roxy to Gallia, and had kidnapped orphans in the kingdom just to play around and kill them afterward. For five years, I carried the grudge of not being treated like a human by him.

Still……..I shouldn’t have killed Hado. The idea of using my power to judge those who can’t be judged by normal means, was just an act that puts sorrow to those around me.

When I told Aaron about it, he had a sad look on his face. I also confessed about it on the parting letter I wrote for Roxy.
Of course, not only about how I had killed Hado Burix. The real reason why I stayed at Heart mansion, how I was the one who killed the crown tier monster Assault Kobold, and destroyed the northern valley……all the lies that I never managed to speak the truth of.

One lie lead to another lie, if you noticed…….I’d lied to Roxy countless times. About how I wanted to become her strength, how I didn’t want her to know about my Gluttony skill. I selfishly kept the truth from her just for my own convenience.

I became aware of this when I wrote the letter.
Therefore, one day when I can live as myself, without relying on that skull mask anymore, I wrote that that will be the time when I will apologize to her sincerely.

Even so, I’m still unable to get rid of that part of me. The false self that lies within that skull mask reached out to me, whispered to me.
I heard a dark and heavy voice, that was nothing but the illusion that Gluttony skill put on me.
Perhaps there is the same evil inside me, just like Rafal. It’s been gnawing on me, even after I have returned from Gallia.

During the audience with the king, such evil turned its face by clashing with that Lanchester holy knight guy. Aaron had to pointed it out to me. And even back at the research facility, my heart was drawn by the misery and greediness that prevented me from backing out, when I should’ve done just that.

After reaching Area E, I came to understand it.

Regardless of how strong you are, if you wish to remain a human, you won’t be able to live alone.
Because of the great power, one will prone to make mistake. In such case, companions are needed to lead you in a good direction.

[Rafal, you are just like me]

It didn’t seem to react to what I said. Rafal’s heart was no longer there after all.
Still, I wanted to say it.

[At first I thought that the way we were living in hatred was similar. You to me…..and I to you.]

I raised the scythe quietly.

[However, let’s end this already. Now……you are you, and I am me. Let’s end our ties here. I will continue onward, Rafal.]

At the mass of hatred that no longer capable of communicating like a human, I swung the second secret form Deadly Inferno.

The scythe left a claw-like scratch on its head. Then, starting around the wound, its body started to blacken.

The Undead Archdemon body grew black and began to fall apart little by little.
And then, an inorganic voice resounded in my head.

《Gluttony skill activated》
《Durability+6.1E(+8), Strength+6.3E(+8), Magic+9.3E(+8), Spirit+9.9E(+8), Agility+7.2E(+8) will be applied to your stats》
《Dark Magic, Spirit Unity will be added to your skill》

I held down the excited Gluttony skill for having consumed a straight Area E stats. At that time, I could hear inside my head the voice of Luna, the core of Haniel that I’ve consumed in the past.

『I told you that I’ll lend you my power, didn’t I. Don’t forget……』

The pain subsided alongside that voice, only up to the point where blood started leaking from my right eye. Apparently she’s keeping the Gluttony skill in check from the inside. I always said that I’ll deal with it myself….but the truth is, I’ve been fighting together side by side with Luna all along. I must thank her when I meet her in my dream. Thanks as always.
I was taken out from my reverie by Greed’s voice.

『Fate, it begins』

Something happened to the undead archdemon body. Its stomach area suddenly bulged. And then, after reaching critical point, it broken away from the body itself.

[Na! So that’s the separation]

Although I expected that something will come out after Rafal――undead archdemon was defeated……I never expected that it will be this many.

I cut away with the scythe, Eris shot with her bayonet. Even Myne retrieved the black axe and chopped at it, but all that did nothing.

The things that got out of the creature’s belly were black bats. And their number easily exceeded a thousand.

Even if one of them was cut, shot, or crushed, it would immediately restore itself. I wanted to use 《Deadly Inferno》, but after observing their magical flow, I realized that each of the bats are a separate beings on its own. I’ll run out of status before I could cut down even half of them.

[What is this?]

Myne said calmly while kept crushing the bats.

[The collective creatures that is the origin of the Nightwalker. And…..the thing that will lead me to what I seek for.]

Glancing aside, I took out the bat that was trying to bite my shoulder, and slammed it to the ground.
The bats gradually converged together, creating a shape of a man.
And somehow, he was holding the black spear Vanity.

[It’s been a while since we last met, that I can’t hold myself. We used to be friends in the past, Myne the Wrath.]

A white haired boy grinned at Myne as if he was already very familiar with her.

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  1. Why…Why?! Why is the power of cliffhanger-kun become greater than before?! T_T
    I thought it would be over after this chapter…Thanks for the chapter though.

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    1. I’m pretty sure that the black spear vanity is pride
      Envy: the bayonet
      Gluttony: protagonist
      Greed: black sword
      Sloth: Myne’s weapon
      Wrath: Myne
      Lust: Eris


      1. Depending on the source your looking at, there could be different kinds of deadly Sins, and some sources list more than seven. Vanity is one such example. Vainglory would be another example of a lesser known deadly sin.

        The most number of Sins I recall counting was between nine and twelve, though I could be wrong.


  2. Thanks for chapter.

    Damn even this novel isn’t free from shounen bull***t about companions and how you can’t live for yourself? Even worse they put typical japanese motive for most japanese: “stay low, be a helot (slave) to those above you, take everything that is thrown on you without complainingand accept it humbly, don’t reach above your station, don’t punish those above you because no it isn’t yor right, because if you avenge yourself it Will make those around you sad” if this isn’t feudalism still in their mentality?
    WHY COULDN’T IT STAY AS IT WAS THIS NOVEL AND WHY DID IT BRING MORALITY CRAP? MC had all reasons to kill Hado especially as it was self defence, but now he has guilt about it? I see author was forced to abide by mainstream canon. Why most revenge stories turn this way – canon of mainstream.


    1. While I agree that the novel just did a weird turn around here because there has been nothing wrong with what he did, except the unnecessary belligerence against the Holy Knight in the palace, and his decisions with Roxy, but even though, those are just choices of action, and not especially immoral decisions, but where you’re wrong is that this is not a revenge story. I don’t think it ever has been. Sure the MC hated the Bruix’s for what they did, but he never went out of his way to plot revenge against them. It was a kind of situation where, if an opportunity came up, he’d kill them.

      Like he suddenly found out a Holy Knight could be deployed because of his killing goblins, and the Holy Knight would be Hado, so he took advantage of the possibility, even when Roxy asked him to go into her territory, though he was disappointed that he might miss Hado, but he didn’t dwell on it, because again, it’s not a revenge story where the MC has vowed vengeance on those who wronged him.

      Even while making his trip to Gallia, he barely spared a thought for the Burix’s which is what Aaron meant by he had no hatred in his eyes. So you’re wrong if you’re expecting a revenge story. There’s nothing wrong with brining morality, but the issue is what kind of morality is brought up.

      Truthfully, even revenge stories require morality, because without it, it just turns into hypocrisy where the motive that is used to justify the actions of the MC becomes the exact actions he/she perpetrates to others.


  3. The Japanese are a overly conscious minded ppl and reflect on a lot of things so even the MC will have those views as Well, it was nice chapter Tho


  4. lol, I definitely feel like the author is trying to bring in some unnecessarily complicated profound meaning into a really simple situation.

    Evil in him?, the false self that lies within that skull mask? Daf*q!!
    dark and heavy voice, that was nothing but the illusion that Gluttony skill put on me? When the f**k did this happen

    I’m pretty sure he bought that mask to prevent people from seeing a Level 1 always hunting out at night, and then eventually the mask became a means to hide himself so he can build up a reputation as a warrior and assist Roxy without being found out as Fate. Simple as that, When the hell did it become some alternate persona that encouraged his darkness??

    [Rafal, you are just like me]

    The fuck he is. Your hate is borne out of years of bullying, humiliation and powerlessness at their unfair treatment, it is very justified. Rafal’s hate is borne out of jealousy at his siblings, and shame for being part commoner. How is that the same.

    Whether or not he feels he should have killed Hado or not, is down to his own morality, if he thinks he’s wrong in doing that, then it’s his own prerogative, although there was an element of pre-meditation to it, Hado wasn’t exactly undeserving of what he got, and he did have the presence of mind to not kill the followers who were just following orders, so he didn’t commit any great Evil.

    His actions, in terms of morality, have only been suspect once, as far as I’m concerned, and that was his actions in the throne room with the other holy knight. It was unnecessarily belligerent as he was about to kill the holy knight for no reason other than disrespecting him, you could say self defence, but he definitely accepted the duel challenge, but I imagine now, that it was all done in preparation for this part of the arc, this was probably why the author had him stubbornly insisting on wearing the mask even before facing the King, but to go as far as to compare him to Rafal is too much.


    1. oh, and perhaps dropping those guys into the pit might have been unnecessarily savage, as far as we know, they might have just been a clean-up crew working for money. A little more investigation, being a little bit more Dexter-like would have sufficed


  5. Still……..I shouldn’t have killed Hado. The idea of using my power to judge those who can’t be judged by normal means, was just an act that puts sorrow to those around me.

    Really all these was unnecessary, like I mentioned above, just the author trying to force some profound epiphany, I mean the people around him becoming sad? Huh?!! Pretty sure people like Myne and Eris could give a flying f**k, lol Greed might have even goaded him into it, I don’t completely remember so he clearly “dgaf”. Even Roxy is not this super saint he’s making her to be, like I said before, she’s not a stranger to killing. One of her first scenes is her annihilating a group of thieves, so i’m very doubtful that Roxy wouldn’t understand, given that she understood exactly why he did it. Perhaps Aaron is the only that’ll get sad at that, but even that is suspect to me, an army veteran like him, not understanding that kind of killing?

    Well regardless of how stupid the whole thing was, I quite like the conclusion he came to. If I’m not mistaken, he’s decided against being alone and wants to move along with companions, which frankly I think is for the best. His solo fight scenes are monotonous as hell, adding a party will bring in different dynamics and variations and can only be better than his solo adventures. Plus we get to see the super party.

    I really hope I’m right about this new resolution of his, and most importantly, he FRIGGIN STICKS TO IT. Not a case where, by the next arc, he’s gone on a solo journey again.


  6. Looks like we have ourselves a Vampire!! Dracula-esque too. and some relationship with Myne, perhaps another 1st Gen?, fellow research experiment mate? or clanmate? same hair colour with Luna and Myne,

    *sigh* he absorbed the soul and stats didn’t he. So much for it being inedible and degraded.


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