The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.28

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

George’s story of the past – ~Dream of Equality between Races~

It was three years ago when I went to Schwarzer Territory.

My hometown is in Marquis Eldorado’s territory, southern part of the Empire. Compared to Schwarzer Territory at the North, this place is mostly run by humans.

I worked as an administrative officer there.

I prided myself as a genuine administrator due to my personality. Therefore, I’m strictly legitimate and I hate wasteful spending. People say that I’m too serious and strict, but if otherwise, my policies will never go through.

Formerly the top ace of the imperial academy, after graduating, I served as an official in the capital. During those days, aristocrats and military corruptions were rampant. I was praised for exposing this out, but I also made a lot of enemies.

As a result, I was demoted from my position in the capital to work as an administrative officer at my homeland.
At this point, it can be said that I was kicked back to my starting point after graduating from the Elite Course of Imperial Academy. But I considered this transition as a fortune in disguise.
An administrative officer of an aristocrat’s territory has full responsibility in creating policies to develop the territory.
I felt that this position was more challenging than working as an official in the Imperial Capital.

Whilst managing the territory, by hearing the voices of people, gradually, the points of the territory become visible.
However, there were two things that impeded the development. Those were bribery and the discrimination of races in the Marquis territory.

I thoroughly uncovered the injustice that the Marquis’ clan had done and threatened to forward it to the capital, telling the Marquis to stop. However, the Marquis was unwilling and instead ordered his guards to isolate, capture, then later secretly massacred the demi humans.

I’ve been petitioning for the abolishment of racial discrimination since I was still studying at the academy.
There are not only humans who lived in Arcadia, there are other demi-human races including the beastmen living in various parts of the land. However, to get a decent work in most area, human has priority. I always had doubt whether the other race could actually exercise their right at all.
My wife is a half elf. She’s the most important family to me
These demi-humans have characteristics that are not found in human race. I’ve said that that power should be recognized since the my day at the academy.
Here, at Marquis Eldorado Territory, I thought to finally achieved that goal.

But what was sent to me as a reply…..was confiscation of my social status.

That is…I was fired.

By admonishing the marquis, I earned the marquis’ ire. In addition to that, because I advocated the equality between races, I was viewed by other humans as a [traitor]. Meanwhile, the demi-humans saw me as [someone who unnecessarily seeks trouble for himself].

And so, I’ve finally lost my place in this territory.

When I was living in hiding trying to evade the enmity of the Marquis…

A letter arrived.

It was a letter from Shion Tristan who was one of the few friends I had during my time at the academy.

Yes, it was an invitation letter to work at Schwarzer Territory. The letter that became the turning point of my life.


I first met with my friend Tristan around the time I first enrolled to the Imperial Academy. We were in the cafeteria, and he sat directly in front of me.

He’s someone who didn’t pay attention to classes; a notorious problem student.
He often ditched classes, only to spend time at the library.

His name is Shion Tristan.

I said this when I saw him eating while reading a book.

[You, isn’t it bad manners to eat while reading a book?]

Yes. Usually when I look at that kind of man, I would just leave. I won’t show any particular interest. But that day was different. When I saw his appearance, I instinctively called out. The reason being….perhaps you can say that we are the same kind of person. With those reprimands as the trigger, I gradually found this man to be an interesting fellow as we continued to exchange words.

That reprimand….was what brought me and Tristan together as lifelong friends.

To me who had just lost my job and is afraid of retribution from the Marquis, that letter from Tristan was like a rescue boat.

I held a family meeting immediately and with everyone’s agreement, we packed up and headed to Schwarzer Territory.

Arcadia Empire is vast. I had no information at all regarding the Schwarzer Territory at the north or about the Archduke who governed it. But I did not give up on hope. It’ll definitely a safer life than what I had at the moment. More than anything, Tristan’s presence was what assured me.


Arriving at Schwarzer Territory, Tristan and the Archduke Schwarzer, along with Ares-sama greeted us.
When Tristan said [You can relax with this], I decided to not question the circumstances.

Schwarzer Territory was a place far beyond my imagination.
Rich land, abundant resources, experienced troops, plenty of manpower, and alsoーーー

The land of equality between races.

Not only humans but also demi-humans like elves, dwarves and even demons live equally.

Yes. Somehow, on my friend’s advice, I have arrived at the very land that I dreamed of.

I’m currently working as the administrative officer and summarized the internal affairs.

The Archduke put his trust on me, and left everything under my care.

And in this place, the most influential person is the young lord, Ares-sama, who will succeed the Archduke in the future.
That oddball Tristan had also pledged his allegiance with Ares-sama
It was impressive that the people and the soldiers respected Ares-sama almost in equal terms with the Archduke himself.

Ares-sama is an amazing person. Although still young, I felt like I was staring at an abyss of reasons when I talked to him. Often times I was made frustrated when we had a conversation.
How and where did he learn all those…..
But more than anything, it let me to believe that there is actually someone like milord who would entrust everything to me.

Ares-sama told me this when we first met.

[I heard about you a lot from Shion. He said that you are strict to both of yourself and others. That’s why I invited you to this place. Because only that kind of person, who will stand on the people’s side and work for the good of people.Starting tomorrow, you’ll work as the administrative officer and I’ll leave everything at your discretion. All I ask from you is to make the people to be able to live comfortably.]

Up until now, have I ever had anything like this before? Have I ever been entrusted with full authority like this?
From that point, on this place, pledging my loyalty to the Schwarzer clan, I decided to work hard.

Taking the opportunity to enrich this land of my dream, I’m still working as the administrative officer up to this day.


First serving as Arestia Dominion’s deputy prime minister, Lord George Walter who later took over the position of Prime Minister, was a silent man known as a famous administrator.

His internal affairs reforms, which began with Schwarzer Territory, triggered a lot of changes in that era.
In the agriculture sector, he created the double-cropping method and encouraged multiple-crop farming. In addition to producing special products in various regions, he also encouraged the creation of crop breeds that is more resistant to disasters as well as the improvement of farming tools.
In the commerce sector, he organized a financial system around money and distributed it to even rural areas while providing a place to facilitate the practice. He also distributed excess crops to other places which need it more, making the foundation of the country even stronger.
Furthermore by developing industries, various tools can be produced. Organizing and clarifying family registry…..and many more.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that his achievement at the Schwarzer Territory was what paved the foundation for the subsequent Arestia Dominion.

And he also…

Engraved his name in history as one of the:

[Arestia’s Seven Wisemen]

However, it was never mentioned in history how this person, who was feared for overworking his subordinates to the point they fainted one after another, first took the chance to become the administrative officer.

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