The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.29

Weekly chapters (2/2)

Collecting talented people for the future.
That kind of habit kinda remind me to Cao Cao.



Ares and Sigurd were on their way back from the beekeeping yard.
They passed the Romaria town square and Blue Sky Market before arriving back home.

When Ares passed by, people who saw him would greet him.

[Milord! How are you?]

[Going outdoor again today? Please come to visit us again sometime.]

[It’s a dirty shop, but…..we’ll be glad if Milord visits us again!]

Regardless of gender, they greeted him one after another.

[Ah, thanks. I’ll be sure to visit again later.]

And every time, Ares would respond to them with a smile.

[It’s nice to see how vibrant the market is. I get to see various things]

Currently, there are three Blue Sky Markets in Romaria.
At first, shady merchants were all over the place but George thoroughly punished them with strict penalties. And since he also strengthened the surveillance, those crooked people finally left, thus the market became a healthy commercial place.

And with those changes, the number of people using the market also increases. The increase of people visiting the Blue Sky Market in turn also help support Romaria.

While thinking about that, Ares’ feet stopped in front of a settlement.

[Oya? Isn’t that Elan’s store?]

Saying so, Ares dropped by the store that was preparing to close down.

[Ooii, Elan]

[…..!? If it isn’t Ares-sama. Returning from training?]

[Yes. Elan is in the middle of closing the store?]

Ares asked with a small laugh.

Elan was an orphan from a village located a bit away from Romaria.

By selling the medicinal herbs he collected on his own from nearby forest, he made a living for himself. Other than that, occasionally he would also sell the tools that he developed, which earned him reputation sometimes.

Developed recently was the『Tinderbox』which can produce fire very easily. It sold very well, not only in the Schwarzer Territory, but also other places as well.

His store nowadays is one of the more well -known stores in Romaria.

And above all, Elan was a close friend to Ares during the few years he spent at Romaria.

Done with the greetings, Ares’ face turned serious.

[George said you should close the store and come to work with us. It’s jarring to see such a talent wasting away here….]

Elan was a very talented person to the point that George wanted him to work under him. In addition to that, from the exam he had at Ares’ request, he also showed talent in martial arts, which also drew Shion’s attention.

[I’m after all just an uneducated orphan. I feel uncomfortable doing those things….]

[And yet you topped the official exam…]

[That’s only because I thought that that’s the only way Ares-sama would accept us. I’m not working for myself at the moment. At least, until they can stand on their own, I still have to work for those kids’ everyday meals….]

And with that, Elan resumed closing his store.

Well I guess it can’t be helped….at least you didn’t directly reject.]

Seeing Ares droop his shoulders, Elan said with a small smile.

[That’s only『for now』. Only until the store really gets on track. Once those kids can earn for themselves using this store….I’ll surely join Ares-sama. Can Milord wait until that time come?]

Hearing that respond, Ares lightened up.

[Yeah, for sure. It’s a promise.]

[Yes, of course.]

They smiled to each other. Ares then started helping out with the closing. Elan did not refuse his help, and instead continued tidying up.

Sigurd remained silent as he saw the exchanges between the two since he felt that he couldn’t get in between them. After seeing what Ares did, he proceeded to help with the store closing as well.

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