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Chapter 100!! YAY!!
I didn’t expected we’ve made this far. Thank you for all of readers and for all the supports. I’ll do my best to catch-up with the raws!

And, it seems we have escaped from cliffhanger-kun?

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 100 – Fate and Roxy

The white haired boy swung around the black spear Vanity with ease. As if it was a part of his own body.
Now we had some armed boy with an unknown power.

I tried to use appraisal on him, but the boy was savvy enough to ignite the magical power inside his body. As a result I was blinded for a moment.
In a fight between individuals of Area E, using 《Appraisal》 tended to be more dangerous than beneficial.

As I was blinded and unable to see where he went, it’d be easy for the boy to attack me.

[From that time….how many years have passed. A thousand? Two thousand? Perhaps four? Time flies in a blink of an eye. Don’t you think so too, Myne?]

[Shin….you should’ve died back then]

[You should’ve known this already, but I can’t die. As long as I have even a small body part remaining, like the one possessed by that foolish human, I can keep reviving back. Well, luck played a big part in it. But as you can see, I’ve won the bet. Here I am, back in one piece.]

He dispersed into swarm of bats, and moved to our side. And again, played around with his spear.

[But it’s different from that time. Myne should join me instead. Lust’s weapon can’t threaten me, and Gluttony entered Area E only recently. With these members, you can’t hope to defeat me]

[Do you still want to try, although the result is already obvious?]

Shin said as his eyes glowed bright red.
Kuu…what the…hell. This feeling was similar to when the Gluttony skill became starving.
Me and Eris who was standing next to me couldn’t move our body, while I couldn’t even breathe properly.

[Oya oya. I just glanced at them a little, and those two are already struggling. Don’t you think it’s strange?]

When Shin looked towards me and Eris, he seemed disappointed. Perhaps he’s thinking that he could play around a little, only to be denied before even starting..
Among us, only Myne could raised her axe and told Shin off.

[Are you going to unlock the door that land]

[You…still asked? But I don’t hate that part of you.]


Myne charged at Shin in a flash, sending a vertical slash with her axe. I could barely see her movement just now.
Shin turned into swarm of bats before the slash could land, and reformed some distance away from us.

[Harsh, as usual. Fine, I’ll even take you there if you so wish. Come now, follow me. Let’s take some strolls together, since unlocking the door to that land is also my end goal. Now then, Myne….shall we go?]

Shin dispersed into flocks of bat, and flew eastward.
Myne turned to me. Instead of her usual stoic look, she seemed slightly saddened.
One bat broke off from the swarm and flew around Myne. As if urging her to come along.

My voice seemed to stuck on my throat. Even if I wanted to tell her not to go, I simply couldn’t.
There was an overwhelming difference of power between me and Shin, to the point that I was absolutely helpless against him. Even with Myne’s help, I still stood no chance!
No. I couldn’t accept this. I didn’t want something like this to happen again.


I tried fought myself off of the spellbound casted by Shin. Although with a hoarse voice……I managed to call out Myne’s name.
The lone bat came up to me, and said in a surprised tone.

[Amazing. I have to change my evaluation about you. But she won’t stop. Even if that is what you wish for. Everyone has something that they can’t simply give up on in their life. For Myne’s case, it’s unlocking the door to that land. Until we meet again.]

[Don’t…go! Myne, don’t go!]

I couldn’t help but to feel that something would definitely go wrong. Going to that land alone….. hoping solely on his promise, that sounded wrong. We’d already become companions…. even if I was still weak, I wanted you to rely on us more. Because we’d surely become even stronger.

Hearing me say that, Myne…..silently cried. This was the first time I saw her doing so. Not even once before during all the time we’ve spent together she ever showed this kind of face.
For once――Myne looked like an ordinary girl.

[Thank you for everything. With Fate, I actually had fun for the first time in a very long time.]




Myne headed eastward alongside the bat. It took only a few second, but…… I could no longer see Myne from where I stood.
Snow clouds reformed on the sky over the kingdom, and the snowfall resumed.
Shin’s binding soon started to dissolve, but me and Eris could only stand there.
Apparently some traces of it still remained.

Someone close to me had gone, it was something beyond my expectation. A feeling of helplessness struck me hard. Did I make Roxy to feel this way too when I left her in Gallia?

[I’m such a fool…]

『You’re only noticing that now? Good grief, if we’re talking about Fate here, then yes, you’re right.』

Greed said that to me via 《Mind Reading》. But unlike his usual haughty tone, he’s somewhat, kind this time.
Having an equally dejected look on her face, Eris turned to me.

[What should we do now, Fate?]

[Let’s head back to Barbatos mansion. I’m worried about Aaron.]

[Are you sure? You’re not going to chase after Myne immediately?]

[If I only followed my feelings here, and chased after Myne, the same thing will repeat itself. On the other hand I still have my responsibilities as the head of Barbatos family.]

[Right. It’s getting colder today. We’ll freeze out if we don’t warm ourselves.]

Snow began to accumulate on the now devastated military district.
The siren that was ringing all across the kingdom had ceased. The battle for the survival of the kingdom was over.

And then, as the long night drew to a close, the sun rose in the east. No matter what happened earlier, a new day had come.
I felt somewhat calm, among other feelings, as I headed back. To have a place to call home, isn’t that something wonderful?
Together with Eris, I walked toward Holy Knights residents district. Many things happened during previous night. Soldiers and Holy Knights rushed past us.

[With this, the military district cannot properly operate for a while.]

[That’s not something we need to worry about.]

[I guess so. After Envy managed this place for so long, it no longer feels like my kingdom anymore.]

[Please be a proper Queen this time around.]

[I’ll do my best. But I’ll really feel bored after a while]

I wonder if it’ll be okay. Her being queen…..
The two white knights had rushed back to Eris. Receiving their reports, Eris listened to them seriously at first, but then said this while yawning.

[I’ll leave the rest to you. Do your best]

[ [ Yes! In that case, please excuse us] ]

I thought she would need to give a detailed instruction to the white knights, but she instead left everything to them. She really became bored already. The white knights on the other hand, seemed excited to be entrusted with such a huge role.

Well, I guess it’s better to leave everything to them….that is.
At the worried me, Eris said proudly.

[Those kids have always been serious since back then, so it’s okay. Too serious that it hurts.]

Perhaps, it was the result of Envy’s tenure as the king.
It tried to produce crown tier human through a Hate Phenomenon. It was such a huge experiment, making people suffer to artificially induce hate over the years. And then, it attempted to complete the experiment by sacrificing Roxy, who was well-liked by the people, but my presence in Gallia rendered the plan to become null and void.

[It’s really laughable, Envy’s method…..but at least it’s sincere. It’s just looking for someone to substitute for me. I’m also at fault in a way.]

Eris said. As long as we continue to live, we’ll inevitably make mistakes.

[That’s why, I want to make this country to be a little kinder.]

[Can I trust you with that?]

[Of course. Well then, shall we eat something sweet today?]

[What the hey, already?]

[Because I’ll feel happy when I eat something sweet]

[Aah, the future of the kingdom has become worrisome.]

[Eeeeeeeee, but it’s such a good idea!]

That’s not surprising at all! Anyways, I suppose living in the kingdom would really become easier as she said. The white knights assisting her seemed to be quite competent.
As I chatted with Eris, we resumed walking, and noticed that there were a lot of people gathering in front of Barbatos mansion.
Aaron, and the barkeeper. Also Heart family servants.
From among them, a certain girl appeared. Her figure and beautiful flowy golden hair as she walked, all remained unchanged.


Eris who was sticking to me until a while ago seemed to have read the air. Was that why she moved away immediately?
Not knowing what I should say, I simply walked towards her. My steps unstoppable.

Was Roxy sad, or was she angry, or was it something else? Inside my head, lots of things swirled round and round.

Arriving in front of her, I stopped, and we stared at each other.
I had to say something…..I tried to open my mouth, but Roxy beat me to it. What she said with a smile at that moment, made all my thoughts blown away.


[Welcome back, Fai] (TL Note: Roxy called him フェイ, it could be Fay or Fai)


Hearing me said that, she shook her head.

[That’s wrong. You are already a holy knight, and the head of Barbatos family. You don’t need to call me like that anymore.]

Right. That’s right. I’m no longer the gatekeeper Fate, nor the Heart Family servant Fate, and neither the mysterious warrior Mukuro.
I’m now a holy knight just like Roxy, and the head of Barbatos family. I could no longer afford to refer to her like that. Like Greed always said, I really should act with pride more often.

[Roxy, I’m sorry……for keeping silent all this time. I must’ve cause lots of inconveniences for you. I….]

[That’s not what I meant. I’ve told you back then at Gallia, didn’t I? Fai is Fai. Even if you hid yourself under a mask, Fai’s still fighting for someone else, wasn’t he? About Hado Burix, it’s indeed regrettable. But, you must have a reason to do so.]

[No, that’s not it! It was for my own….]

I never managed to finish what I said. Because Roxy hugged me first.

[We are just human, making mistakes is inevitable. Even me. I’ve lost a lot of men while fighting in Gallia. Perhaps, if I were stronger back then, I wouldn’t feel this kind of regret. But, if we keep living on that day, it’ll only get harder to continue living. Fai of now seems to be suffering from that.]

Releasing her hug, Roxy kept gazing at me.

[So, let me say it again. Welcome back, Fai]

I felt my inner part grew hot due to Roxy’s kindness. Perhaps, my eyes were already tearing up at this point.
Only this sentence, I want to say it from the bottom of my heart.

[I’m home….Roxy.]

[Yes, welcome home]

Right then, I couldn’t hold it anymore.
If it’s just facing Roxy with the truth, then I thought I’ll be okay. But now, Roxy even accepted me the way I am.
I may still make mistakes in the future. It’s the proof that I’m just a human. I think I can live with that.

After a while, looking away from Roxy, I looked around to see Eris who seemed to have had enough of the scene.
I looked the other way around, to see Aaron and the barkeeper, even the Heart Family servants, did they also bear witness to everything!?
We seemed to have entered our own world just now.

Turning back to Roxy, I saw her face flushing red. Perhaps I’m also the same.
But this embarrassment felt comforting. The soul that had been wandering has finally found its way back home.


Author’s Note:
Glutton Berserker has reached chapter 100th. It has been long…
With this 100th episode, I have always thought about developing a relationship between Fate and Roxy and trying to make it unprecedented form.
Fu… They are finally get closer!!


Raizu’s Note: To be continued next week…..
Finally, this couple development!

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