The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.30

Weekly chapter (1/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Elan’s Story of the Past

It was a few years ago when I first met Ares-sama.

I was an orphan from Column Village, west of Romaria.

There was a church at Column Village and there, I lived alongside 5 other orphans and the priest who took care of us.
The priest was kind-hearted and thanks to him, I was able to live a safe and peaceful life.

However, our life changed completely when the priest went missing one day.
The villagers looted the church and banished us from the village.
To survive, we escaped to the Shawd forest, and live a self-sufficient life.

Nobody helped us.
My siblings were still young, so I had no choice but to do everything. Hunting beasts, collecting plants and water to drink….I lived desperately everyday.

My step sister Lisa and stepbrother Toole also helped me.
Once I had some spare time, I went to nearby town and villages to sell the medicinal herbs and the meats of the beasts I hunted.

And shortly after, the Blue Sky Market opened in Romaria and everyone can freely trade and do business easily there. I saw this as an opportunity.

By selling things that people might want like medicinal herbs and food that are good for beauty, quality fur and hide, we managed to earn some amount of money.
Using that money, I registered to the merchant guild, trying to earn some knowledge from various people to make it easier for our business to bloom.

Through the merchant guild, it’s also possible to have a regular store in the Blue Sky Market. Furthermore, the letter of permission is attached to the individual and his/her store. It doesn’t matter from which village we were from.
Besides, with the social network obtained from there, it may help in expanding our own business.

Those things are considered very important for our independence. In order to have our own shop and eventually live a more stable life…..I must gather everything I need in order to do that.

At first, many people were not convinced since I was but a child back then. But thanks to the education that the priest gave us from an early age, I was able to read, write and calculate. Due to all that, the adults gradually accepted me.

Afterwards, our sales gradually increased and our store became one of the well-known stores in Romaria.
In the Blue Sky Market, as long as you got a good items to sell and a store…..then the opportunity will arise by itself.

However, some did not take it really well about us making good profits. One of such people was the chief of Column Village.

He insisted that we belonged to the Column Village and tried to deprive us of our store through various means.
He used everything to harass us so that we would step down from our store.

The son of the village chief was especially bad. He took a liking to my step sister Lisa and had been causing problems for us in the longest time. Finally, he hired the village thugs and even threatened to kidnap her.
That day I was at the store in Romaria, chasing away customers, fearing that they’ll get involved in our trouble.

However, the accident that day proved to be a blessing in disguise.


That day we were at our store on Blue Sky Market.

[How much is this Polux medicinal herb?]

A boy called out.

[That’ll be two copper coins.]

[How cheap. It’s definitely cheaper than other stores. And it’s in good condition too. This store will surely prosper.]

That boy picked some of the medicinal herbs and handed it to me.

[I only need this much. How much is it?]

[All of that will cost 3 silver and 2 copper coins.]

[Thank you.]

Saying that, he handed the money to me. And at that moment…

[Brother, it’s Volvo and his gang again!]

My step sister Lisa ran up to warn me.

[Just now, on my way back here, I saw….. him bringing some thugs along with him….]

[Again…? Those fellows really want to harass us.]

I instantly frowned. And so, I also warned the customer I was serving just now.

[Dear customer….pardon me, but can you please leave the store immediately? Unpleasant things will happen here shortly….]

But before the customer could leave, Volvo barged in loudly.

[Oi, Elan! Give up the shop! It belongs to the village chief!]

As if on cue, the thugs Volvo brought also chimed in.

[Also, give us today’s security fee. You are the people of Column Village, so all your belongings also belongs to the next village chief.]

What a logic. These guys need some teaching.
When Priest-sama gone, what did the villagers do to us? Taking away the goods in the church, and kicked us out from the village.

However they never predicted that this will happen.
When I was about to talk back, the customer who was standing next to me beat me to it.

[Ah….I don’t understand what’s going on, but you shouldn’t shout like that. You are bothering other customers.]

That’s what he said to Volvo.

[Do you understand? I don’t understand the circumstances, but here in the Blue Sky market, every merchants is free to do their business. That’s the clear rule here. And did you see the sign stuck at the front of the store? That’s merchant’s guild sign. That means it’s the individual who is approved to do business rather than the village they originated from. You argument is invalid.]

[Aa? You don’t have anything to do with this, scram!]

Frustrated by the legitimate explanation, one of the thugs reached out with his hand.


And he screamed. The thug’s hand was twisted in a matter of second.

[Would you please be quiet?]

And with that he struck the thug’s head with his knee. The thug promptly fell over with a thud.
After that, the customer-san turned to Volvo as if nothing happened.
Volvo backed off slightly.

[You see, such loud shouting is annoying to hear especially here in the Blue Sky Market. So would you please be quiet?]

He was smiling, but that appearance was somewhat scary.

During my time doing business, I’ve seen many kinds of people….I never thought I would shiver at the presence of someone of my peers.

Naturally, Volvo fled with a pale face. The thugs followed suit after taking their fallen comrade in tow.

I hurriedly come over to customer-san who was about to leave the store himself.

[Thank you very much for your help….]

[Ah~, no need to thank me. They are being a nuisance. And it’s my responsibility anyways.]


[Ahー, how about this. Instead of thanking me, I have a favor to ask you…]

He then said shyly.

[I’d like to visit this store again, and when I do, would you please teach me about various things? The medicinal herbs, business…..there are lots of things I haven’t seen before in this store.]

[Of course. That’ll be no problem. I’ll be glad to do that.]


After meeting with that customer-san, a lot of things happened.

First of all, Column Village became the subject for inspection and their bad deeds became known to the public. It’s said that all the village executives, including Volvo and the village chief were apprehended. Column Village may not be functioning properly as a village for a while after this, but at least those who oppressed us are no longer there.

I was informed by the merchant guild about Romaria Academy. Apparently, people can seek education there for free, and they persuaded me that further study would only bring more good to me. It seemed that a lecturer from Imperial Academy will also teach there. So I went there regularly.
My step siblings, including Lisa and Toole, also attended there.

That boy….Ares, showed up on our store once every two or three days ever since then. We would talk for a long time up until I went back home.
At that time I was happy to have a friend of a same age. For me, what he talked about sounded fresh to the point I forgot about time while talking to him. My first ever friend from the same generation. Apparently it was the same for him too. We were mostly surrounded by adults. I could understand that feeling as well.
And then, it was only some time later that I found out that he is actually the heir of the Schwarzer clan.


Sir Elan Shawd

It is said that this great hero who served under the King of Heroes Ares was originally an orphan.

The store he started continue to prosper, later becoming [Shawd Trading Company] which was one of the largest trading companies in the continent.

Elan himself later left the store under Toole’s management, becoming a domestic official, serving as an aide to both Shion and George.
His best achievement was building the foundation of industry for Arestia Dominion, bringing the country even greater prosperity. Water-pumped well, textile machine and many other tools were made based on his idea and was popular for dramatically improving the quality of life. This achievement of his was highly appreciated, and he’s also

Known as a member of…

[Arestia Seven Wisemen]

He’s not only well versed in domestic affairs, but also military affairs. Under Shion’s guidance, he later bloomed to become one of the [Arestia Twelve Generals], a position whose fame could be said to be only slightly under or even rival that of the『Six Heavenly Generals』


However, from the point of view of the person himself.

[I’ve certainly done a lot of work and I also know that I said a lot about myself, but I am proud to be a friend of Ares and I want to keep that relationship forever that’s all.]

That’s right for him than to establish a good name. More than leaving a name in history as a domestic official.

[Friends of Ares.]

It is said that this fact was the greatest pride.


Author’s Note:
Someday, I’m thinking of writing Elan’s story differently

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