The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.31

Weekly chapters (2/2)

It’s short, but it contain the intro for the main story.

Oh also, I will create a post with the list of character and their roles/affiliations, because I believe more characters will be appeaar in the future. So please be patient for it.

Enjoy the chapter~

Dragon’s Eye

Ares and Sigurd helped Elan closing his store.

[Ares-sama, I have something to report.]

Before anyone knew it, a figure in black was kneeling to Ares.

[Did something happen?]

Without changing his line of sight, Ares talked to the black figure while kept working.

[Grants Principality seems to have raised their troops. On the other side, 『Thunder Emperor』himself is heading to the battlefield.]

Listening to that report, Ares finally stopped and laughed.

[Zekka….don’t call Thunder Emperor like that. Properly call Him His Majesty Sephiros.]

That man called Zekka didn’t seem to care about that quip and resumed talking.

[We of the『Dragon’s Eye』will only obey to Ares-sama. Nothing else matter. Even if it is the emperor of the largest country in continent himself.]

Zekka resumed his report after a pause.

[Apparently the Thunder Emperor wanted to use this as an excuse to step into the east side. It seems that he had sent a courier to every imperial clans to gather up at the capital.]

Afterward Zekka added.

[The courier will likely arrive at Schwarzer Territory this evening. What should we do about it?]

[…..go back for now. Will there be a war….? That person is still aiming to unify the continent after all this time…]

Ares sighed at that thought.

[It’s impossible to do anything after all……]

Ares looked towards the mansion as he murmured.


……Sigurd was listening closely to the two’s conversation.

To be honest, he didn’t have a good opinion about this Zekka and the『Dragon’s Eye』
They’ve served Ares before Sigurd entered the scene. So Sigurd did not know their circumstances. But they see Ares like a god, and in that respect, had allied themselves to him.

……no, that’s not ‘allying themselves’. That’s worshipping…

Are they some kind of a cult or something? He had no idea.

They are fearsome spies and information gatherers. A group that would do dirty jobs straightforwardly.
Anything for Ares…..even if he ask them for their life, they will do so in peace.

In a world of conflict, one cannot survive through honest means alone. And thus, their presence is indispensable for Ares…..although it felt complicated, Sigurd thought to himself.


It’s said that the King of Heroes Ares Schwarzer employed the best espionage group in the continent whose name remained unknown up until now. By giving Ares accurate information in advance, it’s no exaggeration to say that their role could decide the outcome of a battle.

Ares said

[An accurate judgment in warfare is only possible through accurate information and analysis.]

There were very rarely seen, and there were no remaining documents left regarding them….but they are always wearing black from neck to toe, as well as an armband with the emblem depicting an eye on their right arm…
Their formal name was never known. However, their appearance matched that of the assassins and spy group working under Emperor Leon Arcadia of the Great Arcadia Empire

『Dragon’s Eye』

Due to their similarity, the historians later refer to this secret group as the『Dragon’s Eye』as well.

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  1. I know this doesn’t relate to the chapter but can you make it so we can change the background to black with white words ? I often read at night @@ just an opinion


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