Glutton Berserker ch.102

Weekly chapters (2/2)

Here comes! Fate x Roxy’s romance development!

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 102 – Roxy’s invitation

Aisha-sama dragged me and Aaron to the corner of Barbatos mansion’s garden, she then crossed her arms over her breasts and began the planning.

[To surprise Roxy. That is the mission this time!]


When I responded like that, Aisha-sama quickly scolded me.

[If you keep acting like that, you’ll only be driven to a corner by Roxy. Reply more loudly!]


I was ordered around by the lively Aisha-sama. Aaron smiled upon seeing this scene. It’s this kind of close interaction that brought a high note into this place.

[Aaron-sama, are you following?]

[Yes yes, I will try to help as much as I can.]

I could almost imagine that a fire was burning brightly, and sparked myself to burn in the same intensity too. Yosh, with this Aaron had become our accomplice.

[Firstly, you’ll meet Roxy and have a nice, relaxed conversation with her.]

[That makes this significantly harder. Aisha-sama must know fully well what kind of a person I am.]

[What are you talking about? Fate is the head of Barbatos family. You must be able to skillfully steal a woman’s heart]


No matter how I think about it, there were only few occasions where I had to interact with women. Aisha-sama, Roxy, Myne, and Eris were the few women I’ve talked with so far. This was bad….I don’t think I can do this role perfectly.
I quietly slumped down on to my knees. Greed then spoke to me via《Mind Reading》

『What a truly, lonely, unpopular guy!!』

[Shut up]

『Because Myne and Eris are also mortal sin skill owners, we can count those two out……ah, you’re even more unpopular than I thought now!!』

[Please cut it out already]

Kuh, Greed with his usual antics….why don’t you mind yourself.
At this rate I might end up stabbing him to the ground and leaving him there as a garden decoration. In fact, I can do just that!
I stabbed Greed into the ground next to a big tree.

[Stay there for a while]

『Oioi, you can’t do this to me. It was just a small joke』

[That’s not a small joke at all! Please reflect on yourself here.]

『Wait, wait, this me also wants to see the party! Think about it, do you think you can hold an entertaining conversation with Roxy by relying on yourself!』


As expected of Greed. He’d been with me for the longest time already. He knew exactly what my weaknesses were.
There was no helping it, should I bring Greed along? Considering that, I pulled out the black sword out of the ground. Aisha-sama spoke to me after I returned.

[Are you good now? Let’s continue then.]

[Pardon me. Aisha-sama might’ve known this, but I don’t have the required experience to do that.]

[I see….in that case, you can learn the way from Aaron-sama. I’ve heard that, in the past, he’s the most charming man in the whole kingdom who gets around like a bird flying through the sky!]

[No no, hahahahaha…..]

Aaron had a troubled look on his face, but was otherwise smiling. The old man was astringent and cool even now. Imagining him in his younger day, I definitely couldn’t compare to him.

[When Aaron was young, how many women of the kingdom that chased after you?]

[No idea. What do you think?]

Don’t deny it like that!! I was hoping to hear more about the legend of Aaron when he was young, but it was cut short.

[I came to my senses after I married, I never loved anyone else other than my wife since then. Before that, let’s say I was just playing around.]

[Then, please tell me your secret]

[I told you already there is no such thing…… But, if you want my advice, just be the usual you. If you act unusual, it’ll only bring discomfort to the both parties.]

[I see. I’ll do my best.]

The other party is Roxy. It’s not like I’ll be talking to someone I don’t know.
Alright, I think I can do this after hearing that. By the way, if not for this surprise Roxy plan, this wouldn’t even cross my mind.

[Then how will Aisha-sama plan to surprise Roxy?]

[About that….]

Aisha-sama, Aaron, and me huddled around together. The plan was actually quite plain and normal, but that’s why I thought it’ll work just fine. As Roxy’s mother, Aisha-sama should understand her daughter well.

Aisha-sama would remain on the Barbatos mansion garden, while I and Aaron would enter the Heart Mansion first. After that, Aisha-sama will make her entrance.
The mansion gate was open. I had been told in advance that I could enter freely, so I just went straight in without any hesitation.
I went through the well-maintained garden, and paused around the fountain. I could see almost the entirety of the garden from this spot.

A lot of people were gathering on the westside terrace of the mansion. Among them was Roxy, instructing the chefs to arrange the food tastefully.
The invitation was scheduled for some time soon, should I wait a little bit more? Aaron and I looked away.
We might just get in the way if we got in right now. While considering my next step, the glasses-wearing head maid came to us.
She really took care of me when I was still working here as a servant. Even when I went to Gallia to chase after Roxy, she’s the one who gave me the most money.

[We’ve been waiting for you. Aaron-sama, Fate-sama]

She bowed deeply. It couldn’t be helped with the difference in our position and rank, but I guess I couldn’t really get used to this feeling of distance just yet.

[It’s been a while. Thank you very much for that time. I was able to get to Gallia safely thanks to the money you gave me.]

[I’m glad to hear that. But really, it’s hard to believe……but that Fate actually returned back in this kind of way. From now on, we’ll be in your care. Fate-sama]

She sounded formal yet sincere at the same time. Truly the head maid that I knew of.
She then turned to Aaron and bowed once more.

[Aaron-sama, this will be our first meeting. I’m Haru, the head maid in this Heart Mansion. Hopefully, this information helps.]

[Please be at ease. To have someone as beautiful as you are to work as the head maid for this mansion, I feel envious already. I would definitely want for someone like you to work in Barbatos mansion.]

[Well that…..was a fine joke]

Ooooh, that serious at work head maid actually blushed, and acted bashful. I couldn’t believe it…..that iron-clad lady. She’s melting so easily!?
Recently, after spending more times together with Aaron, I came to notice a few things. This old man, as long as he’s talking to a female, he would praise them well. And just like that, the said female would soon swoon over him. I guess this was how Aaron’s legendary status as a lady killer was made.

[Haru-san, it’ll be nice if you guide us in soon….]

[Ha, what have I done, what a blunder!]

The head maid face was still blushing. Did she really like being praised by Aaron? Or was she embarrassed for getting derailed from her supposed duty?
I would be able to tell if I use Mind reading skill, but, let’s refrain from doing that. For now, let’s just watch warmly.

[Please, can you stop staring at me like that?]

[Yes, pardon me.]

I guess a certain someone was watching a bit too intently. Greed commented through 《Mind Reading》 after seeing the scene unfolded.

『You’re getting scolded! Fufufufufu』

[Yes yes. Laugh as you want.]

『Fufufufufu, fufufufufufu, fufufufufufu, fufufufufuu』

[That’s too much laughter!]

Guided by the head maid, we proceeded through the garden to the terrace where Roxy was on. She was wearing a beautiful white dress, and she smiled upon noticing our arrival. A processed blue jewel pendant hanging around her neck gleamed serenely.



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  1. Hi Raizu, it was difficult finding a way to private message you, so I’ll just leave this comment here and hope you read it. I am interested in being a proofreader/editor for Glutton Berserker. I know you already have one, but I notice that the chapters still have errors and the wording sometimes doesn’t flow very well. Please let me know privately on your thoughts.


  2. [I’ve heard that, in the past, he’s the most charming man in the whole kingdom who gets around like a bird flying through the sky!]

    For some reason, I couldn’t stop laughing at this part. Aaron shooting arrows lol.

    Anyways Aisha-sama I’m looking forward to your reunion with Roxy-sama-nim.

    I wonder if everyone has just gotten used to Fate talking with his sword lol. Even after his performance with Greed, Aisha-sama is just like “You good?, Ok let’s continue” lol. That would definitely be awkward to animate I’d think. Unless she has those black lines on her head while watching him.


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