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Chapter 104 – Embrace

Continuing my talk with Roxy, we sat down a bit away from everyone. Then our conversation shifted to the topic about Aaron.
I told Roxy how I first met him. While I was heading for Gallia, I stopped by a village by chance――that place was some kind of refugee to anyone who’ve lost their place for living, and also where I first met him. Despite that it was our first meeting, he took care of me, and even taught me the basic of swordsmanship.
After listening to my story, Roxy told me with pride.

[I know.]


[Defeating the Lich Lord, and liberating Hausen, right?]

[Why the!? How did you know about that? ….ah, I get it]

[I think you can already tell how.]

It was after I left Hausen. Roxy had stopped by Hausen which was just starting its reconstruction. Naturally she met Aaron there.
Certainly, when I and Roxy met again in Gallia, she mentioned that she had met Aaron. Back then, from him, I learned how to make the technique of Holy Sword Mastery 《Grand Cross》’s effect to remain on my sword.

As if disappointed in me, Roxy inflated her cheeks and stared at me with envious look. But she immediately smiled back and said.

[Aaron-sama didn’t say anything else when he reunited with Fai?]


[Of course. It’s Aaron-sama after all. Then, let’s talk about that time.]

While Roxy was staying at Hausen and helped to reconstruct the city, Aaron also instructed her on handling holy sword. Apparently it was too hard for her to maintain the effect of 《Grand Cross》 in her sword. In the middle of all that, the Lich Lord who had been lurking around actually attacked.

[There was still a crown tier Lich Lord lurking there!? Why! Aaron didn’t tell me anything about that…..]

[Because it’s Aaron-sama. And it’s a crown tier Lich Lord too. Aaron-sama used the same technique that Fai had shown him to defeat the monster once before. Now, what technique it was?]

Is it a quiz? It’ll be quite embarrassing if I couldn’t answer it.
Ermm, back when I and Aaron worked together, could she be referring to when I added my own attack to Aaron’s?

[Could it be, the overlaying Grand Cross attack?]

[Correct! Aaron-sama even praised it. Holy Knights usually fight on their own, so the idea of layering another grand cross on top of each other was quite impressive. I thought so too.]

[Don’t praise me too much….. It’s not that big of a deal.]

[Will you try it with me next time?]

For some reason she stared at me intently. Also, our distance had become too close. I had trouble replying her.

[So you don’t want to….]

[Nono, that’s not what I meant]

[Then, would you like to try it out here? Fai already brought his black sword, so let me fetch my holy sword.]

[Eee! Won’t everyone be surprised if we try it in here?]

Roxy who had already stand up from her chair, looked back and seemed satisfied at my panicked reaction. She stuck out her tongue a little and said.

[Of course I’m just joking. I didn’t think that Fai would fall for it though.]

[You….tricked me again]

Back when I was still working as an employee, she often playfully threw some tricks or jokes at me. I never thought, that she’ll do that again now.
But the return of this happy times from the past was welcomed.

[How is Hausen’s reconstruction going?]

[Ah, it’s going pretty well. There was this acquaintance of mine, a warrior called Bardo, leading 50 strong warriors to maintain the security around Hausen. We are free from monster attacks thanks to their efforts. Other than that, my childhood friend Seto seems to be interested in starting a business in Hausen. I think that’s all for now.]

[Ah, that’s good to hear. Next time, if I visit Hausen, please introduce me to them]

[Alright. They have their quirks but they are good people.]

I met the warrior Bardo after I fought the Sand Golem at Lanchester Territory. When we reunited back, he and his men were helping with Hausen reconstruction. It turned out that they were formerly Aaron’s men.
He quickly rushed back when he heard that his former lord had taken up the sword once more. Our reunion made it feels like the world was really small, how funny was that. Even now, Aaron’s former subordinates had gradually gathered back at Hausen.

Seto’s village was unrecoverable after being burnt down by the gargoyles, that much was clear to me when I left that place. Afterward Seto began working as a merchant. As a travelling merchant, he eventually wound up on Hausen.
When transporting stones for reconstruction, I thought I saw a familiar face riding on that horse carriage. Seto also saw me, and he had a similarly wondering look on his face.
It was a reunion after long parting. His only daughter was also fine. She seemed to be enjoying travelling around with her dad.
Reminded of his business, Seto stated that he needs a place to settle down soon. Therefore I consulted with him over whether he’d be willing to promote commerce in Hausen.
Seto was visibly surprised at my proposal. I remembered his face turned serious, saying that he needed some time to consider.
To me, Seto of past was already gone alongside with the village. Seeing he’s quite experienced already in terms of his work as a merchant, I just thought it’d be fitting to ask.
A few days later, Seto decided to settle down in Hausen.
After listening to my story, Roxy then asked what I would do concerning the kingdom.

[Is it true that you are trying to give the people in the slums a living at Hausen?]

[Yes. They’ll have no future otherwise. Eris promised me that she’ll change the kingdom for the better, but it’ll definitely take some time. Besidely, it’ll be easier for them to start a new life in Hausen.]

[If there is anything that I can do to help, don’t hesitate to tell me]

Roxy seemingly felt sorry. I wonder if she felt ashamed for not having thought about sheltering those commoners at Heart family before. But it couldn’t be helped.
There were still the people of Heart family to think about. If she gave shelter to the commoners, she’ll undoubtedly come into conflict with other Holy Knight families, which would lead into unnecessary struggles. Kind of like what happened with Reed Lanchester.
The more distinctive actions that the Heart family took to side with the commoners, the more they would be isolated from the rest of the Holy knights.

Well, on my part, I was already solitary so I could afford to do anything I like.
But that’s in the past. With Queen Eris as a friend and backer, I can actually afford to do anything I want to the kingdom.

[Your face suddenly turned rotten. I wonder, what are you planning to do with Eris-sama next]

[Eeh….why do you want to know?]

[Because Fai made that kind of face.]

That said, Roxy put her hands over mine. All of a sudden, 《Mind Reading》 was automatically activated without my permission.

(What kind of bad things were you thinking about?)

[Wait a minute, the mind reading skill….]

( I don’t mind. It’s fine if Fai wants to read my mind. Besides, if I don’t want you to read my mind, I can always do this)

[Eh, what do you mean?]

(Ah, Fai! Watch out! Miria is going to attack you from behind!!)


I fell down from my chair. There was no one behind me when I looked back.
I actually fell for it yet again…..if you knew who was the one using mind reading, it’s possible to think out a lie like that.
I already told Roxy about every skills that I have, such as Mind Reading. Of course, Gluttony skill was included.
In addition to that, I also told her about Greed.

[Aaaa, it was so much fun. I wish I had a Mind reading skill too]


[I want to talk with Greed-san]

[That guy? You’d better change your mind. He’s an unreasonable, vile-mouthed guy]

[Is that so…..on the contrary that makes me even more curious]

Roxy stared at the black sword strapped on my waist curiously.
Greed then loudly said through the《Mind reading》

『What a hopeful girl. She wants to talk with me! How popular, this me is!』

[You shut up.]

When seeing that I was talking with Greed, Roxy became convinced of something.
Thus she told me.

[There, when Fai was still working as servant here, you often seemed to talk to the black sword. It was quite well known among the employee, so this is actually why.]

[Uaaaaaaa, but is it true?]

[I just wish I can hear Greed-san’s voice just once.]

[That’s impossible. Right, Greed?]

『No, it’s possible』


I almost fell off from my chair again after hearing that abrupt truth. Up until now I thought he couldn’t communicate with other people except through mind reading. What the hell!

『But first, you’ll have to unlock the next rank. Once you do, some of my lost features will be restored. That’s how』


You should’ve said so sooner. The next tier is the fifth, isn’t it? I hadn’t reached that point yet, so it’ll be sometime in the future. But that’s good to hear.
As for this crooked character of his, it might be possible to correct him by letting him talk to other people.
Seeing my smile, Roxy became curious and asked me about it.

[What are you guys talking about?]

[Greed said if his next rank is unlocked, it may become possible for him to talk to other people.]

[That’s wonderful! I can barely wait. Can I, hold Greed-san just a little bit?]

[Sure. Greed, are you fine with that?]

Since I didn’t mind, I handed Greed over to Roxy. What could happen anyways.
When Roxy pulled out Greed from his scabbard, her body suddenly swayed left to right and finally bent down in pain.
Wha, what the? What happened?
Leaving me in question, Roxy said while holding to her right eye.

[Ku……gluttony skill has awakened. Not enough, more!]

[Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, would you please cut it out already.]


[How is it, isn’t it similar? To how Fai acted back then at Gallia?]

She put back Greed into the scabbard, and returned the sword to me with an amused look on her face. Meanwhile, I could hear Greed laughing loudly.
Anyways, Roxy said that that’s how I looked back then. From other’s perspective, did I look so funny? I guess I need to verify this.
By the way, even Myne once also tried to mimic me. Aa……and Eris too. Could it be!? No, I should stop thinking about it.
Greed then added through 《Mind Reading》.

『In other words, you are fun to be played around with. Well done!』

[What’s with that ‘well done’! You really…]

Since it had come to this, next time it’ll be my turn to mimic Roxy. I won’t forgive this dismay so easily.

[Please stop it already. Why are you trying to mimic me anyway?]

[Fufufufufu, because it’s funny to watch.]

[In that case, I’ll just close my eyes, go ahead!]

[That’s no good]

Time passes quickly during happy moments like this. That I had almost completely forgotten about the most important part.
Right, Roxy’s mother, Aisha-sama.
While talking with Roxy, even I nearly forgot about the plan to surprise her, and meanwhile Aisha-sama had already standing behind Roxy silently.
Everyone else noticed her already, and were surprised by Aisha-sama’s appearance. But Aisha-sama signaled them to stay quiet. .

Aisha-sama warned me with her stare. It appeared that this was the decisive moment.



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