Glutton Berserker ch.105

Weekly chapters (2/2)

The happy moment.

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 105 – Aisha Heart

Roxy stared at me, her head slightly tilted. Well of course she would.
Because I suddenly stopped talking and kept looking behind her.

[What’s the matter?]

Returning my line of sight towards her, I almost panicked and thus pretended to clear my throat to settle myself down. At my lame attempt of covering my mistake, I could hear Greed laughing.

『What a loser』

However, I had no time to reply. Aisha-sama was already right behind Roxy. Now that I thought about it, since she’s already this close, Roxy should’ve been able to sense her presence.
I had no idea how, but apparently Aisha-sama had some way to elude even a holy knight’s senses.
Oops….that’s not something that I should think about right now.
I had no choice but proceed as planned.

[Roxy, close your eyes for a moment.]

[What’s the matter? Ah, I get it. Is it because of me mimicking you?]

[We’ve through with that earlier. And no, that’s not what I mean.]

[Or perhaps, you want to give me a present?]

Roxy looked at me with a face full of expectation. She’s partially correct, but also partially wrong.
So I nodded ambiguously.

[You don’t seem quite certain. But no matter….. Alright!]

Even so, Roxy obediently closed her eyes. I remained silent as I switched place with Aisha-sama.

[What are you going to do anyways? Can I open my eyes already?]

[Just wait a little more!]

[Uuuuu…….what on earth are you trying to do…..]

Aisha-sama was standing before Roxy now. Preparations were completed!
I gave a hand signal to Aisha-sama, telling her that she could start any time. People around us seemed to have read our intentions. Meanwhile Aaron also watched from slightly further away with a smile on his face.

[Roxy, open your eyes]

[Finally. Now then, what is i…….ah!!]

The girl was stunned, her mouth agape.
In contrast, Aisha-sama raised a peace sign, apparently very pleased with how the plan to surprise Roxy had gone successfully.
Looking back and forth, Roxy then settled to Aisha-sama.


[Mother, why!? Mother did told me on the last letter that you’ve felt much better, but it doesn’t mean that Mother have to force yourself to attend here…]

[Yes, I feel really well recently, that’s why I come here to see my dear child.]

[Eeerrr, I really don’t understand what’s happening here….]

Roxy was clearly agitated. Aisha-sama used to not be able to move around without support, mostly because of her sickly condition.
If she suddenly became healthy out of nowhere, it’s only natural for other people to be surprised.
Although I was the one who healed Aisha-sama’s disease, I’m also surprised by the abrupt change. Even Roxy who was informed about her mother’s condition on daily basis was surprised, not to mention me.
Aisha-sama then said happily.

[I do not know the details, but Fate was the one who healed me.]

[Fai did!? What is this all about?]

[That is…..]

Roxy grabbed my hand to prevent me from escaping. She wouldn’t let me off before I gave her an explanation. I could tell that much from how she looked at me.
Thinking that it’s not such a big deal, I smiled as I pull out Greed from his scabbard.
And then changing the form from a black sword to a black staff.

[You told me before that he can change shape. Other than this staff, there are bow, scythe, and shield?]

[That’s right. This form was unlocked thanks to the stats I obtained from killing Tenryu.]

[It’s from that time…]

For some reason, Roxy seemed happy.
Back then at Gallia, I hid my face behind the skull mask, but mask couldn’t endure Tenryu’s attack. I was reminded of that time when my face was exposed.
When she saw my face, Roxy broke in tears. At that time, regardless of what happened, I felt my chest tighten. The memory was still fresh in my mind, as if it happened only yesterday.

Could it be that, I didn’t give up back then just so I could see Roxy’s gentle smile again…..?
I needed to thank Roxy for that,

[Hold it right there. Have you two forgotten about me already?]

Aisha-sama came in between me and Roxy.

[Come come now, you two can go to your own world later]

[I guess so…..right, Fai?]

[Un un, please stop with the teasing.]

Clearing my throat, I explained to both Roxy and Aisha-sama about the black staff.

[For example, this is Greed’s fourth form. If I let him use up a certain amount of my statuses, I’ll be able to use this form’s secret technique. Different forms provides different secrets too.]

I proceed to explain about each form.
First rank (Demon Bow)’s Bloody Ptarmigan can accurately decimate enemies from long range in a flash.
Second rank (Scythe)’s Deadly Inferno can kill immortal beings by striking the point where their magical power was concentrated.
Third rank (Demon Shield)’s Reflect Fortress can be used to reflect back several targeted attacks.
And then, the fourth rank (Demon Staff)’s Twilight Healing can heal any wounds and diseases.

Roxy silently nodded after hearing my explanation.

[I see, so you’ve used Twilight Healing to cure my mother’s sickness. Thank you, Fai……I was worried for a while there when I saw mother acting so energetic.]

[I also felt the same. I never thought that Aisha-sama would be like this shortly after I healed her.]

[Mouu, look at you two. Shouldn’t you be happy seeing me healthy and energetic like this?]

Just then, Roxy knitted her eyebrows.

[Then, please stop treating your daughter like this.]

[Uuuu, but it’s suppose to be a surprise. Fate also thought so too.]

[Ee……..U~n………….tha, that’s right.]

[Wait a minute, the way you say it, it’ll seem like I forced you into it, moouu]

But she did force me into it, not to mention she didn’t even let me say no. Well, the problem would just get bigger if I said that out loud, so let’s just follow along.

[Aisha-sama only wanted to let Roxy know that she’s already healthy enough to leave the territory. After all, it’s hard to tell her real condition even if she wrote in the letter that she’d been feeling better recently.]

[If Fai say so. But, this makes me happy. I’ve always been worried about mother’s condition…..]

Roxy said so while shedding a lot of tears. Soon after, Aisha-sama also followed suit. This was getting out of hand.
The pair of mother and daughter calmed down after a while, then thanked me once more. I didn’t do that for their gratitude, but nobody wouldn’t feel happy from being appreciated for something they’d done.
But seeing how happy Roxy was when she knew that Aisha-sama was healthy once again, I thought it’s all well worth it.
Whilst I returned Greed to his scabbard after reverting him back to sword form, Roxy asked me casually.

[How much is the status consumption for activating the secret? Being able to do that much, it must be a lot, isn’t it?

[Well, I guess so. I have to give up 40% of my statuses to be able to use Twilight Healing.]

[40%……how much was that?]

I was a little lost at words because I used quite a huge amount of stat to heal Aisha-sama, but I’ve decided to be honest with Roxy. So I told her the consumed stats without covering anything.
And then, not only Roxy, even Aisha-sama was amazed.

[You must be lying. Fate, is that true?]

[Yeah, it’s true]

[Because, that’s 4 million status we are talking about……too many digits, it’s overwhelming!]

[Mother, calm down! Fai did killed Tenryu, he probably obtained a lot of status from doing so. So he could use that much without regret…..]

After calming the panicked Aisha-sama down, Roxy had a convinced look on her face. She then told me in a proud face.

[I think I understand now]

[Ee, about what?]

[The reason why mother becomes so energetic. Probably, it’s because the excess stats (obtained from Tenryu) that was used to activate Twilight Healing.]

[You have a point there]

As Roxy suggested, it’s possible. All of Greed’s secrets were powerful abilities. Since Twilight Healing was currently the highest ranked secret, healing sickness or wound might be only the small extent of it. After all, it required Area E level stats to be used.
I don’t think that diseases and wounds can be healed just like that. Aisha-sama’s stats should be on an amazing level already. But even if I said that, I didn’t want to check it without permission. That what I’ve decided when I started working for the Heart Family.

The over energetic Aisha-sama, after scolding Roxy and me a little, went to greet the other party attendees.

[Such a noisy mother]

Roxy said so peacefully while seeing her mother from the distance.
Compared to when I first saw the sickly appearance of Aisha-sama, this was much better. Originally, Aisha-sama might’ve ended up dying from her sickness. Even so, even if it’s actually the destiny that gods had decided upon her, I had no regrets in changing that.
I thought so as I looked at today’s Aisha-sama.


Author’s Note:
There were many things in my work, I’m so tired.
I think that the next update can be done on 7/1 (Sun)!

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  1. So it’s possible Fate not only healed Aisha but also added some of the stats he used in the process to her own. She might be stronger than some of the Knights. Intriguing!

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  2. One think that bothers me is how easily Fate switched from being all secretive to telling almost everybody about his abilities, skill and weapon. There was too little of a turning point and the change was too big in one go. Yeah possible but not done by author good enough. It is nice that there are many dialogues not only for plot advancement but for characters development.
    Fate go for mother daughter sandwich. Don’t let Aaron conquer Aisha first. Then go for Eris, Mirmir and Wrath girl. (and while at it try to save the girl that is supprising your gluttony skill)

    Thanks for chapter

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  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    Why am I getting bad feeling about this moment …it’s like death flag, calm before the storm. Ah, too much darkness in my heart, even I can’t enjoy this kind of moment without worrying about bad things .


  4. Wow, finally the reunion, that was lovely. Even with the peace sign lol. Her mom is surprisingly hyper. Really young looking to, and if it’s the case that Twilight Healing performed a stats rebalancing for her, she could very well be close to Level 2 in stats if not in it, because. After sacrificing 40% of his stats, he was able to stay well in Level 2 for the entire arc, even after sacrificing a further 10% for the bow attack. Thinking about it based off math, the 40% should have been in the number range for Level 2, but then again, apparently stats are not enough to get into that area.

    There could even be the possibility that she might be bonded to him like Aaron, probably not though, since she’s likely not a combat character.

    I’m looking forward to Roxy practicing the Grand Cross or even hunting with Fate, we need her bonded so she can enter the Level 2 to increase the battle power for rescuing Myne


  5. There are a few strange things here

    1. After killing Tenryu, didn’t he use up all the stats to evolve Greed’s 4th form getting his stats to a low level to make it easier for him to be killed when he rampaged?

    2. How is it 4 million stats, the threshold for Level 2 isn’t 10 million. The novel never specified so far but it has to be either 100 million based on the E8 exponent, or 1 billion, based on Fate’s stats when he hit the limit of the increase before he entered Level 2. So 40% while still managing to stay in Level 2, means he had to have at least 200 million or 2 billion, probably more given what happened later in the arc, so he’d have used nothing less than 80 -100 million per 5 stats so 500 million stats – 5 billion stats depending on what the threshold is.


  6. Fate truly is going through with his turning a new leaf and being super open lol. I wonder if he only told Aisha and Roxy or everyone else there also heard him.


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