The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.35

Weekly chapters (1/2)

A new character perspective about our MC.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Schwarzer Family Exclusive’s Chef Hadora’s story

Yes, there is no need to be scared. I look frightening or so they say. I personally don’t know why. Perhaps it’s my tall stature or this shaved head or these trained muscles… Well, that’s fine. It’s what inside that matters.

How I came to the Schwarzer family, it was a story from a long time ago.

I lived in the Royal Capital before. The Holy Arcadia Empire, the largest empire in the continent that boasts the most advanced food culture. Many large merchants and aristocrats and sometimes, even the royal family themselves seek my service….. That’s right, I didn’t have a fixed employer.

Why did I never set my foot on one place you ask? Because

[No one has ever made me feel touched]

That is….


People who ate my food will say that it’s [Delicious]. People will insisted on eating my food and commented [Oh〜〜did you put ◯◯ on this dish?] or [How did you produce such a deep taste?], they basically said similar things. They were just trying to enthrall me. Naturally, the food is delicious. It’s because

『I was the one who cooked it』

Nn? What’s with that ugly face? You say I was overconfident? Of course I am. It’ll be rude of me if I don’t have that much confidence. Because people paid me a great amount of money to serve them a delicious meal.

However, thanks to this personality, I often caused troubles in my workplace.
Saying, it’s too much, can’t keep up, the schedule is too tight…

Of course, I said this straight to my employer.

[You don’t understand food.]

And then, what returned to me was a letter of dismissal. In such case, I would leave the manor with fresh face.


Even if my employer always changes, there are certainly some people who regularly hire me. That’s par for the course. After all, I’m what they call [Empire’s Number One Chef].
Those nobles love exquisite dishes. Therefore… no matter how harsh my character is, they would still flock around me to eat my food. Merchants, aristocrats…even the Royal Family.

I don’t want money. Money, in my opinion, is the source of people’s dark side. Do I hate cooking? No, in fact, I really love cooking. Very much so. With all my life. But… it’s strange to say this, but it’s as if I’ve lost my passion.

However, this was going to change.

It was… the house of Rozenburg, when I was hired for a short time by an important employer. I finally met the one. Someone who could quench my thirst.


At that time, I was invited by the Rozenburg to work as a chef.

I was to go to Rozenburg immediately that same day.

[You want me to cook my best dish….?]

[Yes, you’re correct. I want you to cook your best dish. The guest this time is special. A scion of the Archduke, as well as the saviour of my daughter’s life.]

Lord Rozenburg spoke with great seriousness in his face.

[That’s why I also want you to at least try to not be rude to the guest. Can you?]

Right, the Baron was worried about my little quirk, that small game of mine. That was to only provide one kind of dish. In short, I would serve them an『incomplete』food, wanting to see whether they could notice it or not.

Of course, if they didn’t notice it, I won’t serve them the complete version. Those who couldn’t are only fit to taste the incomplete product. Even famous culinary experts and the Royal Family member couldn’t notice the difference.

And that’s why,

『Saying you are a culinary expert, while only at that level.』

I dared say.

I won’t respond to their annoyance with words, only a vague smile.


On that day, the so-called scion of Archduke arrived. Lord Rozenburg even went as far as welcoming him personally. Of course, since this person would be the next Archduke, and apparently also saved his daughter’s life. I didn’t really know or care about the detail.

When they arrived at the dining table, I overheard how the Baron referred to this person as his son. He’s talking to the scion of Archduke with a wide smile on his face. Seeing lord Rozenburg like that felt…..unusual. Even so, the story went on and on. The baron was having a great time. And the scion himself didn’t show any sign of being annoyed as well, or so I overheard.

[Excuse me. Hadora is here to serve.]

[Oh, you’re finally here!]

Taking a closer look, he’s but a young man….a dark haired young boy was sitting there. He gave me look while the Baron made a short introduction.

[The food that’ll be served this time is the product of the expertise of this Hadora, currently the best chef in the Empire.]

[Ah, I often heard that name. Such a famous person will be the one serving the food? Is it alright for the a member of the younger generation like me to eat such food?]

[What are you saying! For Young Lord, it’s only appropriate….]

Lord Rozenburg kept talking with great intensity. It caused a mild discomfort for me who watched everything.

[Well then, Hadora! I’ll leave it to you!! Cook one of a hell dish!]

I returned to the kitchen after replying courteously. And I decided.

I’m going to serve an 『incomplete dish』as always.


Starting with the appetizer. After that, soup, followed with various kind of foods. And the end is the main course. I’ll also be there joining the Baron.

[Ho! Hadora!! It’s amazing just as expected!]

The baron seemed satisfied. Meanwhile, when I looked at the young lord’s face….he was tilting his head as if curious on something.

nally the main dish….. [Sautee Aleria Chick] was served….he said something amazing.

[I know it’s rude to say this to someone who has cooked for you….but would you please hear me out? Can you add some little amount『Honey』to it?]

I was shocked. He noticed after only the first bite that this was an incomplete dish.

I gave the dish a few drops of honey, as requested. And he smiled in satisfaction.

[Un, this is delicious alright. Baron please give it a taste as well]

The baron also gave it a taste after I drip some honey on the food. He became wide eyed.

[Hadora! Co, could it be you……]

The Baron raised his voice. But the young lord spoke up.
[Everything else were delicious for sure. But…. I felt something was missing. I you ask me what that something is……I couldn’t say because I don’t know it as well. But I can tell that the dish is now perfect.]

He smiled while telling me that.

[The number one chef in the Empire, Hadora. Truly a wonderful expertise. Please allow me to taste your [completed dish] next time]

After saying that, he got up from the chair. The baron also followed suit and they continued talking in earnest.

To be seen through by such a young man…. I could only stand there in silence.


I was then banished from the Baron’s mansion. That’s only natural. I served his important guest an incomplete dish after all. The baron was unusually very angry. But…….I’ve made my mind. After leaving the mansion, I immediately made a visit to the Archduke Schwarzer’s mansion.

Luckily, the young lord Ares was also just about to head back to the Schwarzer territory. So I told him. I don’t need money nor fame, I just want him to hire me, I said.

[Well〜〜then, I’ll hire you as my personal chef, but are you really fine with that?]

It was a wishful thinking. I didn’t want to work for the『Archduke』. All I want was to work for 『Ares Schwarzer』as individual.

And thus I left the royal capital behind and headed to Schwarzer territory.


My life at the Schwarzer Territory has been wonderful. I get to learn about various new ingredients and recipes. Ares-sama is an interesting fellow as well. I have to devise something new everyday in order to keep him satisfied.

In addition to that, Ares-sama entrusted me with one interesting task.

[Hadora. I want to help enrich the people’s food culture. I want you to create recipes of various delicious dishes, but they have to be easy and affordable for everyone to make….. Can you do that?]

I knew one thing from Ares-sama. That eating delicious food can bring happiness.

Since then, once a month I would create a recipe, and handed it to the people. At first it’s something simple…..but soon it become more elaborate, and varying.

Over the past few years, the people’s awareness of food had immense changed. Now it’s not enough with just filling your stomach, they want to eat something delicious as well. That’s how much the difference in their way of thinking compared to the past.

Let’s say it once more. Eating delicious food can bring happiness.

While serving food for Ares-sama, I also got to change the diet of the people as well….it’s a very satisfying work.


『The King of Cuisine』Hadora.

Originally a famous chef in the empire, he became Ares personal chef after a small mishap. His achievement was the creation of various recipes, which had been published among the people and eaten by many more.

It’s said that he was the one responsible for changing the idea of ‘It’s fine as long as you can fill your stomach’ with the importance of food to the people.

In addition to that, he also raised some disciples after working under Ares. Ren, his first disciple, and Ted, his second disciple, set up restaurants that later spawned many branches and became the largest restaurant chain in Arestia Dominion…

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  1. Error:

    Is it alright for the a member of the younger generation like me to eat such food? -> Is it alright for a member of the younger generation like me to eat such food?

    nally the main dish….. -> Finally the main dish…..

    I you ask me what that something is -> If you ask me what that something is

    Thanks for the treat.


  2. To be honest, the author frequently jumping into random people’s backstories is a bit offputting. Kinda wish they’d just stick with Ares for a while instead of jumping into a backstory every 2-3 chapters.


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