The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.37

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Chapter 37 – The Retainers’ Thoughts

It was the evening when Sigurd Shion, and George were summoned by Ares for a chat. After Ares left, Sigurd sighed.

[My, the Young Lord finally call us to arms. It seems that my vacation has finally come to an end?]

George responded to Shion’s remark.

[The Lord is like fire. No matter where he goes, that place will be set on fire too. And since he’s going to the Imperial Capital…..there is no doubt that Arcadia Empire will undergo a great change.]

The three recounted the conversation they had with Ares earlier. What he said at the end.

《I’ve already told this to everyone but once again, my goal is to create a nation where everyone can live equally and without discrimination. I will do anything to reach that purpose.》

[….in order to fulfill Ares-sama’s wish of changing the whole empire…..suffice to say that it will only be possible through making the empire our own from the inside or destroying it and create a new country.]

Shion said so while fixing his eye glasses.

[Perhaps, the other countries will also get involved in the coming conflict. Other than that…..we’ll also have to contend with the church.]

[The church, huh…..]

Sigurd looked weary. Even the Kings and Emperors who hold great power will have to act carefully because there is this power called the『Church』.

The religion of the continent revolves around the pantheon of Gods led by the『Sun God Ain』. And it was the『Church』that preaches the teachings and guides the people. Not only that, they are capable of using the『Holy Arts』to help with people’s lives by healing injuries and diseases.

The Church’s main headquarters is in the Holy Arcadia Empire, in a region named Sierra Hazzard, not far from the imperial capital. They have autonomy and is independent of the Empire. Their territory is also called the『Sacred Ground Sierra Hazzard』

They, under the name of something essential to the people that is『Religion』, hold significant impact in each country. Moreover, the donations collected from various churches around the continent are also gathered in the Sierra Hazzard, earning them an enormous wealth.

A『Pope』leads the church from the sacred ground. He holds the supreme authority over the religion. Just under the Pope are the few『Cardinals』, some of which remain in the sacred ground to assist the Pope, while the rest are dispatched to each country, actively involved in politics. Below the Cardinals are respectively the『Archbishops』, [Bishops], [Priests], and [Deacons] dispatched to the temple and churches throughout the continent.

The『Holy Arcadia Empire』and『Wolfgard Empire』in particular recognized the church as their state religion so the church has greater influence in these two countries.

In addition to that, they also have their own military force. The『Sierra Hazzard Holy Knight Brigade』is known to have the strongest knights that received the blessing of Gods.

Therefore, they can be considered as nation in its own right, and is collectively known as the『Church Forces』

However….although at first they genuinely act on noble principles….this belief decays as time goes on and now with the humans at its center, they act only for their own benefits.

Also, the root cause of the discrimination to the『Demi Humans』that happens in various places can be said to be the church itself. They’ve been preaching incessantly over how the demi-humans are『Evil』beings.

[Inherently, there are nothing of the sort in the teachings of the Sun God. Everything, including the beasts and fairies in the forest, even the demons are all children of the Sun God.]

George said in lieu to Shion’s remark.

[That was all the product of their fear for the demi-humans’ potentials and that line of thought found its way to the religion. In fact, the church here also couldn’t tolerate it.]

The Schwarzer territory had never discriminated the demi-humans since the clan was founded. Therefore, that tradition is also kept by the local church. The central power of the church couldn’t do anything about it either.

[In any case, it’s time for the Church Forces to be reformed as well. Have you gotten into contact with Cecil again?]

George replied to Shion’s inquiry.

[No, not yet….it seems that the『Child of Light』has not been found yet.]

Cecil was one of their few classmates during their days in the academy, the youngest person in the Empire to ever become a Bishop. The two have been keeping in touch with this cleric of unusual way of thinking, in preparation for the movement.

[The『Child of Light』is our trump card here….so we have to keep him a secret until the time comes.]

Sigurd silently listened to the conversation between Shion and George. This matter regarding religion, church forces, and this child of light….despite his open-mindedness, it’s all beyond his understanding.

Seeing such Sigurd, Shion smiled and changed the topic.

[There are a few things that I’m curious about. Why must the Thunder Emperor specifically ask for our Lord?]

Shion inquired the one thing that has been bothering him. This war is the emperor’s personal conquest. He should’ve requested for the more famous names such as the 『Schwarzer’s Twin Generals』. But he directly appointed Ares instead. Moreover, he heard from the messenger himself that the Emperor was being quite specific this time.

[Our lord didn’t say anything regarding this… I feel that he’s hiding something.]

[But still…]

For the first time, Sigurd opened his mouth.

[Even if that’s true, that he’s hiding something from us….my duty is to believe in him, and to become his 『Sword』.]

Listening to Sigurd’s declaration, both Shion and George also spoke in agreement.

It’s only natural. That’s the very reason of why they are here after all.

Even if the lord won’t say it today, they believe that he will tell them eventually.

[Well, we’ll just have to give our best, right? Great changes will definitely occur in few years. Each and everything must be well prepared.]

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