The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.39

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 39 – Slaying Goblins

Ares rode on Saint in the darkness of night, heading towards the goblin’s nest. This time he was only accompanied by Zekka.

[Well, it’s not that big of a number, I alone should be enough. Everyone is tired after all.]

[I shouldn’t have any problem handling that number….well, maybe a bit.]

[……I don’t want to spoil the mood, but Zekka doesn’t really have to come along….]

[Milord need not to be worried for us. Instead, it is our duty to stay at Milord’s side.]

[…..just say that you are a bit worried.]

[Why should I worry for someone going to slay some goblins when that person could take on a dragon?]

[…..well, I guess you’re right.]

We arrived at the goblin nest while we had that light-hearted conversation.

[Actually, there are quite a number of them.]

[That only means that all monsters on this land are gathered here]

[No wonder the village got overwhelmed if it’s this number….]

Ares wrinkled his eyebrows while saying that. But his voice still retained its relaxed tone.

[Well then, shall we crush them?]

Saint quipped at Ares’ smiling face.

[You are about to fight a battle, yet you show not even an ounce of tension]

[This is different from a mere fight~. There is no way I won’t get nervous.]

Saying that, Ares got off from Saint’s back.

[I’m going. I feel bad for asking this, but could Saint kill any escaping stragglers? Please?]

[Do I have an option in this…..? After all, my Master is a fool who would go out of his way to kill some random goblins.]

[I just want some insurance. Alright, here I go.]

That being said, I raised the [Seven Heavenly Swords] resting on my chest and took out [Divine Sword Oldeus] and ran into the goblin nest.


ーーー goblins

The weakest among the humanoid demons with a low intelligence to match.
However, they are not to be trifled with. The will use their numbers to swarm their target. They obtain weapons from the corpse of their victims and are often seen raiding villages.
There are several reasons for why they raid villages. The first is to obtain arms and food. Second is to satisfy their bloodlust. Lastly is to kidnap women. They use women like cattle, keeping them alive just to bear their offspring.

Of course, they are capable of producing offspring on their own. But stronger goblins are only born from the intercourse of a goblin and human or demi-human.
Goblin invasions aren’t that rare of an occurrence. If it’s just a flock of 10 to 20 goblins, then the village would normally be able to fend them off. But it’s a different matter if there is a high-level goblin among them since their numbers will also be a lot bigger.
One needs to be careful when fighting against a horde of goblins led by a high-level goblin such as a Goblin Knight or Goblin Master as they can command about 50 goblins. \
A Goblin Lord has about 100 goblins under its command, and will be impossible to fend off unless the territorial army intervenes.
There was something even worse than that in records, which was the Goblin King, who can command several hordes at once as well as having good intelligence. Veteran knights would be required to be deployed to contend against this threat.

They are nothing on their own. But they will become a threat if they come in great numbers. That is the goblin.


Goblins make a nest and attack the neighboring villages. One must destroy the nest and the one in charge of the nest to completely destroy them.

[But…..this place is bigger than I thought …]

Ares headed to a top of a rock where he could oversee the whole nest. Looking from there, he could see hundreds of goblins in it.

[This might be a Goblin Lord….if I’m unlucky it could also be a Goblin King…]

[We didn’t expect it to be this big of a size. Shall we inform Sigurd?]

[No, they are tired and I alone am enough. I’ll use magic to sweep them all off. There is no need to involve others.]

Ares replied quietly and started chanting magic. Zekka didn’t utter any more words and watched silently.

When magicians casts their spells, many would perform chanting. This is for properly controlling the spell. However, if the opponent catches the magician in the middle of casting, it’ll only end with the death of the magician. Therefore, Ares usually casts magic silently. Ares has an unimaginably large magic capacity. He casts mostly to control the amount of magic power he pours into the spell.

After finishing the cast, Ares looked at the goblin nest. Then, he chanted the final part of the casting.

[Destroy! 『Meteor Strike』!]

As soon as he said so, rocks the size of an adult human started pouring from the sky, raining carnage upon the countless goblins.

The goblin nest soon filled with a view of hell and screams of agony. However, the rocks kept pouring down upon the goblins unforgivingly.

The rocks could crush their heads. Some got knocked down by their own friends….either way, most of the goblins were killed on the spot there.

Seeing the rocks had stopped falling, Ares exhaled slowly.

[It’s been a while since I used a magic spell that large….it seems that I could control it somewhat.]

[That’s such a devastating magic….why do you even need soldiers if you have that?]

[No, this magic will destroy everything in its perimeter, and I hardly able to control it…if I were to use it in war, it’ll cause unnecessary damage to the surroundings…this magic shouldn’t be used freely.].

While he said so, Ares looked over the rock-drowned goblin nest. A goblin was crawling out of the opening in between some large rocks.

[Looks like there is a survivor. Perhaps it survived by using its companions as a shield. Could it be the horde leader?]

Ares then walked at a slow pace toward the direction of the final survivor.



Ares stood in front of the goblin who was out of breath after crawling out of the rubble.

[This is surprising. A goblin lord that is about to evolve to a goblin king.]

This goblin was much larger than a regular goblin. Moreover, it had more magic power compared to a goblin lord.

[Bastard! What have you done!]

The goblin king shouted breathlessly. Since it had developed intelligence, it became capable of speech.

[My bad, but if your number grows any larger than this you’ll start attacking nearby towns~. I have to wipe you out before that happens.]

From literature, it’s been recorded that some goblin king or orc king could even create a 『country』after laying waste to several towns.

Ares swished his sword to the vexed goblin king’s neck.


The goblin fell, convulsing on the ground for a while, then stopped moving. Dead.

[The world is really in deep trouble if a goblin king can actually appear… the demons might be more active than I expected before….]

Ares said to himself as he took a final look at the goblin king’s corpse.

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