Glutton Berserker ch.110

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Chapter 110 – Goblin Anomaly

Having taken Shara to the orphanage, we headed west through the bustling commercial district. It was to where I supposed to meet up with Roxy and Miria. However, as I met Roxy along the way, there only Miria was waiting there.
Most likely, she’ll be really annoyed by this fact.
And as usual, she’ll vent by directing her brutality towards me.
As we walked side by side, I inquired about Miria to Roxy as we talked about the items sold at the stalls.

[I’ve been wondering about this for a while now. But why does Miria like Roxy that much?]

To that question, the girl smiled.

[That’s right. Ever since Miria first met me, it’s been always like that.]

[…..that sounds like a big problem]

In any case, Roxy trusted Miria. Their relationship had been ongoing for the past five years after all.
I almost felt sorry for Roxy for being so good looking. If something like that happened, I’m worried that another one might be just around the corner.
Perhaps I had a bad expression on my face, and so Roxy pinched my nose.

[Could it be that, you are jealous?]

[Eerm, no….I guess….]

I felt my face unexpectedly turned hot. When I think about it, I guess I really did envy Miria for being able to stay by Roxy’s side all the time.
Roxy was someone who would smile at me sincerely even after seeing what lied deep inside my soul.
As long as I’m being honest, then it’d be okay. I’ve decided to never lie in front of her anymore.

[I am]

[But why? May I know why?]

[Because, I want to be with Roxy more often!!]

[Ee……. Fai! We are in the middle of a crowd here, don’t say that out loud….]

The passerby turned around to glance at us. Even Roxy who originally quite used to handling a lot of people had her face blushing hot red, so most likely I was in a similar condition as well. Anyways, I was just trying to express myself, but ended up getting embarrassed because of it.

[Roxy, you are blushing]

[Fai’s fault]

Not daring to stay on the spot for much longer, we made our escape. The passerby could only wonder about what those two holy knights were doing.
But it was also something funny in itself, so we both laughed out loud.

[Fai, it’s alright if you want to be with me more often. Starting from today, I’ll be tutoring you privately at the Barbatos mansion if you will.]

[It’s still all about studying after all]

[Of course! There is no getting around it]

Making such a big declaration. I guess….today…. I won’t get any sleep. I could tell that her statuses had risen considerably compared to the past. The holy knights had incredible physical stamina. Even if we didn’t sleep for a few days, it’d still be alright.
I don’t really mind about not getting any sleep, but the problem here was the studying part. Just thinking about it made me feel horrible.
Roxy then said this as if she had seen through me.

[Rest assured. As you have expected, you won’t get any sleep today.]

Roxy gave me a wink while saying so. But the gap between the cuteness and what she said only managed to terrify me more.
If this continues on, she’ll just coax me into studying more. I thought to escape, to the west gate perhaps. But Roxy grabbed and hugged my hand.

[Fufufu, I won’t let you off that easily. You always like this…..always escaping when the situation inconveniences you.]

Roxy gave emphasis on ‘always’. Was she referring to the time at Gallia? Or was it from a long time ago? I wanted to ask, but…..I guess it’ll be too hard for the current me to handle.
While I was thinking about all that, I was sobered up by the satisfied Roxy.

[Hmm hmm. Anyways, Fai is growing taller. Back then you were still slightly shorter than me, but now I have to look up to see your face.]

Roxy brought up her hand to her head, then to mine. Certainly, I had grown slightly taller than her when we met at Gallia, but apparently I’ve grown even taller since then. I wouldn’t notice this, if she didn’t bring this up.


[When I was still working for the Burixes, I couldn’t even afford a decent meal. However, after I worked for you, I’ve been eating healthier foods.]

[Hmm hmmm….. I see]

[Wait, Roxy!]

As she held my arms, Roxy was also prodding around to check.

[Certainly…’ve become thicker. Perhaps because you’ve been living with Aaron-sama. You now have the look of a proper warrior.]

[Roxy, you’re touching too much!]

[Sorry. Tehee, I got a little carried away.]

She apologized while sticking her tongue out a little. This kind of innocent and childish expression….understood, I felt motivated once again.
Before we knew it, the West Gate was already visible in front. The goblin meadow was just ahead. The place that had been bothering merchant’s caravans lately.
This was the most used logistic distribution route available for the kingdom, since it’s near the Military district and there was enough space for many caravan to pass through at the same time.
Usually, if any warrior wanted to go slaying goblins, they would gather up at the West Gate to form an instant party. But there were no warriors around at the moment. Just some peddlers looking to sell their stuff.

[The impact is big after all]

[Indeed it is. Ah, there is Miria]

Miria was talking to one of the stall keepers, shaking her scarlet hair left and right in the process. Looking like a normal girl who was cheerful in the morning.
It appeared that the stall was selling food, as she’s receiving a large bread from the stall keeper. The stall keeper looked solemn, while Miria seemed happy. Apparently she managed to haggle the price to a satisfying cut.
That same Miria was now stuffing her mouth full with bread. Noticing us, she waved her hand while munching energetically.

[Roxy-sama!! Roxy-sama!! Nomnom….. Good morning!! nomnomnomnom…..]

[Good morning, Miria]

[Are you eating, or greeting?]

[Kuh, so you’re here either. I didn’t notice that you were there earlier, due to Roxy-sama’s divine form]

[Oi, we were supposed to investigate the case jointly. Didn’t you hear?]

[I heard. I just don’t want to acknowledge it.]

[This little…]

Having it enough, Roxy pinched Miria’s cheek.

[Roxy-sama. Please stop, it hurts]

[Listen, Miria. I want you to get along with Fai today. We are on a mission here.]


As long as it’s a direct order from the lovely Roxy, apparently there was no river too wide to cross for Miria. As a matter of fact, she took the initiative to offer a handshake as a sign of truce.
What’s with that? She’s surprisingly an upright person. As I thought so, I accepted the handshake,

[You, what a powerful handshake. If it’s just normal warrior, their hand would’ve been crushed by my handshake.]

[As expected, this is Area E. However, with this I’ve created a bond with you. I’ll reach this level soon too, just like Aaron-sama did.]

[It’s not that simple]

[Eh, is that so?]

Tilting her head, Miria looked at me in question. This girl, she truly acts based on impulse.
A bond created from malicious handshake, what kind of bond would that be? If somehow, a bond is truly created this way, I’ll be amazed.

[That’s too bad. I shouldn’t have offered you a handshake then.]

[How evil….you just want to hurt me after all]

That said, she flew back to Roxy’s side. In her eyes, Roxy was the supreme being.
Regardless, we still needed to go with Miria as a group. Mugan had entrusted this duty to her, so as the elder person here, I just had to put up with her.
After chuckling a little, Roxy proposed that we began our march to the goblin meadow.

[Since you two have gotten along, let’s go!]

[Yes, Roxy-sama]

I felt like I have understood one thing. It’s just like when we were marching on the green area of Gallia, the usual flow of things.
In short, Roxy would scold her from time to time, but would still pamper her in the end. Miria knows this, thus she had no desire to fix anything.
What a vicious cycle. I could somewhat understand Mugan’s hardship now.
However, Miria did reflect a bit, as she said this to me in a low voice.

[Just for today, I’ll get along with you. You’ve saved us back in Gallia after all….]

[Alright, then let’s do our best together.]

[But let me say this once, don’t get too friendly with me, alright?]

[What do you mean?]

But she went back to Roxy’s side without answering my question. What did she mean by [Don’t get too friendly]?
While I was thinking about that, Greed spoke to me via 《Mind Reading》.

『That girl, she might be a similar kind to you』

[I can hardly see that]

『She just don’t want to show it. Just like a certain someone out there』

[Kuh, you just have to prod on an old wound.]

『Ahahaha, this me has been watching over Fate all along after all.』

This relationship started when I bought Greed from that street side stall at the capital. It’s still been less than a year, but it’s felt like forever since then.
But what Greed was implying, I understand to a certain extent.
Miria didn’t know how to properly enlist to Royal Army. I heard that she grew up in an orphanage. I suppose, she’s the hard working type.
After leaving the West gate, Miria would intimidate me like a guard dog whenever I tried to approach Roxy.
Even though we got along this time, it’s just because Roxy told her to. Forget it. Tonight, I’ll get to be alone with Roxy since she has to tutor me. Miria could just shed tears of blood out of hate for all I care.
Marching ahead with a fearless smile, the goblin meadow finally entered our view. How nostalgic. Long ago I went here to test out the capability of Gluttony skill.
As I look around, I thought about the strong reproduction power of the goblins..
At least I thought so. The goblin meadow was different now. There were no goblins in sight no matter where we looked.

[No way!? There is not even a single goblin here. Roxy-sama, I did hear that their numbers were dwindling but….]

[Weird, isn’t it? Considering a goblin’s fertility rate, this kind of thing was never possible since the establishment of the kingdom]

I had the same opinion. Adding in, Greed spoke through the 《Mind Reading》.

『Fate, look closer downward. Those are goblin’s footprint, and it’s heading toward the hobgoblin forest.』

[You’re right….]

I informed Roxy and Miria about this. They looked at each other, then gazed toward the dense hobgoblin forest.

[Somehow….I feel something is wrong with the forest.]

[Certainly I can sense foul magic coming from there. Fai, what do you think?]

[Let’s go anyways. Otherwise, we won’t have any idea what is actually going on there.]

Preparing for a fight, we drew our swords and readied our magic as we entered the hobgoblin forest.

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