The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.43

Bonus chapter from sponsored chapter.

Short chapter.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 43 – Sera Schwarzer

[…Ares went missing right after he arrived….is that what you mean?]

The current Archduke Schwarzer Edgar’s wife, none other than Sera Schwarzer asked in a low voice.

[Yes! Please pardon us.]

Sigurd and the head maid Martha, as well as Burton (head butler) lowered their heads.

[Pardon me. But…..Ares-sama said that there is something he had to do….]
Sigurd said. Burton who was standing next to him also added.

[Normally, young lord should’ve gone to greet Sera-sama first… but when I returned, young lord’s already gone….]

Hearing this, Sera laughed crispily.

[It’s alright. Nobody can tie that boy down. Just let him go around freely….perhaps he just went to the western district.]

She then continued.

[Moreover, if it’s that boy. Then it must be something that really needed to be done first. He’ll return in due time.]

Sera looked out of the window then asked as she’s reminded of something.

[By the way, how is Julius doing? I simply couldn’t find him anywhere.]

[Yes. Julius-sama is at the gate with Alberto-dono, waiting for Ares-sama.]

[Of course. That child truly worships Ares after all.]

Sera showed a kind smile and instructed Burton.

[I’m sorry, but please go and fetch Julius. I have a feeling….that Ares won’t be going home tonight.]

She then added one more thing.

[Afterward, can you go and inform Maria at the House of Black Rose? Julius has been patiently waiting for Ares, so please tell him to go back as soon as possible…]


In the Holy Arcadia Empire, it’s mandatory for those in power to have a mansion in the capital. And when they returned to their territory, they have to leave their wife and child to live at this mansion. As a hostage to prevent revolt, so to speak.
The Schwarzer clan was no exception, Edgar’s wife Sera and his second son Julius remained at the capital.

Sera was born as the eldest daughter of Rodman clan.
The Rodman clan originally raised her to be courted by a royal family member, but Edgar fell in love with her on a first sight when he saw her in a banquet and they became a couple after what seemed like a passionate quarrel.
Like her husband, she’s known as a gentle figure. But she also could be resolute in the face of difficulties. Duke Rodman always lamented about how good it would be if Sera was a son instead of a daughter. Even when Edgar was absent, even when Ares was struck with a high fever and when she was informed that her son had inherited the memories of three predecessors, she remained unperturbed.

Now her name is more well-known than her husband in the capital.
She isn’t just a flower vase as she actively worked together with the servants to help other people of various statuses. Moreover, perhaps because she established an orphanage to save homeless kids.
In addition to her honourable attitude, her seemingly ageless beauty and her excellent political ability in the royal court, she was viewed as a great supporter to the Schwarzer clan.
To those ladies who like to gossip, the archduke’s wife was the pinnacle of proper attitude.

And more than anything…..she’s one of the people who Ares couldn’t win against.

[Good grief, Ares… you always make your mother and brother feel troubled as usual. I wonder how I should punish him this time]

Sera said so as she laughed mischievously.

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