The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.46

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Mother is always the strongest.

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 46 – Mother’s Talk

[What in the world are you thinking?]

It was in the hall of the royal capital’s Schwarzer Mansion.

At the center was Ares, standing upright. In front of him, smiling quietly, was his mother Sera.
Despite her smiling, her eyes was….scary.

[How many people do you think you have bothered due to your selfish action? At least you could’ve said something. Or is it a bother to tell anyone about what you are doing….?]

[E-esteemed Mother…. I certainly had done wrong. Can this fault of mine still be forgiven…?]

[No can do.]


[The punishment for this kind of act has been decided from a long time ago, hasn’t it?]


Right, Sera has always been like this. She’s usually mild mannered, but when something went wrong…..her quiet fury tend to be very scary.
When Edgar drank too much and showed up in disheveled appearance. When the vassal made a mistake that brought trouble to other people and when Ares did a prank. Sera would order them to stand upright in front of her while she herself sit on a chair and only allowed them to go after she’s finished. Even if it’ll take the whole day…. Everyone knew about this.

[Mother’s Talk]

That was the dreaded name that others had ‘affectionately’ given to refer to this punishment.

And of course, Ares spent the entire day from morning to evening on that very same posture.


[I can’t stand anymore; my legs feel numb….]

[Thank you for your hard work…]

Sigurd smiled wryly at Ares who was leaning back on the sofa. That individual action, missing for a whole day….Sigurd himself was both annoyed and worried by this…but after seeing the appearance of Ares standing in the hall for the whole day, he couldn’t bring himself to get angry.

[The infamous Mother’s Talk….it’s been a while since I last saw it. It’s….even worse than torture…]

[At least it fixed mother’s mood…]

Ares then said.

[Mother always treated me like this. Always nagging, always refusing to understand. I’ve come to age this year, haven’t I? I can marry a girl already, can’t I? In other words, shouldn’t I considered an adult already? Even so, she still treated me the way she did when I was still a kid…]


[Yes, it’s to discipline others. Sure. But thanks to that, I wasted a whole day. There is still a lot to do. I don’t want to waste any time. I was supposed to revise our plan. But it’s already late at night. So….]

[About that….Ares-sama….]

[Haaー? What!?]

[About that, well…]

Sigurd said with apologetic face as he pointed at what behind Ares. His expression had a faint trace of despair

[What do you mean anyways!?]

Saying so, Ares turned around to see who was standing behind him.

[I suppose….you haven’t had enough?]

There was Sera standing there, smiling as before and Julius who stood there with a sympathetic look.
Despite her smile, her eyes clearly not smiling.


Aa, what did I do wrong….

Ares felt like he’s falling into darkness.

This feeling of frustration….
In Leon’s memory, when his Arcadia Empire’s allied force was surrounded by more than 50 million enemy soldiers.
In Shin’s memory, it was when he was fighting the Demon King Galgain.
And on Gil’s memory, it was the time when he was considered an outlaw on all 5 countries.
None of that can rival this.
There were so many powerful enemies in the memories of these great individuals.

[Kuh! My mother is probably a horrible witch or something, and she must’ve defeated countless heroes already before!]

[Stop talking nonsense and come here.]


Saying so as he followed Sera, Ares disappeared behind the door with a ghastly pale face. Sigurd and Julius could only pray for him as they looked on.

[ Hopefully Ares-sama [Esteemed Brother] can return safely.]

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5 thoughts on “The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.46

  1. This is what makes the story turn worse
    Scold MC with a little mistake
    MC rush his corps just 2 weeks to the capital to make a preparation and yet he get scolded for 1 day long? Holy f…
    If his mother is on her teritory and not on capital, MC wouldn’t get all of his mission done smoothly

    But in the first place author want MC to be a pussy in front of “relationship” with women, even with his mother

    I know we must respect our parents, but the timing is off lmao
    Your son want your “family” get a better life lol
    Idk man, seems like a Karen to me V:


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