The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.47

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 47 – Rozenburg Clan

Ares resumed working the next day.

What he’s going to do today is…

[Confirming the information about the aristocrats and laying the foundations.]

He said. It didn’t mean that he’ll lay low for a while.
He must act domineering if he wants to find a true alliance. If he simply asked, then he would have no idea when they will betray him.
Ares is planning to look into it now….whether there is anyone qualified to join his ranks.

Of course it will be more advantageous when he can catch some powerful aristocrats or clans. But that’s not what he’s seeking. What he wants to know from those aristocrats are…

Whether they act for their own interests.

Whether they consider the people’s well being.

And, whether they can join hands with the Schwarzer clan.

That’s it.

[It’s not a problem even if they betray me in the middle of the road. I doubt that I can get along with clans that move for their own interests. I don’t need those kind of people among us.]

And then, Ares laughed audibly.

[I’m going to sift through all the aristocrats anyways…recruiting only those that we really need. Those clans claiming to be 『Righteous』. We’ll see if they are truly『Righteous』…..or just people who want to do what they want… This is good too as there will be less maggots.]

Ares said those harshly. He’s going to do this with utmost seriousness.

He’s going to sweep the Arcadia aristocrats clean.

Sigurd was there to hear all of that directly….he couldn’t help but feel a chill running down his spine.


The aristocrats in Arcadia have a certain hierarchy.

The highest would be the Archdukes. The position that the four vassals who aided the first Arcadia emperor Leon held and has been passed within the four clans through the generations.

Guardian of the North and East Archduke Schwarzer, Archduke Saxon in the West, Archduke Lombardia of the South, and Archduke Rozenheim who assists the emperor at the Royal Capital.

Then there are the six dukes. They are relatives of the imperial family and are posted in various key positions within the empire.

The present prime minister is Duke Clark. Duke Arnold was the former prime minister. Duke Hellion and Duke Hoover are also each responsible for the administration in the Royal Capital.

Meanwhile, Duke Randolph currently serves as the Imperial Knights leader and Duke McDohl as the commander of the Imperial Army’s first division. Both of them were stationed in military positions.

What the Archduke and the regular dukes have in common is that all of them carry the imperial clan’s bloodline.

Although the Archdukes are exceptions. That’s why there is a clear distinction between them and other vassals.

Then the other aristocrats…..what about the vassals who are not relatives of the imperial clan?

The highest rank these vassals could achieve was『Marquis』. They have a large territory and enjoy high status in the capital. Their number aren’t that big, but still sizeable compared to the Archdukes and the Dukes. Apart from the imperial clan relatives, these aristocrats held the greatest influence.

And below that is the 『Earl』.
Earls are still considered aristocrats and they still held great influence.
Under Earl are the following: the Viscount, Baron, Baronet, and lastly. the Knight leader.

But along with the empire’s long reign came the corruption. Aristocrats started to neglect territory administration and act only for their own benefit. They also escalated the power struggle by creating factions.
Also, they often used their position to justify bad deeds, making their people suffer. They thought that they could do whatever they want because they have that privilege as an aristocrat. Many had this misunderstanding. Ares especially hates these kinds of aristocrats.

Therefore, he always avoided associating with those aristocrats. But now….it’s very important to increase the number of his allies.

The other purpose is to pinpoint who will be his enemies….and who could become his true allies.

The first five days, Ares visited his old acquaintances.
These aristocrats are those who Ares trusts. His aim was to get new information regarding the current situation.

The first one he visited was Rozenburg clan.

[The last time we met was during that small incident with Hadora, wasn’t it? It’s been a long time.]

Ares laughed inwardly as he knocked on the door of Rozenburg mansion.


The Rozenburg clan is known for their [Magic] in the empire
The clan had produced large number of court mages as well as the best mages there is. In addition to their [Magic] , they also develop magic tools that are widely used on the capital.
In fact, marquis Alphonse Rozenburg was the head of Imperial Mage Division while his brother was also a court mage.
Alphonse was a neat, well-dressed and fair skinned blonde haired gentleman, his appearance reflecting his good reputation. He’s polite and well-accepted by many, becoming even more dignified as he grew older.
He’s of course, a highly talented mage, being the 2nd strongest in the ranks of the court mages.

Ares became familiar with Alphonse after a certain incident. He’s delighted to see that Ares had come to visit.

[It’s been a while, Ares-dono.]

[Pardon me for visiting so suddenly.]

[No no, Ares-dono is our benefactor. There is no need to refrain.]

That said, Alphonse invited Ares in and offered a seat once they arrived in the backroom.

[I hope Hadora doesn’t annoy you?]

[Ah….about that, I was thinking of apologizing. After all, it felt like I’ve snatched Hadora away from you….]

[No, Ares-dono has no need to apologize. The person in question had chosen to leave on his own accord. If someone has the capability to handle that Hadora, it must be you, Ares-dono.]

Having said that, Alphonse immediately shifted to the real subject.

[Well then, Ares-dono. What will your order be this time?]

At that point, Alphonse’s previously calm eyes became sharp.


The Rozenburgs in fact belonged to a neutral faction. Many want to be part of their faction due to their highly preferred status and their high level of mastery on the field of magic. Many aristocrats had tried to reel them in. That’s why Ares clearly understood Alphonse’s troubles.

[There are two points.]

Ares then took out a folded paper from his pocket.

[This is…]

[This is the blueprint for the『Cooling Box』. Many people in the Schwarzer Territory use this to keep their food cool or to store it.]

Alphonse gave it a look….then his face turned into that of astonishment.

[The power source is…..I see, a magic stone that emits cold….this is surprising. To think this kind of thing is possible to make in this world.]

Food preservation is a matter of life and death for commoners. Therefore, techniques such as drying fish and bottling were invented.
Winter is fine. But come summer, it’s easy for food to become spoiled. This is especially true for the inland Arcadia Empire.

This『Cooling Box』that Ares had presented basically solved that problem….it was innovative enough to turn the whole world in an uproar.

[However, there is one problem. It’s hard to mass produced. But it’ll be possible once we can find a way to create smaller magic stone. And so, I’d like to borrow Alphonse-dono’s wisdom.]

Hearing Ares’ request…..Alphonse looked back at Ares with aworried face.

[I understand….but are you sure? To easily give me this technology. If this can successfully be produced, it’ll surely sell very well in the royal capital. It’ll bring great wealth. This….]

[The important thing is to improve the people’s quality of life. I have no other goal than that.]

Ares then added more to assure Alphonse.

[Also…. I’ll tell the method to produce this tool only to Alphonse alone. There is no better person other than you who I can entrust this to.]

Alphonse stared at Ares’ eyes for a while. The silence went on until Alphonse smiled at last.

[Ares-dono’s feeling, as well as aspirations, I’m aware of it. I’ll put my effort into this kind improvement as well.]

[Thank you.]

Ares smiled back and bowed.

[Then how about the second point?]

[Ah, that is….]

Ares let out a boyish smile and replied.

[I merely came to see you and your family.]


During the conversation, the door suddenly swung open. Three girls entered the room.

[Ares-sama! Welcome back!]

[Big bro Ares, why did you never contact me?] (TL Note: Millia called Ares as Ares-ani)

[Ares-niisama, long time no see!]

Alphonse’s three daughters greeted in unison.

The first daughter Roxanne was 22 years old. She’s a beautiful girl with big eyes and shiny long black hair. It’s quite obvious that she inherited her fine skin from her father, the marquis. But…when Ares looked at her, he immediately turned his sight away. The reason being, she has the kind of body that any man would involuntarily want to touch… in a lewd way. The girl herself may not be aware of this. But….those voluminous breasts and butt are sweet temptation to all men.

In contrast, the younger sister Millia, 18 years old is similarly beautiful and soft spoken, with healthy tanned skin and short crimson hair. But unlike her sister, she has a boy-like figure, which is tight and energetic, invoking the sense of healthiness.
She was a junior in the Imperial Academy, whom Ares was quite friendly with. Currently the highest scoring student in the academy, Ares heard that she’s also serving as the vice president of the student council.

And then there was the 15 years old Chyntia who sported elf-like pair of long ears. She still behaves like a kid with a slight naivety. But otherwise she dresses neatly just like her older sisters, and will surely become a beauty in the future. Despite still young….she already has the curviness of her eldest sister…..

[You girls…..don’t act so rude like that.]

Alphonse coughed and reprimanded them.

[Well, brother here was our lifesaver. He’s also a senior I look up to. I’ve been wanting to meet him again. Elder sister Roxanne even helped me picking the underwear that I should wear for the occasion….]


Roxanne’s face blushed furiously as she promptly shut her younger sister’s mouth by hugging her face in her bosom.

[It’s nothing! Please forget what you’ve heard just now!]


Ares looked at Millia.
She was stuffed in between the pair of huge breasts, trying to free herself out.

[Ahh…. Roxanne-aneesama, you are suffocating Millia-anesama.]

At Cynthia’s words, Roxanne dropped her gaze down, then immediately let go of her.

[Guhaaaa! Hah, hah.. Good grief. You breast fiend! Why so suddenly!]

[Because, you said something weird out of the blue, didn’t you!? Don’t implicate me so freely like that!]

[Shut it! Is that why you suffocated me with your breasts! Are you trying to disgust me!?]

[No…. it’s because Millia-aneesama started it….]

[What’s with that, Cynthia? I thought you were my ally!? Did you finally join the big breast alliance!?]

[Arghーーーー! Enough! !]

Alphonse cut their bickering off. The three immediately stiffened their body and remained standing there unmoving.

[Good grief, all of you just had to barge in suddenly and bicker. I have something important to discuss with Ares-dono. You three can catch up with him later!]

Being told off like that, the three displayed sorrowful expressions.

[Don’t give me that face. Ares-dono….do you have any other plans today?]

[Eh? Erm, thatー……..]

[Fumu, I’ll take that as a no. Then you four can talk later during meal time. For now, please get out.]

[ [ [ …….yes……. ] ] ]

The three left the room dejectedly.

[Ares-dono, please excuse us for the rude behaviour.]

[No, it’s alright.]

Having said that Ares gave a look at the leaving three’s back. Then he thought to himself. Ordinary people would smile when they see the three’s relationship….but only that. Only those in the knows would understand.

Yes, it’s regarding their overwhelming magic power capacity.

[Those three are still as amazing as before…]

[Very few are aware of that.]

Alphonse replied while sighing softly.

The Rozenburgs have always been mages for generations. Their children have always been born with large amount of magic power.

But those girls….

[My daughters…..they have astronomical amount of magic power, the largest in the whole history of our clan.]

Right, those three were born with immense magic power.

Was that why? The eldest daughter Roxanne once inflicted great damage to the Rozenburg territory because her magic power went berserk and exploded when she was younger. She lived in withdrawal for a while after that. The younger sisters Millia and Cynthia had also lived their life with the fear that similar thing will happen to them as well.

[The girls now act very differently from that time. It’s all thanks to Ares-dono…..that they could regain their light. I can’t thank you enough for that.]

When Ares met Millia for the first time back at the academy, he was marvelled by her immense yet unstable magic power…..and so he gave her something. It’s the bracelet she now always wore around her wrist.

Magic Adjustment Bracelet

Millia was able to control her magic power after receiving and wearing the bracelet. Shocked, she immediately told her father about this, and he promptly requested for more bracelet for her other sisters.

At that time, various things happened.

But thanks to that….Millia regained her cheerfulness, and Roxanne recovered from her withdrawal to start anew once more. Cynthia became able to make friends more freely and is doing well at school.

[That’s why…..I wish to entrust my daughters to you.]

Saying so, Alphonse leaned forward with a serious look on his face.

[So, let’s get to the point. Have you decided? Regarding that matter.]

That matter, Rozenburg clan had repeatedly made this offer to Ares before.

[No, I haven’t….]

Alphonse leaned closer towards Ares, who in turn retreated slowly.

[Roxanne has long missed her marriage age….but I still wish for grandchildren.]

He said so as he moved even closer.

[I’m not offering too much luxury here. I’m not asking you to pick one between the three. I’m asking you to take all three if you must. My daughters are merely waiting for Ares-dono answer!]

After that, Alphonse kept pursuing the question to Ares up until the afternoon of that day……..

Immediately after finishing his dinner, Ares excused himself out. Today, he once again declined Alphonse’s offer, saying that he needs to go home. Finally, Alphonse confessed.

[Your Excellency….you may have come today to probe into my clan’s allegiance….am I correct? But rest assured. The Rozenburg is not a clan that would forget the great favor.]


On his way back from Rozenburg mansion, in the midst of darkness, Ares spoke to seemingly no one.

[Well, as expected of the Rozenburg clan, I guess? Even if I showed some interest I couldn’t just accept the offer, and neither do I need anything in exchange for what I did for them…..but I suppose he has already made his decision. I need him as an ally after all….and his mages as well.]

Ares said as he walked under the moonlight.

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