The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.48

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 48 – Rozenburg Three Sisters ~ Middle Sister Millia’s Story~

I was 14 years old when I enrolled in the Imperial Academy.
The three of us sisters were born with immense magic power. Yet, we were unable to properly control it. I wonder why….

We were born with the greatest amount of magic power in the history of Rozenburg clan.

In particular, sis Roxanne was the most amazing. She undoubtedly carries the largest magic power among us three. And… she’s also smarter, kinder, and more resolute compared to us her sisters. Many people might get hurt if we don’t put strict control over our magic power. Sis Roxanne, knowing this, trained magic on her own…..but one day her power went berserk.

My sister’s attribute specialty are『Water』and『Ice』

『Water』is for healing.『Ice』is for attacking. Of course, it was her『Ice』part that went berserk……

My sister’s rampaging magic turned three towns in Rozenburg territory into icy wasteland. Luckily, due to the visiting priest’s divine magic, canceling the rampant magic, there was barely any casualties. However, the incident hit sis Roxanne real bad. She, who was previously so bright, now locked herself in her room, never smiling again.
Before, many will flock around her for marriage proposal when she attended a banquet. She was well-liked by the people for her aptitude in magic and her generosity. She was also quite popular at the academy.
But everyone left my sister after that incident. The aristocrats rescinded their marriage proposals, people hated her and she was forced to quit from the academy.

Her nickname became:

[Rozenburg Witch]

I was very disappointed….. And so, I decided to enroll to the very same academy that kicked my sister out. Wondering if there is a way for us to control our magic hidden there.


Was it about two weeks after admission?

I already became the topic of talk among the sophomore students.

Of course, it’s about me as [ the sister of the『Rozenburg Witch』]

With that kind of gossip spreading, nobody dared to speak with me and neither did I attempt to speak to anyone.

Daily life like that would surely continue. I won’t have any friends at all. But I didn’t hesitate to continue studying. I thought that it’s okay, for I have my own goal to achieve.

Until one day. Someone called me from behind.

[Ne, wait, you, the one over there!]

At first I thought that this person wasn’t calling out to me, so I simply continued walking. No one was willing to talk to me anyways.

[Hey wait, don’t ignore me!]


I was genuinely surprised. Someone actually talked to me. When I turned around I saw a dark haired boy, about the same age as I, standing there.

[That….you are walking around while pouring out so much magic power….aren’t you bothered by it?]

[You can tell !?]

This was also very surprising. From what I could tell, he’s not belonged to the Magician course.

[It’s because it’s such a powerful current….and an unnatural one too…. Ah.]

The boy tilted his head as he said so.

[Could it be….. You don’t know how adjust your magic power?]


This guy didn’t seem to know me. And yet he noticed this at first glance. Even so, I kept my calm and replied to him.

[En, yes. I’m here to learn how to do it.]

If we knew how to do that….we would’ve led a different life.

My sister won’t get humiliated like this. And I can live my life truer to myself….

[I see. That’s why it’s so unstable. To be frank, it scares me a bit since it seems like it can explode at any time.]

Then he put his hand on my shoulder.

[Wh-what are you….]


As soon as he grunted, my explosives magic power appeared to be….disappeared…no, it was decimated?

[Ee……? Wai, wait! Just now, what are you….]

[For now, I’ll have to make do by compressing the magic power. Later….three days from now, can you please come to Professor Artorius’ office at the west tower?]

He then slung his bag back on his shoulders, and leisurely walked towards the academy.
Looking at his back….. I was at a loss for words.


Who was that guy? Can I believe him?

I didn’t know.

However, he did have this technique that could compress my magic power. This intrigued me. Maybe there is indeed a way to control my immense magic power.

After three days, I went to Professor Artorius’ office at the West Tower as he suggested.

Currently, professor Artorius was the vice president of the academy and most likely would become the president after a few years.
He also sometimes teaches in classes as an honorary professor….his classes were very popular that everyone in the academy was no stranger to it.

[Excuse me….]

Even a member of royal family won’t dare to go in and out freely, so I was quite frightened to visit such a high-ranking professor.

The first thing I saw was Professor Artorius, leisurely enjoying a cup of tea while reclining relaxedly on his chair.

[Oya? Ares-kun, it seems that your customer has arrived?]

[Oh, excuse me professor. Here we go.]

A voice came from the back of the room. And, a male student carrying a box entered my view…..he was Ares-senpai.

[Hi, aren’t you the girl from Rozenburg clan? I’ve heard the rumours. Please have a seat. I’ll brew you some tea….]

Saying so, the professor disappeared into the backroom, leaving me alone with Ares-senpai.

[Sorry, for asking you to come out of the blue.]


[Well, no need to be so cautious. First, please have a seat.]

At that point of time I wasn’t aware of Ares-senpai’s identity. It was only a bit later that I found out that he’s the eldest son of an Archduke.

Due to his background, only people who’re not jealous of him would be willing to approach him.
But for now, all I knew that he was somehow related to the famous professor Artorius. So it’s only natural for me to be wary of him.

Keeping my cautiousness, I sat on the chair then began talking.

[I came as promised… there something you need?]

[Un, this. I want you to put this on.]

That said, he opened the box in front of him. Inside was a silver bracelet.

[This is….]

[It’s a Magic Adjustment Bracelet.]

Professor Artorius spoke up as he returned from the backroom.

[You’ll probably be fine after wearing it. Why don’t you try it out to see if I deceive you or not?]

Senpai said while laughing.

I put on the ominous bracelet.


I felt my magic power rapidly diminish.

[Un, I suppose it works as intended?]

He smiled happily then started to explain about the bracelet.

[That trinket is designed to conceal magic power. The other day, after I compressed your magic power, I came to know the amount of your magic power. I had to make some adjustments. So that it’s able to conceal your magic power properly.]

But I wasn’t listening to his words. The magic power that had been plaguing the life of us three sisters. It’s been suppressed in such a short period….

Senpai was still explaining enthusiastically while professor Artorius smiled wryly as he looked on.

[Then if you put it on…..]


I shouted out involuntarily.

[Uwah! I was shocked. I’m not done explaining…]

[I don’t care about the explanation! What I want to know the most is can you make two more of these?]


In conclusion, Ares-senpai crafted two more bracelets for big sis Roxanne and Cynthia. He was actually unwilling when I invited him to meet my father, who had to return to the clan territory due to a sudden business. But he did come and even solved a lot of problems that arose soon afterward.

Yes, my sisters and I are now able to live normal lives without having to worry about damaging the surroundings, all thanks to the bracelets.

I felt like I was back to my childhood, when the day was brighter where I could make friends and spend time with them freely….. Until now, it couldn’t be done because of my magic power, but now it has become possible once more.

After that, I often talk to Ares-senpai…who by then I came to refer to as big bro Ares. I came to know later on that he is the son of the Archduke. Hearing that…..I was surprised.

He was quite famous at the academy. Despite belonging to an aristocratic clan, he not only attended the aristocrat course but also the regular course as well as participating in military exercises, strategic and political courses…
Now that I think about it, it’s no wonder that he could spend time in the equally famous professor Artorius’ office….although he was very famous among the students of the regular course, it appeared that those from aristocrat course were keeping an eye on him.

However, due to that sweet mask and gentle personality, as well as his excellent mark in tests….in addition to his status as the Archduke’s son….he’s popular among the girls.

At first, there were many who ridicule big bro Ares. The reason being he never attended the swordsmanship and magic exercises. Many always chidded him as a weak, undeserving person.
But I knew otherwise. Big bro Ares was hiding his real strength. Because, when he helped us, he had shown his true power.

Later, after the kidnapping case of the academy celebrity Sharon Roxietta…..his ability was exposed under the sun. He only became even more famous after that.

I was the one who repelled those people trying to curry favor with big bro Ares after. I always told big bro Ares that he was [too soft], since he never actually decline those people, but otherwise he’s thankful to me for doing it.

Big bro Ares was not only our benefactor. He’s also a benefactor for the whole Rozenburg clan. I can’t forget this favor for my whole life. I’m sure that big sis Roxanne, Cynthia…. my father, and the people of Rozenburg territory….also thought the same.

And so I believe that I can do anything for that person. I thought to myself.

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