The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.49

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Quite long chapter.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 49 – Rozenburg Three Sisters – ~Clan Head Alphonse’s Story~

It was evening when I got the sudden notice.

[Three villages in the territory were destroyed?]

[Yes. Apparently they were attacked by monsters….. Those villages have been erased without trace….]

Hearing such a story, I who was about to sleep stood up slowly from my bed.

[We cannot just leave it be. Let’s return to the territory.]

And so, I got ready and left the capital that very evening, returning to my clan’s territory.


Once I arrived back at the territory, I immediately prepared the soldiers.

That included the knights, foot soldiers, and even the mages.

[We’ll subjugate the monsters with our entire army. Vanquish them once and for all!]

I’m the head of the Imperial Mages Division. I could use both swordsmanship and magic as a magic swordsman, as I also dabbled on swordsmanship to a certain extent. As for my mastery over magic, my rank as the second strongest among the court mages say it all.
This time, I rode into battle myself as a general, heading to the destroyed village. It won’t take too long….or so I thought.

But what was waiting for me there…. Was something beyond imagination.

There was nothing. Nothing.
In place of the village, there was only wide open land, giving off a feeling of nausea.

[What…..? This…..]

Seeing this, I was speechless. At that moment, scouts came one after another to report.

And….I was shocked by the unexpected reports.

[Is the information correct?]

[Yes. It’s been confirmed that it was an Ancient dragon that leveled the northeastern villages]

The vassal who made the report lowered his head.

[In addition to that…. Apparently it’s the『Wicked Dragon, Vassago』who had destroyed Earl Roman’s territory last year.]

In the original report, it was thought that a number of monsters had appeared and destroyed the villages. That’s why I thought that it’ll be fine if I hit them with my entire army, but…..

Wicked Dragon Vassago

Ancient Dragons usually don’t attack other races because they have their pride as the king of dragons. But Vassago was an exception. He ignored this so-called ‘pride’ and freely attacked other beings.
In a year, it used three-quarters of it to sleep, and the remaining to wreak havoc. Therefore, humans gave this dragon a special nickname, 『Dragon of Misery』

Ancient dragons are entities whose power earned them the title of “Divine Beast”. Their power is similar in class to that of a natural disaster.
It’s impossible to fight one even if the entire forces on Rozenburg is dispatched. Perhaps if the main forces of the Empire marched over here…


I was awakened from my reverie.

[The Ancient dragon is no longer in the next village! The village is already in ruins!]

[Reporting!! It seems that the Ancient dragon has penetrated deep into the territory!]

Then came the final report.


[What is it this time!]

[The Ancient dragon…has appeared at the capital city Blum!]

Hearing the news…I unconsciously dropped the treasured sword I’ve been holding.

Capital city Blum. The center of Rozenburg territory.

After receiving such a report, we immediately marched back to Blum. There was no hope to win. But it’s my duty as the clan head to do something about it. I couldn’t just sit around doing nothing while my city is being destroyed.

And above all…there was currently no soldier in Blum. There were only powerless commoners, and my beloved family…my daughters Roxanne and Cynthia. Thinking so, I hurried my horse back to Blum.


The first thing I saw once arriving back to Blum…..was huge number of icicles. Many were stuck on the ground around the city.

[How did this happen!?]

I hurriedly asked a nearby vassal. At that moment…


The one who called me out was someone who worked at the main mansion named Torr.

[You….why are you here? No, what is the current situation? How bad is the damage?]

Reflexively I bombarded him with one question after another.


Torr fell down in tears instead.

[What’s wrong! Explain properly!]

[Lady Roxanne, she…]

[Roxanne!? What happened to Roxanne!?]

Roxanne should’ve been locking herself in the mansion. Why is her name mentioned here?

[Milady seemed to be aware of the Ancient dragon’s arrival in advance. She gave us some instructions. To evacuate as many citizens as possible to the hidden shelter and to report this to Alphonse-sama… Milady then wrapped the shelter with powerful magic barrier, and went out to fight the dragon alone…]

Having said that, Torr once again broke down in tears. But resolved to finish his report.

[Many people tried to stop Milady. I tried desperately too. But Milady believed that her immense magic power was meant to be for days like this… that’s why she shook us away and headed to the Ancient dragon by herself. We tried to follow… but was knocked down by Milady’s magic.we were told to report this to Alphonse-sama and guide milord to where Milady is. So here I am.]

[Roxanne did that…]

[People called Milady『Witch』….and everyone tended to avoid her… but I always believed that it’s just a ruse. Milady is dignified, and kind hearted…..I …… I……]


I cut his words quietly.

[Guide me to Roxanne. At once!]


Roxanne and the Wicked Dragon Vassago were apparently in the suburbs of the city. So I led the army there. Then, as we got closer…I sensed a massive concentration of magic that I’ve never felt before.

Suddenly, those among the army who possess magic power started to fall one after another. The least severely affected ones were vomiting on the spot. Perhaps they couldn’t stand such a concentrated amount of magic in a single place. The same goes for me. But I endured the nausea and went forward.

[Mages shouldn’t go any further! Only knights will follow me!]

That said, I urged my horse forward. And as I got closer, I could slowly see them.

The overwhelming size of the dragon, and the figure of my beloved daughter who was blocking the dragon’s intense breath attack with an ice shield.

(She’s capable of holding down against an Ancient dragon…no, she’s pushing it back?)

Astonishment crept as I watched the scene.

(Impossible!? Her opponent is an Ancient dragon…)

Roxanne’s talent is undoubtedly even more prominent than any of her Rozenburg predecessors. But what amount of magic power would be required to push back an Ancient dragon…?

But at the same time I realized something else…hopelessness overwhelmed me and my heart felt like it’s freezing.

Roxanne’s legs were frozen up to her knees, and the freezing only continued to rise up. The ground below her had also began to freeze over, and it’s spreading out gradually.
Due to using such a powerful magecraft, apparently her magic power overflowed and started to go berserk.

As a father, I wanted to stop Roxanne. But…as a Lord, I need her to defeat Vassago.

[Ah…have the Gods abandoned me…?]

At that time, I had no place left to turn to.

[Father! What kind of situation is this!]

A familiar voice came from behind. At that point, I hadn’t realized that the voice had brought along with it the saviour of the Rozenburg clan.


That voice belonged to Millia.
Why is that tomboy is here? Shouldn’t she be staying at the Royal Capital?
And…who is that man behind her?

[Wait….what is happening here?? That’s an ancient dragon, right? And why is sis Roxanne fighting it!?]

[Hear me out first!]

This is why I’m not fond of Millia.

[Why are you here in the first place! Shouldn’t you be at the capital right now?]

[I came because I have something important to report to father! Wait, sister doesn’t look too good?]

Responding to Millia, the man who was standing behind her opened up.

[The magic power is definitely going berserk…and such an immense amount at that…this is shocking.]

[……by the way, who are you?]

I sent him a suspicious look. Did Millia bring him here? Firstly, which father who would be alright seeing their daughter actually brought a man home? And at such a timing to boot.

It was him, not Millia, who replied to me.

[Ah, I’m her senior at the academy. The reason I came here is to meet her father…]

Meanwhile Millia was looking at the battle between Roxanne and Vassago. Roxanne seemed to notice Millia’s presence. She looked back to her sister in sorrow. At the same time, the berserking magic intensified even further.

[Is there nothing we can do…Senpai, can you do something?]

[… it’s the time for it to go wild, isn’t it. But well, I won’t be able to talk it out slowly unless I do something…ah]

Currently, Roxanne’s magic power intensified even more, freezing an even wider area.

[That looks bad…the magic has gone completely berserk…]

Saying so, the man turned to me.

[Lord Rozenburg. I have a way to settle this situation; both your daughter and the dragon. I know it’s hard to believe the words of someone you only met just now, but can you please leave this to me? Instead…please forgive me for what I’ll do.]

[…it’s hard to believe a stranger’s words indeed. But I have nothing left to deal with this situation. Do what you can.]

I replied half heartedly.

There is nothing I can do in this situation. Roxanne possesses the largest amount of magic power in the history of Rozenburg clan. But isn’t it now going berserk? And her opponent is an ancient dragon no less. What can you do about it?

And this random guy actually said that he’ll do something about it? How rude can he be?

But when he heard my answer, he smiled….then marched alone toward the battlefield where Roxanne and Vassago is facing off.


After that, that man…Ares-dono quietly heading towards Roxanne.

Roxanne’s magic power had gone berserk even further, the freezing had reached up to her chest area.

Curiously Ares-dono was not affected by such freezing as he approached Roxanne….and stole her lips. Seeing this scene, both I and Millia were dumbfounded.
But I quickly noticed something. Roxanne’s magic power intensity became smaller and smaller. No? Did he suck all that in?

This is something I’ve never seen before. No? I’ve read about this somewhere. It almost like the non-elemental magic that was already deemed as lost magic…
When Ares-dono released Roxanne’s lips…the ice that had covered her up to her breasts and covered the surrounding ground…they disappeared as if nothing had happened.

Leaving the seemingly disappointed Roxanne aside, Ares-dono turn to the wicked dragon this time.

[Now then… O ancient dragon. Your opponent is me now. You are a perfect partner…to see how far have I gone.]

Saying so, he took out a huge magic sword and charged at the wicked dragon.
The wicked dragon responded with a powerful breath attack.

After that, a battle of life and death began.

We were awed as we watched and prayed.

His sword cut through the dragon’s thick hide, hurting it. But it’s impossible for him to inflict a fatal wound. On the other hand, the wicked dragon’s breath attacks could not hit Ares-dono either.

How long the battle will last? Can he really win? My heart was anxious. I had doubted him when he first said his suggestion, but I had no choice but to believe him now.
That figure of his…resembled those hero often depicted on the church’s tapestry. At least those who present here would’ve thought the same.

When the stalemate continued on, the wicked dragon finally relented.

《Kuh! This fight, there is no fun in it. To think there is actually a human who could go this far in this age…let’s call it a draw now. However, we’ll meet again someday. When that time come…prepare yourself》

After saying that in a disappointed tone, the dragon took flight and left.

《That human woman earlier was a surprise as well. I’ll keep you in mind for next time. Remember that.》

That said, the dragon finally left towards the north.

Ares-dono did not dare to release his stance until the dragon disappeared from his view…but when he did, he fell down to his butt.

[Haa…..that would’ve been dangerous if the fight continued. I still have a long way to go….this is more tiring than I expected.]

He said as he laughed slowly….

Right. The moment I saw that smile on his face, I knew that the Rozenburg has been saved.


I then treated him as honored guest at my mansion. It was at this point I found out that he’s the son of the current Archduke Schwarzer. And the real reason for his visit to the Rozenburg territory…was to talk about the magic power adjusting.

He stayed for a few days, crafting magic adjustment bracelets for Roxanne and Cynthia.

He stopped Roxanne’s rampaging magic power, repel the wicked dragon, and more importantly, saved my daughter from their fate… He has become a great benefactor to our Rozenburg clan.

However. There was something that attracted me to him more than the fact that he’s our benefactor.

A sword valiant enough to match the wicked dragon. A brain so brilliant it produced something like magic adjustment bracelet. Moreover, he’s humble and has clean attitude. Isn’t that the very description of those heroes in myths?

Recently, Arcadia continent had shown the sign of unrest. So is within this empire. I have to think up a way to survive. So that’s why…Rozenburg needs him. I want to walk by his side, and survive this era. I thought inwardly.

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