The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.50

Weekly chapters (1/2)

The new heroine’s perspective and inner feeling.

Enjoy the chapter~

Translation: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 50 – Rozenburg Three Sisters ~ Eldest Sister Roxanne’s story ~

Meeting Ares-sama has changed my destiny by leaps and bounds.

I was born as the eldest daughter to Rozenburg clan.
I had immense magic power since my birth and it only grew stronger with each passing year…..I grew up while very well aware of it.

From a mage’s point of view, having magic power greater than others is a massive boon. But, imagine it this way: what happened when you stuff a lot of gunpowder in a small container then set it on fire?
It’s the same case.

My ever-increasing magic power is said to be extraordinary even for a mage clan like the Rozenburgs, but unfortunately…..I had no way to properly control it.

My father and all other clan members…..helped me to find a way. I learned various things that might help me control the immense magic from an early age.

But…..unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way.


I also had to act like an aristocrat. I am after all the eldest daughter of Rozenburg clan. Therefore, I had to take the seat and attend banquets whilst desperately suppressing the magic power I had accumulated for 15 years.
Everytime I attended a banquet, many would come to propose to me. I heard that engagement proposal had flooded in as well.
But…..I decided to reject them all. Because…..I do not know when it’ll go violent. This [problem] of mine…..prevented me from falling in love with someone. Denying me the chance the find my own happiness. I came to think so.

And then one day, what I had dreaded all these time came to happen.

It was when I was attending an event in a certain village. Many goblins appearing on the village’s vicinity and started to attack.
The soldiers and the villagers around me were wounded and soon overwhelmed…when I saw the goblins were about to hurt the children…..I used the ‘magecraft’ I had only used during training up until then.

My powerful magic froze the goblins…..and not only the village itself but also neighboring villages as well.

The villagers were rescued by a passing priest’s divine magic…. I became feared as the 『Rozenburg Witch』since then.

Since that incident, people stayed away from me. Those marriage proposals were withdrawn. Commoners and clan vassals alike began to fear me as well.
But I saw this as a good opportunity. I took this chance to lock myself in my room, limiting my interaction to my few close family members. I don’t want to hurt or bother anyone else.

I tried to learn about my magic on my own. In order to never repeat the same incident. And to save my similarly endowed sisters from experiencing the same fate.

And one day, fate once again came knocking.


Few days after father headed out for monster subjugation, I sensed a wave of horrible magic power. And it’s heading toward Blum in no time.

I gathered the mansion employees at the main hall.

[As we speak, a horrible threat is heading toward the city.]

The housekeepers were puzzled by my opening words, but I immediately reminded them about what I’m really good at. I told them that I have powerful magic which allows me to detect a monster’s whereabouts and so on. Calming the confused vassals, I first instructed them to evacuate the citizens to the hidden shelter. Blum had a shelter for the citizens specifically prepared in case a war breaks out. I headed there and raised a barrier. Naturally the employees were also there.

Many of the citizens were initially sceptical, but upon hearing the report of the returning scout, their face turned pale. Hearing that the『Ancient Dragon』were heading their way, they naturally followed my instructions in earnest.
After the shelter had been sealed up, I went out to confront the Ancient dragon.

At that time, many tried desperately to stop me, including Torr who had been like a real little brother to me. Even those who’d been avoiding me until then. But if I have to go, then I had to go alone. I personally thought…..what else the use of my immense magic power if not for days like this?

I gave them one last smile before heading out by myself, not looking back.


As it’s an Ancient dragon, of course it carries with it a very powerful magic.

《Human woman, why bother? This place will soon turn to nothing. No need to seek death so early.》

And so I declared war on the laughing dragon.

[I will stop you right here.]

That said, I conjured up numerous giant ice pillars.

[Blizzard Arrow!]

And flung them to the ancient dragon.

《Kuh! Human’s obscene imitation of True magic》

The wicked dragon repelled the ice pillars with a flap of its wings. But I noticed that it was being pushed back bit by bit. Yes, that’s fine. Firstly, let’s drive it out to the suburbs. It’s the current priority.

The ice pillars flew in quick succession. But the wicked dragon wasn’t going to go down without a fight.


It roared, inhaling lots of air before exhaling it in a brutal breath attack. I put forth every ounce of my power, and made an ice shield to block it. From there…’s a battle of attrition between me against the wicked dragon.


How long has it been?

Apparently I seemed to be approaching my limit. Not that I couldn’t block the dragon’s attack, I actually pushing it back. Given enough time, my magic might’ve reached it and freeze it for good.

However…..I had exerted so much magic that it was beginning to run rampant. My feet were already covered in ice even as we speak. The whole area was freezing, and the ice on my feet was gradually increasing. Eventually, it will cover me whole. If my magic went berserk now, even if the wicked dragon was defeated, the whole Blum would freeze over including the citizens that had evacuated.

At the corner of my eyes, I could see father’s figure.
Ah, father, you have returned?
Father looked at me anxiously. I must somehow convey my situation to father and let him and the people evacuate. There’s also the knights. And behind them…..

Nn? Millia?? Why is she here? Shouldn’t she be in the capital?

Unaware of my confusion, I saw Millia talked to father.

Hold a second. Why talk so leisurely? Evacuate! Evacuate immediately!

I thought so inwardly. But there’s no time for me to slouch. The wicked dragon who also noticed their presence put forth a stronger breath.

[Kuuh! Oh dear!]

I had also unknowingly responded by putting forth more magic. And so…..the magic power that I’ve been trying to suppress with great care up until then…..gone berserk.

《What in the world!?This amount of magic??》

The dragon’s breath attack had began to freeze. It became restless upon seeing this. But I was beyond caring.

The ground around me had been frozen. So was most of my body…..right, my magic had gone berserk alright.

The frozen are began to gradually widen, and my ice shield started to fall apart…the dragon ceased its breath attack and watched on.

《So you could not control your blessing. I was thinking of razing this place with my breath…but watching it freeze over sounds fun too》

The wicked dragon laughed.

《In any case…..that power of yours is beyond that of any human I’ve seen before. You have my envy.》

If this went on, my power would end up freezing the whole city, including father and Millia who were still standing nearby. And if I was eaten by the dragon, the frozen city would not stand a chance against it…..Ah, I’m just a witch after all. I couldn’t protect what is precious to me, nor I can bring benefit to others. Right when I was about to give up…..

[Such a great amount of magic power. Even stronger than Millia.]

I heard a voice of a man who came to approach me in such a leisurely manner.



Escape! Right now! Otherwise you’ll freeze!

However, no words came out from my mouth. In fact, that person was starting to freeze as he approached me.

[This, it’ll be useless unless I suck everything at once. This might be rude for a lady such as you…..but please pardon me as it’s an emergency.]

That said, the lad stood in front of me, put his hands on my shoulders…..and pressed his lips on mine.

[Drain Magic!!]


My consciousness was vague due to the berserking magic, but I was immediately wide awake due to too much shock. At the same time, I felt my magic power was drained away.

The cold that was running rampant around me disappeared and the frost on the ground vanished without a trace.

When I began to accept his kiss, the lad broke away and gently asked.

[Are you okay? Can you stand up?]

[Eh? Ah, yes…..]

[Well then, why don’t you stay here for a bit? Don’t move too much]

After that he grasped the necklace hanging on his neck. What next? As if answering my wondering, a bright shining sword of light appeared in his hand.

[W-wait. You are…..]

[I’m sorry, no time to talk right now. Anyhow, I’m going to drive that gecko away first.]

Having said that, he charged toward the wicked dragon on his own. I couldn’t help but to witness everything…..


At that moment, Ares-sama was like the mythical heroes of old. Driving away the wicked ancient dragon with his powerful sword. The details….I’ll omit it for now.

Also, after that, he crafted for us sisters a special bracelet that could suppress our explosive magic power, finally freeing us from our fears.

And after all that, Ares-sama had become my, and the whole Rozenburg clan’s, 『Saviour』.

Since then, the feeling hadn’t changed no matter how much time had passed. I believed that my father and sisters all felt the same way.

A few years later, I kept practicing everyday, and as a result, I now had much more control over my magic power. Why did I keep practicing in the first place? Of course, so that I’d be able to make use of my magic for his benefit.

Ever since that day, I’ve decided to dedicate my everything to Ares-sama, be it to my last strand of hair or to my last drop of blood. I want to be his strength…..even if just a fraction. Therefore, I will keep practicing.



Author’s Note:
Roxanne is somewhat yandere.

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