The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.54

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Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 54 – Margott’s Chamber of Commerce

Having reignited the relation with Kevin back-up yesterday, today Ares went out to see the aristocrats he could trust. Earl of Roxietta was among these people.

Earl Lloyd Roxietta is also Sharon’s father as everyone knew already. He serves in the imperial capital as the commander of the Imperial Knights.

[Duke Randolph is the one who understands the ins and outs better than I do.]

That’s what Lloyd said. Since Ares’ clan aren’t exactly on good terms with Duke Randolph, making the undertaking harder than it already is.

[I’m just a small fry, if compared to Duke Randolph.]

[I would like to help solidify the knights to be on our side. But well, I don’t have any idea how. It’s like a lump right in front of my eyes.]

Having said so Earl Lloyd laughed earnestly.

Ares was quite inspired by this. It is said that only a truly courageous and skillful warrior can go on with a smile regardless of how hard his mission is.

[By the way Ares-sama. In a few days, my wild daughter will come to the capital. I’ll be relying on you once more.]

[……I have a lot of things to do though.]

[I know that, but she won’t listen to me. Even if I stop her, she would just force her way out and go by herself.]

It’s good that Lloyd didn’t give up despite walking on a rough outline. But when Ares imagined the arrival of his childhood friend, he couldn’t help but show a slightly ugly face.


Ares next visited Baron Belmond who was quite famous among the imperial military forces.

The Belmond clan has been holding the Baron title from a long time ago, much like other existing Barons at the moment. Their only special characteristic… that they are good swordsmen.
The current duke is already 60 years old. But his movement is still as sharp, and his trained body which is fairly visible from under his clothing still hasn’t shrivelled due to aging. Widely known as the 『Sword Demon』, his sword technique was considered to be the best in the empire.

[Oh, it’s been a long time. Ares-sama. What brings you here this time around?]

[Nothing urgent. I just want to see you. After that…how’s the information gathering in the capital going?]

[Hahahah, happy to hear that. How about some relaxing tea as we slowly talk about what you came for, shall we?]

However, Ares was taken to the training ground instead. A lot of people were practising swordsmanship at this hour.

[Errmm…Duke gramps, why are you bringing me here?]

[About that…nothing beats a cup of tea after moving your body around.]

That said, the duke took out a nearby training sword.

[It’s hard to find a satisfying fight around here lately. It’s been a while since my heart pounded fiercely from confronting a strong enemy.]

(Ah, here comes his bad habit.)

Ares sighed as he took a glance at the duke’s face. Looking sideways, the previously practicing men now stood there looking with gleaming eyes.

[Ares-sama, please spar with me next]

[Next with me!]

(Oh well, I guess it’s only natural for the battle-enthusiast like the Belmonds?)

Seeing how these people acted, Ares could only laugh inwardly.

After that, Ares showed up at many other aristocrats’ residence. They are mostly lower class aristocrats, but he needs everything that he can get. Moreover, they are all the vassal clans of the Archduke Schwarzer.

He might need to borrow their power one day. But before that, he needs to be aware of each other’s intentions, as well as uniting and coordinating their thoughts.

Ares thought so inwardly as he talked with several aristocrats.


Ares final visit was to the Margott House of Commerce.

The Margott House of Commerce is a very well-known merchant union in the empire. After the former head director Giovani Margott was replaced by the current director Lorenzo Margott, their scope of activity had further expanded. Their business relation is not only limited to Arcadia empire, but also Thracia, Sarunagora, Wolfgard and even with the eastern countries.
Their market serves a wide range of customers, ranging from aristocrat to commoner.

The former director Giovanni can be considered a genius in commerce.
They created a fashion trend in the capital, selling products tailored to complement the trend. They first introduce their new product to an influential aristocrat, which will most likely spread it to other aristocrats.
And once their product became a hot topic among the aristocrats, their item will naturally sell really well. They sold a variety of different fashion items, ranging from dresses to luxury and artistic items.

They also keep an eye and took note of what the commoners want or need. Then sell their product that meets the people’s requirement in large quantity.
Not only that, they also sought to create their own new product and spread their invention to the world. A lot of inventors and engineers work for them. Thanks to them, the House of Commerce could release many innovative tools to the world.

Giovanni retired a few years ago, and handed over the family business to his eldest son Lorenzo. Although there are rumours stating that he still has some amount of control over the business.

Then does Lorenzo have equally good business talent? Not really.
At the moment, he’s working abroad, directing the expansion of the sales channel.

He also spread his personal connection as he travels around the continent.
It is believed that his effort was the reason behind the greatly increased sales of Margott House of Commerce.

Last year he was [The First on the List] to receive the Imperial award and the House of Commerce influence had become like a bird flying in the sky.
Moreover, their total assets are immeasurable.

The power of money can sometimes defeat the mightiest sword.
Be it high ranked aristocrats or even the royal clan, Margott’s House of Commerce has some influence over them all.


Ares planned to spend some time on Margott’s House of Commerce until it’s time for him to go later that night.

His purpose this time was to meet Giovanni. And he also brought some souvenirs as well.
While waiting at the reception room…

[Ares! What brought you here this time?]

The door behind him suddenly opened.
Hearing that voice, Ares turned around and replied.

[Hi Nina. It’s been a while.]

[You finally showed up here. I’ve heard that you came to the capital. Why did you only show up now?]

[Lots of inconveniences here and there. Lots of work to do.]

[Thought so. You must’ve gone somewhere else first.]

Despite her sounding depressed, Nina’s eyes were brimming with happiness. Ares also enjoyed this conversation.

Nina is Lorenzo’s only daughter, as well as Ares former classmate during his time at the academy. Strange thing was, despite coming from different family backgrounds, the two got along really well. With long wavy flaxen hair and large maroon eyes, everyone would agree to say that she’s beautiful. Her outstanding style is not only attractive in the eyes of not only boys but also girls.

But her best features are…the beast ears peeking out from her flaxen hair, and her fluffy tail. Yes, she’s part beastkin.
A half-beastkin to be exact. Lorenzo’s wife was a beastkin. Apparently they met during one of his travel, when he saved her from slavery. And Nina was born from their union. Not wanting their daughter be discriminated, Lorenzo immediately decided to leave her under his father’s care so that she’ll be protected. Giovanni also loves her and provided various education for Nina. And par for the course, he also taught her business.

Nina also inherited the Margott family’s aptitude in commerce. She showed her business acumen to her father and grandfather by graduating from the academy as the top ranker of Commerce department, then getting involved in various jobs.

[Still, you are in luck. Today not only Grandpa, but Papa is also here as well.]

[Lorenzo-dono is here too? That’s lucky indeed.]

[Just don’t say anything weird while Grandpa is around since he’s a bit touchy lately. Oh well, I think you’re gonna be fine since you are practically his favorite.]

During such a conversation, an elderly man and a middle aged man entered the reception room.

[Welcome, Schwarzer Young Lord.]

They are the former director of Margott’s House of Commerce Giovanni Margott and the current director Lorenzo Margott.


[Long time no see. Giovanni-dono, Lorenzo-dono.]

Ares got up from his chair and lowered his head a little

[No no, no need to be so formal. All the same, pardon us for not properly welcoming you.]

Lorenzo replied.

When the formality ended…Lorenzo suddenly spoke up.

[Nina. Can you please leave us for now?]

[Eーーー!But why? I have a right to be here as well.]

[No can do.]

[But I….!]

Nina noticed the change in Giovanni’s face.

(Uh, that’s the matchmaker’s face. It’s always embarrassing when Grandpa has that kind of face…)

[Alright. I’ll be waiting outside.]

[Forgive us.]

[We’ll tell you about it when it’s over. Sorry.]

Ares seemed a little worried himself.

(No, you shouldn’t be worried about me……Please be safe…Ares.)

While Nina was thinking that, a smile bloomed on Ares’ face as he watched her leaving the room.

Once Nina left, Giovanni who had remained silent all this time spoke up.

[Well then Ares-dono. Can you tell us what brings you here to our abode this time?]

Giovanni said that in a freezing tone, as he gazed sharply toward Ares.

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