Return of The Former Hero ch.139

Weekly Chapters (2/2)

This new girl is cute.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 139. Former Hero – Standing in the Corridor

The night went by and it’s already 12 o’clock right now.
Perhaps I got a little carried away last night.
Still a little bit sleepy here.

It’s been a whole month and there were 2 women who would willingly do anything I want, so it’s only a given that I vented out for that whole month worth of holding back without stopping.

I need to reflect a little.
But Rithina and Mina’s satisfied look as they slept gave me some form of relief.

Anyways, noticing the others are still busy with the post processing of the captured bandits, I went to look for Elcure.

Perhaps I can dig out something out of her?
I quickly found her location with Search.

Turning the corner of the corridor, there was Elcure, walking in such a way that her ponytails swayed left and right. I could almost make out the shape of her butt through her swaying miniskirt.

As I looked at that swaying miniskirt, I was reminded of yesterday.
How the strap of the T-shaped back of her panties makes it look like she『wasn’t wearing anything』
That light pink butt looked tasty.

That scene burned into my eyes, mixing together with Rithina’s and Mina’s asses from last night…that’s it! I can see it!

No. This is wrong.

[What are you doing?]

When I spoke a bit louder, Elcure stopped her stride, and slowly turned to me.


Exploring? Of course.
Such a simple and easy answer.

[I-I see. I’m sorry for disturbing your exploration, but I need to ask something before the Hero arrives……well, wha, what is it?]

As I said so while we approached each other, Elcure silently stared at my face.

When she stared sharply at me with her eyes narrowed like that, I wonder why I felt slightly scared?

I stopped slightly away by 1 meter from Elcure, but she proceeded to approach nearer.

Getting really close to me that her face is merely an inch away from mine, she seemingly scrutinized my face from the bottom to the top.

W-what is it?
This is going to excite me for sure, but why?

What is it? Do you want a kiss or something?

Of course, that’s impossible.

[You…..are you really human?]

Unaware of my slightly excited state, Elcure asked that weird question as she lowered her head to sniff on my chest.

No no no, hold your horses there.
My heart can’t stop pounding.

No really, isn’t this such a shocking situation?

[I-I’m genuinely a human.]

From another world, though.

In a sense, I might not be the same kind of 『Human』as Elcure knows.

[Is that so?]

Apparently satisfied with my answer, Elcure pulled away.

It’s a bit embarrassing to be sniffed at.
Moreover, after various things that happened yesterday, I hadn’t taken any proper bath, and merely wiped my body with hot water.

That kind of body odor at such close range….

Aa, this is bad.
Not to mention the blazing hot sex last night.

Calm down, me.

[So……what do you want to ask?]

[Uee? Err……..that, right……that!]

Elcure spoke as if nothing had actually happened, making me flustered.

No, this girl just sniffed at your body all of a sudden only a moment ago.

And yet, she actually took note of what I said. Really, this fellow.

[Just some tidbits. Here, come closer.]


I managed to calm myself down and beckoned Elcure to come.
This demon girl is really straightforward.

And then, we moved from the floor where Elcure was frolicking around to the highest floor.

Not many people are on these upper floors at the moment.
I had told the knights in advance to not use these floors.

I-it’s not to freely be able to do erotic things, let me tell you that.

When we arrived, Mina was already waiting at the front of the another room from the one we stayed in last night.

[We’ve been waiting for you.]

As Mina said so, she opened the door and guided us in.

Not that I had prepared a trap, but Elcure didn’t seem to be particularly alert, entering the room calmly.

[Well then, I leave the rest to you.]


Before I entered too, I spoke with Mina for a short while.
Mina bowed, and proceed to head down the stairs.

It’s actually not necessary, but I asked Mina to prevent people from coming up from the lower floors.

When I entered the room, there were Rithina and Elcure waiting inside.

Alright, let’s have you divulge as much information regarding the demon lord.

Before I could offered everyone to sit, Elcure already dashed past the room, bringing her face near Rithina’s chest and started sniffing on her.

[Kyah…..err, you….?]

Rithina did not expect this at all: that she couldn’t hide her surprise from Elcure’s action, raising a cute yelp in the process.

Oi oi, what the hell is this demon girl doing?
If you are a guy, you’ll already be biting the dust at the moment.

Then, what is she doing? Even the wild types like Laurier and Tanya never do this.
Trying to identify other people through scent, is she a beast or something?

Even for me, I rarely sniffed at a woman’s body like that.
Please return the heart pounding from earlier..

[Please stop.]


I grabbed the corner of Elcure’s nape , peeling her off from Rithina.

Elcure rubbed her neck and looked at me with annoyed eyes. I merely looked back in the same manner to reciprocate.
Then, Elcure stopped looking at me and reluctantly sat on one of the chairs. Victory.

I guess I’m just a little jealous.

[Then, there are few things I’d like to ask. Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to tell me everything.]


Elcure merely nodded.

I said that to reduce her alertness.
Besides, with this, she’ll start to think about 『which part should I keep hidden』, and the distinction can also be noticed.
….anyways, it was Rithina who proposed this..

[Alright. First, what is your relation with Baurovaーー]



I seemingly heard something when I began the questioning.
While I was wondering about it, Rithina who was next to me closed her mouth with her hand.


[What’s the matter?]

[Ah….no, no……it’s nothing….]

If it’s really nothing, then what was that just now?

Anyways, I’m trying to ask some questions here. Alright?

[Errm….well, back to what I was askingーー]

The questioning session with Elcure lasted for about 30 minutes.


[That demon is dangerous.]

After seeing Elcure off, Rithina said so.

[Dangerous….is it?]


There was seriousness in Rithina’s eyes.
Is she really that dangerous?

[What is so dangerous about her?]

Of course I needed to know the reason.

[About that…at the moment, Elcure-san’s target is actually Haruto-san.]


She’s targeting me?
Wh-what do you mean?

Afterward, Rithina explained in an orderly manner.

First, Elcure doesn’t know anything regarding something important like the demon king’s secret.

She had answered that question without keeping anything hidden.
Most of her responses were mostly that she didn’t know or she didn’t understand, but according to Rithina, Elcure didn’t hide anything and was telling the truth.

I see.
I can understand now why Baurova implied that [I can do as I like with her] before he left.

In other words, all is good.
Rather, I felt that he had strangely pushed her onto me.

Originally, I planned to use Rithina’s power to glean over some information, but who would’ve thought that it’s just an empty coffer.
Oh well, at least there are things that I found out.

To start off, the reason why Baurova and Elcure ended up in this mansion.

Elcure was merely following Baurova around, she is not aware of Baurova’s purpose and what the bandit leader knew that Baurova even went as far as shutting him up personally.

Next, why did she follow behind Baurova, a member of the Four Heavenly Kings?

The cause of that went back a bit in the past. It was after Leon and his party defeated one of the Four Heavenly Kings, apparently Elcure was supposed to be the next candidate.
However, an unknown individual named Baurova was appointed to become the replacement, which has never happened before in the demon king army.

So, Elcure, unconvinced of this decision, went to challenge Baurova to fight, thinking that if she managed to kill Baurova, she’ll naturally become the next Four Heavenly Kings.
However, Baurova treated her with ignorance, never giving her the chance to fight seriously and so she ended up chasing after him to this place.

Personally I don’t know which one will win if Baurova and Elcure fought each other, but regardless of that, the winner will become one of the Four Heavenly Kings, I suppose?
Has the demon king army became that wild and simple? Scary.

And then, here is this fellow with that kind of simple thought and ambition,
Ah, I guess that’s why he purposely pushed her to me.

Dammit, I’ll get back at him later…at least that’s what I should’ve said, but honestly I don’t really mind since Elcure is pretty cute.

….no, you got it wrong, it’s not like I plan to put my hands on her. She’s cute though.
But well, I won’t mind if she wants to put her hands on me. Ehehehe.

Elcure is petite, but she has curves where it’s necessary, creating a figure not unlike that of a model.

If I hold that slender figure of hers, it surely feels good.

My heart is pounding.

Oh well, my mind was diverted by evil thoughts. Let’s get back to the topic.

Well, that’s how it is.
She was supposed to chase after Baurova, but decided to leave him be upon finding out that [the Hero is nearby] from our conversation, and thus she came up with the idea of [what if I kill the Hero?]

It was that simple.
Moreover she said that he’ll take a roundabout way to return to the main force of the Demon King army.

By the way, Elcure wished to become the Four Heavenly Kings because she thought that it’ll be great to become one.
No other reason than that.

By the way, I wonder if they receive special treatment as the Four Heavenly Kings?
That still remained unclear. I mean, it seemed like a serious matter.

……and, that’s all of the information we could dig out of Elcure.

This Elcure is just a fool, isn’t she!?
This fellow, she doesn’t even know anything about the Demon King army. No wonder Baurova didn’t mind leaving her here.

Never mind.

Rithina’s power has proven to be useful for interrogations.
This is good to know, in case we have the chance to catch a more informed guy next time.

[…..then, on what grounds do you think that she’s dangerous?]

She wants to become one of the Four Heavenly Kings, so suffice to say she should have enough capability to match them. If she is really just targeting Leon, then Rithina would not go this far as to say that she’s dangerous.

Speaking of which, Rithina said that Elcure is targeting me.
But why me?

[E-ermm…about that… It’s a bit rude to say it…]

Having said that, Rithina turned her face down.


[A-anyways….that, girl…..she’s very, promiscuous.]




I don’t understand even the slightest bit.
What did you say?

[I mean that girl; she looks like a terribly promiscuous girl]




Rithina immediately explained in more clarity as I didn’t seem to get her.

Anyways, it was like this.
I’m just repeating after Rithina here, but apparently this Elcure came from a certain demon clan which was known for being extremely perverted.
The term extremely perverted reminds me of Celes, but Elcure is different than that.

According to Rithina, when the three of us were doing it last night…apparently Elcure had applied some illusion magic in response to my repressed desire, as evident by how her illusion magic power gauge is currently empty.

But when Rithina told me what happened last night, all that I can think of was [No no no, there is no way that could happen.]
Specifically, I split up into 5 more people, and did both of them each from three different directions. Did I really do that? …, that’s not the problem here.

Of course, earlier I didn’t ask anything erotic to the girl in question so I’m not really clear about it. She didn’t seem to have any experience with it, but perhaps that’s why she seemed to be curious about it.
Moreover, right now, rather than only watching…she’s thinking about taking part on the deeds as well.

Is that why she’s dangerous?
Rather, it sounded like a good deal to me.

It’s like how I began my relationship with Tanya.
Even though at first Tanya was only attracted to my magic power, she’s now very lovey dovey to me.

I couldn’t wait. Fufu.

No, what Rithina is meaning to say is that [I shouldn’t let this matter go out of hand].
I’m not really sure myself. But I get it.

Rithina is even aware that I’ve been eyeing Etna-san for a while now.
Besidesly, if I really take Elcure later, then there will be 10 members in my harem.
It’s already a rather big number. I could even make a baseball team out of it.
Conversely, it’s not enough to make a soccer team yet. Un. Ain’t that right?

Aside from the number, her position as a higher-ups in the demon king army would become a hindrance.

But Baurova did imply that I can [do as I like], and if Elcure is also willing, then what can I do about it?

No, but anyways I see nowー. Elcure-chan, wanna do it right away todayー?
After all, in this different world of sword and magic, someone of my level is only one in many.

Now I can say it once more, being sent to a different world is really a good thing. Gehehe.

[Nee…look at that! Haruto-san is already in the mood. I am advising you to not make a rash decision. We are talking about meddling with the Demon King army here, so please consider the danger as well.]

Rithina said so before leaving the room.

Did I sense some jealousy there?
Noo too cute.

Let’s give chase and give her a hug.
And go straight to the bedroom as is.


When I left the room to chase after Rithina, I found Elcure still loitering in the corridor ahead.

I can no longer see Rithina’s figure.
That’s fast. Is she a ninja or something?

Elcure noticed me, but didn’t say anything. She merely stared at me.

Noo, you’ll overdose me with cuteness if you keep doing that.

My imagination went wild because of what Rithina told me earlier.

I wonder what Elcure had inside her mind now, what kind of things she imagined me doing, and with whom.
Is my partner Rithina? Or is it Mina? Or perhaps Elcure herself? Or maybe even all three at once?


I thought I have used up everything last night, but apparently a new bullet has been loaded.
What a great recovery, me!

Let’s see, I tried to take the initiative to approach.
You see, a man should be the one leading, am I right?

[Yo. Thank you for answering all of my questions back there.]

Way to go, I talked in a very gentle yet friendly manner before going for the kill.

I need to make Elcure comfortable with me as I walked to her side.
And then, I reached up and ruffled her hair gently.

This is it.

When a girl allowed other to go this far, then that means it’s good to go!




Elcure brushed away my overstretched hand.

And with a strong snap too. It actually hurt.


[Don’t act so familiar…..Die.]


As Elcure said that, Sharon happened to see this, so she took a U-turn and climb back down the stairs.


Ha, why is it different than you said, Rithina-sama?

Right. Isn’t that so? Right?
Anyways, delusions and reality are different matters, guys.

No matter how good the delusion is, no matter how you think about it, would you be willing to do it in reality so easily?


I’m getting ahead of myself here.

I thought to myself as I’m standing by myself here on the corridor.

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  1. this chapter was a bit confusing… so she used magic when he was sleeping whit Mina and Rithina so they could enjoy themselves more?
    and rithina thinks she is into haruto? but she is a tsundere?


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