The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.57

Weekly Chapters (1/2)

Our MC is weak with liquor and alchohol.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 57 – Drunk

Why am I here again?
Ares tried to recollect himself to find out what brought about this situation.

Two girls stood beside Ares.

One was his childhood friend Sharon.
The other one was his personal maid Theta.

[Let me ask you this…why are you insisting on staying on Ares’ side all the time?]

[I am Ares-sama’s maid. It’s only natural for me to stay by his side. Sharon-sama, as well, why do you come to this mansion?]

[I’m Ares’ childhood friend. Isn’t it natural for me to see him?]

The girls scattered sparks all around Ares.

Yesterday Sharon arrived at the Royal Capital. Coincidentally, Theta also arrived at the Schwarzer mansion on the same day.

Ares just finished meeting the aristocrats who wished to be his allies, but even more would keep coming one after another like river water out of floodgate. And yet…

[I didn’t know Theta would come here…..Sharon came a bit later than expected though…]

That triggered it.

[Ares has no need to stuck out your nose into this!]

[Eh!? Me!?]

Suddenly, he got involved into the argument.

[Why is Theta here in the first place!]

[No, I don’t even know….]

[It’s only natural for me to come here!]

Theta then loudly said in order to close down the argument..

[Wherever Ares-sama go, I will be there as well. This is fate!]

No, please don’t make such a big misconception…
Ares began to have cold sweat.

[That’s why I’m willing to do anything for Ares-sama!]

Having said that, Theta blushed furiously.

[E-even this body….I’m willing to give everything!]

At that moment, it’s as if the air around them froze.
And so did Ares’ mind.

[What in the world are you sayyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!]

It was Sharon’s shout that melted the frozen atmosphere.

[What do you know of Ares! I’ve spent a longer time with Ares compared to you! I have no need for a nobody to stay by Ares’ side!]

Ah, the story is getting confusing…
What a day…it’s such a mess.

Discussion with the other aristocrats is quite important. There may be some of them who are willing to be an ally. Yet everything had to be delayed for later, because of these two’s arrival….

Sweating profusely, Ares took a filled glass nearby and proceed to down it in a single gulp due to his thirst.

[!? Gohogoho!]



When the two girls looked back, Ares was in the verge of falling.

[Wait a minute, what did you drink just now?]

[That…I think it should be water.]

[Hold on. This bottle is marked as water, but isn’t this wine?]

[Ee? It’s true… That means Ares-sama just gulped down liquor….]

[Has Ares drunk something like this before? I’ve never seen him drink….]

[Shall we ask Sigurd-sama for help? I’ll fetch some cold water immediately.]

When Theta was about to stand up, someone grabbed her arm. It was Ares, who was still lying on the floor at the moment.


Ares stared intently at Theta and then…


Suddenly Ares rose up and kissed her on the lips.

[Nn! Nn!]

Ares did not let Theta to free herself. Sharon was stunned by this sudden turn of events.

At first, Theta tried to break free but Ares held her tight and refused to let go. Their exchange gradually became more violent.

Their tongue started to tangle together, combined with the action of their overlapping lips, the room was soon filled with a somewhat lewd sound.

In the meantime, Theta also stopped struggling and quietly accepted it.

When Ares finally released the kiss, Sharon shouted while shaking and blushing furiously at the same time.

[Y-you…..what are you doing!?]

[This woman said that she’ll give me everything. I just did as she said.]

Watching Theta sobered up, Ares said while grinning.

[You….are you drunk?]

[Drunk? No. I’m just being honest with myself.]

Ares then stood before Sharon and placed his hands on her shoulders.

Badum! Sharon’s heartbeat rate rose.


[Sharon. I know you watched me kissing Theta. You complained about it, yet you didn’t look away at all.]

[Nha! T-that’s….]

Ares continued while staring straight into her eyes.

[I know. I never intended to only do it with Theta anyways. Sharon…you, are also an important person in my life…]

Sharon looked away and replied.

[Saying that all of a sudden is…]

[That’s why….take this as an apology for me to leave you hanging]

Then he proceeded to enclosed Sharon’s lips with his.


Unlike the kiss with Theta, this one was a short but repeated kiss. And then…


Ares slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Kuchu kuchu kuchu…

Sound of mingling tongues could be heard.

The more their saliva mixed together, the redder Sharon’s face became.

By the time Ares finally let go of his kiss, Sharon was staring at him like a hungry wolf.

[Ares-sama!? Pardon me. But please continue doing that with me.]

Theta hugged from Ares’ right.

[Ares …I…also want more…]

Sharon also appealed the same as she encircled her arms around Ares from the left.

Ares responded while enjoying the feeling of two bodies pressing unto him.

[Yeah, of course. Today I will satisfy all of you. The three of us shall enjoy our time together.]

Then he added:

[However, only up to kisses today. We aren’t married yet after all. But…]

Ares laughed afterward.

[From now on …I will do my best in both body and heart]


When Ares woke up, it was on the bed. Next to him, Sharon and Theta were sleeping with a contented look on their faces.

Ares sighed while holding his head…

[….it’s getting back to me bit by bit…..ah…..I, what the hell did I just do…]

Saying so, Ares tried to recall what had happened.

[Wasn’t that very similar to what Gil would do…?]

Right then, a voice called out from next to him as if in response to his muttering.



Those voices shook Ares. Looking at the source, he was met with the gaze of the two girls.

[I won’t fuss over about it anymore…we’ll get along well..]

[Please let us stay on your side from now on]

What in the world has happened?

The wine that Ares drunk earlier today …it was really sweet, yet at the same time very bitter.


Alchemist Gilbert Goraye used to be a very famous individual in many countries. It’s said that no woman could escape his solicitation and seduction techniques. It’s also said that he spent his night feasting and satisfying the women in his palace, keeping them close to him.

But I digress.

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