Glutton Berserker ch.120

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 120 – Fruit of Innocence

The goblin shaman, despite its battered and weakened body, raised its shakujo. (TL Note: Shakujo is also known as the “pilgrim’s staff” or “bishop’s staff”, is an ancient and highly symbolic Buddhist item originating in India.)

[This land……..the gate. My…power.]

We advanced to cut it down to settle the matter once and for all. But at the same time, the surrounding containers also broke down one after another.

[What’s going on…..]

[It should have been dead, but….]

Along with the red solution, the corpses also sprawled on the floor. But then they started getting up despite with some struggle. Impossible, they should’ve been dead already.

At first I thought they were nightwalkers, but their eyes weren’t crimson. And after some more quick observation when one lumbered their way to me, I noticed that their fangs hadn’t grown longer.
But, those pained wailings. Just like beast…, it’s more like that of a monster.
Something weird happened to them soon after.
Aaron shouted, peeling off the dead man from me.

[Fate, let them go! They are no longer human]

[Are you kidding me…]

The men were rapidly changing painfully. This….I’d seen this before.
The collapse phenomenon.
I could still clearly remember it. How Hado and Rafal turned into something else――something that no longer a human.
According to Greed, it happened when someone lost their mind and humanity upon reaching Area E.
They would become unintelligent creatures who only knew how to rampage.
Their attacks might be simple. But they are still belonged to Area E. It’s not something that Roxy’s body can handle.
I can only rely on Aaron. However, there were more than twenty of them here.

[Aaron, what about their stats?]

I asked Aaron to check the newly emerging opponent, as he’s the only one among the two of us with appraisal skill. I just want to know how strong these guys are after reaching Area E.

[Umu, these monster-like people are called Ogres. Their stats are pretty much that of the early Area E. The goblin shaman at the back is not yet Area E but very near to it. We should try to finish it off without attracting the ogres.]


The ogres were twice as large as Aaron was. Its strong body has abnormally developed muscle. If a person was grabbed by these monstrousity, their body would be easily crushed by those hands.
In this situation…..I really had no idea what I should do. But, at least I know which enemy I should deal with.

Since they’ve just awoken, we could attempt to run through them before they are aware of us. But things won’t go that smoothly for sure.
When the goblin shaman shouted, the ogres also moved out as though they’re grunts. Perhaps it has used some kind of magic to control them.
One of the ogres jumped at me. Its hand attempting to crush me into bloody pulp.


Aaron managed to pull me away at the last second, saving me from that attack.


He didn’t stop there though. Without stopping, he stepped in and drove his holy sword to the ogre’s head.

[Its’ power is immense, but the attack is easy to read. Even orcs can use their heads better.]

Apparently twenty was more than the goblin shaman could handle given its current situation. As Aaron pointed out, the ogres’ movement is rather dull and readable.

[Still a surprising art there. It is really an eye opener for me.]

No matter what, the ogres are only at the early Area E. They are no match for Aaron who had become even stronger after the battle against Rafal.
The goblin shaman lost its’ previously smug face. It clearly had underestimated Aaron’s power. Annoyed, it bared its yellow teeth as it said

[Why……there… is…always…..something…..getting…. in…..the way…of my…research]

After Aaron defeated the third ogre, he stopped. His face turned grave as he looked at his holy sword.
He should’ve been on the dominant side, but he still backed down. The reason being, his sword was deteriorating

[Kuh, the holy sword is eroded.]

The holy sword was forged from rare ore mined from Gallia called Orichalcum. It’s strong and could withstand the strong acid of slime’s body fluid.
However, even after raising the sword power further by activation canceling 《Grand Cross》, it’s still melting regardless. There must be something in the ogre’s bodily fluid. And the goblin shaman’s remark about [research] also concerned me.

I immediately offered Roxy’s sword to Aaron, but was rejected.

[I have my commitment to my sword as a swordsman. Just like milord does. It may be a little worn out, but I can still fight with it. Well, Fate. Do you not think it is too crowded here?]

[Could it be….. Aaron!?]

[Indeed it is. I actually wanted to leave this room intact for later examination…..but that would not do if we die here. I will bury them all here.]

Without letting me to argue back, Aaron already launched a holy sword technique towards the goblin shaman at the back of the ogres pack.

Seeing that, apparently noticing what Aaron is about to do, the ogres quickly attempted to stop him.

[Too late, Grand Cross!]


Aaron’s skill activation was clearly faster due to his decades of proficiency.
The ground beneath the enemies’ feet glowed white, then a huge light pillar that reached up to the ceiling blasted away.
Considering that it’s underground, the intensity of the skill would surely caused rubble and debris to fall upon us.

[Fate, let us leave. . ]


Suddenly being grabbed on my waist, a strange sounding yell came out. I might’ve involuntarily let out a very girlish yell……
Probably thinking that what he’s carrying isn’t actually a woman, Aaron jumped up the falling rubble deftly. He’s so cool! I suppose I understand now why the ladies, and even Haru-san was easily enamored to him.
Not having the luxury to be mesmerized for too long, I hopped down from his carrying.

[The goblin shaman has not been defeated yet, it seems]

[I can see that. By that way…..I wonder where Miria is at the moment….]

[Do not be worried. I was quite sure that she was nowhere near the ceiling when I crumbled it. Look at those trees on the lower left.]

If one looked closely, they would see the girl was seemingly complaining to us while hiding behind a tree. I couldn’t hear her voice, but she’s probably spouting something like, are you trying to kill me! You damn battle maniacs! The only battle maniac here is Aaron though.

[Good to see that you’re still that energetic.]

[I’m miffed. The ground just caved in all of a sudden.]


[Don’t laugh!]

I traced the sign of goblin shaman in the air….there!!
Apparently it had used the ogres as shield when the grand cross was deployed to destroy the ceiling.

[The battlefield has become wider. We can move more freely now. Although, it is the same with the opponent. Shall we go, Fate!]

[Yeah, this time around for sure.]

[I will finish things before my sword break down!]

Aaron grabbed my hand and flung me towards the goblin shaman. Meanwhile, he began cleaning up the remaining ogres. Though it might take a while with the current state of his holy sword.
Judging from the signs, there are about ten of them remained.
I held up my holy sword and charged at the goblin shaman.

Let’s do it.
I must not fail, I must not hesitate, and I must not be overconfident. The goblin shaman who’re expecting my attack perhaps also had the same thought.
It pointed its shakujo at me. And then, a huge sphere of fire formed in the staff’s tip. Fireball magic is it!? Greed can easily take care of that level of magic with his second form, but with this holy sword…..I suppose I can only use Grand Cross?
If our power clashes, the result would be…
While I was still mulling over what I should do, a 《Grand Cross》 engulfed the goblin shaman. The power behind it was quite considerable, canceling the fireball casting.

Who was that!? I thought it was Aaron, but what followed was a female voice.

[This is the moment! Deal the finishing blow!!]

It was Mimir, still in her maid uniform, but with a holy sword in her hand.

When she was sent to the Barbatos mansion, she was prohibited from acting like a holy knight. Not only the behaviour, it’s also forbidden for her to wield a holy sword. Let alone using her skills.
In any case, not like it’s something unfortunate for her to appear here to help me. It surprised me…..actually I’m ashamed to feel surprised by this.
She’s no longer someone of Burix family. She’s now a Barbatos. It’s only natural for her to come to my aid when I’m in a pinch. I just need to return the favor later.


Mimir’s surprise attack proved to be useful. The goblin shaman’s guard was wide open. My holy sword swiftly sunk into its heart.


It screamed a long and horrendous cry. Gave me the urge to cover my ears with my hands.
At the same time, red light gushed out of the goblin shaman, which soon dimmed gradually.
Along with the fading light, I felt my consciousness also sinking into darkness.



When I opened my eyes once more, all I could see was a white world of nothingness. The place had no boundary, only whiteness with not even a visible horizon.
It’s a place I’m quite familiar with already. The stop-gap space that Luna had created in my mental world to protect me from the Gluttony’s influence. Being in this place only means that the body switching had been dispelled.

[It’s not over yet.]

I turned around in response to that female voice, that belonged to a familiar gray haired woman. Her face was expressionless, reminded me of Myne’s.


[Good grief…. Switching body like that, making things hard for me]


Earlier today, Roxy lost her consciousness due to Gluttony skill’s starvation state.
I had to ask Mimir to help alleviate the impulse of the Gluttony skill, but perhaps Luna had also helped from the other side as well.

[If I weren’t there, Roxy’s soul would’ve been eaten by the Gluttony skill already. You owe me big time.]

[Paying back Myne’s favor is already very hard for me….. You only make me scared…]
[What are you saying! It’s thanks to my sister’s favor, that you can receive my help and protection. If you say such a thing, it’ll only sadden her. You just……have to try harder.]

Luna punched me half-heartedly. That similarly strong audacity, they really are like sisters…..tohoho.

[Well then, how should I repay you back?]

[Simple………..I want you, to stop my sister.]

She looked at me straight in the eyes as she said so. As if telling me that I should never give up on that no matter what.
Myne said that she’s been looking for a certain door. She couldn’t afford to miss it――as it’s one reason why she stayed alive for so long.

[Well, I still have no idea what this door is all about. Greed won’t tell me either.]

[That guy is always like that. As for me, I wouldn’t know unless I tried it myself. It’s about to begin….no, it’s already begin….I can feel it.]

[Is it not good?]

[Ee…no one will be happy about it. So of course.]

If it’s true what Luna said, then why did Myne choose to do what she did? Un, nothing came to mind.
In that case, I’ll just have to meet her.
Meet her, then ask for the reason directly from her.
But for now I need to go and defeat the ogres at the hobgoblin forest. At the moment only Aaron could fight them off. But him alone won’t be enough to handle all of them.
I’m also worried about Roxy suddenly waking up on her own body. Mimir and Miria as well. The more I think about it, the more I became anxious.
I must hurry!!
Before leaving the spiritual world, I thanked Luna.

[Thank you. I can’t thank you enough for protecting Roxy. As for Myne, I will do it in due time.]

[Hey, wait a moment]

Luna hurriedly grabbed my hand with an apologetic look on her face. What’s the matter. She rarely looked like this.

[Roxy has seen this place, and probably realized your current condition.]

[……I see…….so that’s it]

The only thing that came out from me was a dry laugh. Luna tried to press the importance once more.

[That girl, you won’t be able to deceive her anymore eventually. The time will come someday. You and I know it already…]

I didn’t give any response to that. I had no mind to keep talking now.
Perhaps she will loathe me and perhaps avoid me. But even so, without saying anything, I left the spiritual world.

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    Thanks for chapter.


  2. So we already know the MC will die (well as everyone but sooner than that) or he will lost himself into Gluttony ! It’s so sad…


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  5. Here is the novel once again taking advantage of the fact that most things are never made clear.

    [Roxy has seen this place, and probably realized your current condition.]
    [That girl, you won’t be able to deceive her anymore eventually]
    Perhaps she will loathe me and perhaps avoid me.

    Anooo……what the f**k is going on. What did Roxy find out? That Luna and that pace exists? That Gluttony eats souls? That the souls are tortured in a hellscape? That he has gluttony skill?

    This is the problem, we have exactly no idea how much he told her in the letter and afterwards, but we were told he had become ABSOLUTELY honest with her. Even admitting he was jealous of Miria spending more time with her. So where then has this sudden deceiving her come from huh? What about the absolute honesty professed? What about the multiple chapters where he is said to have told her everything, how come we are back to she might hate and loathe me?


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    [Is it not good?]

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    Anyways, speaking of Roxy, he used her body to kill the Shaman which was surprisingly close to Level 2, I wonder what that will do for her stats, and Mimir’s timely arrival!!, very good. Does this suggest that Mimir has improved? Last time we saw her stats, she was in the 5 millions average. If the shaman was close to Level 2, then for her to be able to cancel out it’s attack she must have improved drastically, and if not already in Level 2, she must be very close. Wonder if drinking Fate’s blood improves her stats.

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