The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.61

Weekly chapters (1/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 61 – Cornelia Arcadia

Silvia took Ares to an area inside the Royal Palace called Crown Chambers, known as the area where the Royal Clan resides in.

[Come in.]

When Silvia opened the door, a young woman talking to a boy could be seen from outside.

[Ah! Elder sister!]

The boy promptly pounced at Silvia and hugged her with a smile.

[Zerias, I told you to not jump at elder sister like that.]

After she reprimanded the boy and put him down, the young woman turned to Silvia.

[Sister, it surprised me that you visited so suddenly. Are you not in the middle of a banquet?]

[Yes, sorry. That kind of event doesn’t suit me at all. I like this peaceful place better anyways.]

Silvia smiled as she said so which prompted the young woman to smile along.

[As always, elder sister. Just like that. And who is that person standing behind you?].

[Oh, didn’t you say that you want to talk with him for once? He’s the Schwarzer’s little lord.]

Having said so, Silvia turned to Ares.

[I haven’t introduced you yet. These are my younger sister Cornelia and my younger brother Zerias. These two are the people I wanted you to meet.]

Silvia smiled to Ares afterward.

Ares was a little taken aback by the unexpected introduction. He quickly responded as soon as he realized that he’s been gawking for a moment there.

[… Pardon me. This is the first time for me to meet Her Highness Cornelia and His Highness Zerias…. I am Ares, Archduke Schwarzer’s first son. Please call me as Ares.]

Replied Ares as he bowed.

[Ares-sama, please raise your head. We are pleased to meet you as well..]

Cornelia also bowed in kind, then called out Silvia..

[Elder sister, how come you did not inform us first? It’s rude for our guest here.]

Silvia laughed as she apologized to both Ares and the slightly annoyed Cornelia.

[Well, sorry. I didn’t get to inform you in advance. I just thought that today is my best chance. And there, you two haven’t had dinner yet, have you? I ordered the servants to bring some dishes here, so how about we entertain ourselves with some pleasantries while waiting?]


Cornelia Arcadia was 18 years old, a year younger than Ares.
Earlier, he had involuntarily gawked at her. Yes, Ares was an acquaintance with beautiful girls like Sharon, Theta, Maria, the Rozenburg sisters, and Nina. In addition to that, Ares had also met several other beautiful daughters of the aristocrats, so he should’ve been quite used to it. But he wasn’t prepared for anything like Cornelia.
Glossy black hair and clean white skin. Twinkling eyes and well shaped nose. Her body was slim, but with a firm, sizable bust. Above all, what probably attracted Ares the most was the spark of strong will in her eyes.

(No wonder that the people in the slums calls her a Goddess..)

The boy standing next to her was Prince Zerias Arcadia, Cornelia’s younger brother. He has a bright blonde hair and a girlish pretty face. Also a lean (more like thin) body that is somewhat shorter than boys of his age.
Rumour said that his condition is a bit unwell…. Which was fairly obvious here.

Ares then had dinner with the three siblings Silvia, Cornelia, and Zerias. It was not extravagant nor lavish, but an enjoyable dinner nonetheless.
Cornelia and Zerias seemed to enjoy listening to Ares’ stories, while Silvia contently watched them with a smile on her face.

[Why does Your Highness Cornelia choose not to attend the banquet? Being this beautiful, you’ll surely become the prettiest flower in that place.]

Ares’ casual question actually caused Cornelia to blush slightly.

[Ah….about that. There is this situation.]

Silvia was the one who continued the answer.

[Cornelia is too beautiful. Even I admit it. That’s why… she’ll attract too much attention if she ever comes to the banquet. The other women there…for instance, my other sisters, fell to bribery in that very banquet. I’ve reported this to His Royal Father, yet he didn’t do anything to stop them]

After drinking her wine, Silvia resumed.

[You may not know this, but despite her status as the fourth princess, her mother was a lowly-birth and thus could not provide Cornelia with backing nor influence… which makes her a prime target for those wolves. No one will ignore her.]

Having said so, Silvia gently stroke Zerias head.

[Same goes for Zerias. He’s still too young, but there are some who doesn’t care much about this. It’s just that their acts are harder to notice.]

Afterward, Silvia turned to Ares and stare at him with a serious look on her face..

[This is the first in a long time since I last saw Cornelia and Zerias looked so pleasant enjoying their meal. Surely it’s because of you. So I have a request to make…]

Silvia took a deep breath before continuing.

[Can the Schwarzer become the backing for these two siblings of mine?]


The aristocrats supports a certain member of the Royal Clan, ‘backing’ them so to speak.

Since ancient times, if a Royal clan had no backing from the aristocrats, they will be easily deposed then end up banished or even killed.

Most of the time, the clan of the spouse will be the backing of the royal clan.
Most princes and princesses, including Silvia, had the backing of at least a Duke. But this wasn’t the case with Cornelia and Zerias.

[Elder sister.]

Surprisingly, it was Cornelia who cut into Silvia’s speech.

[We are yet to be familiar with Ares-sama as we only met today. How come you are being so rude to make such a request?]

Her face then turned serious.

[I have no intention to put such a burden on others, much less someone we only met today. It’ll be a huge burden for Ares-sama to protect me against elder brother. If elder brother doesn’t want us to meddle with him, then Zerias and I can simply leave the Capital.]

There was this distinct dignified air around Cornelia. Silvia was left speechless. While Zerias simply looked on.

The silence did not last very long.

[Very well.]

As he turned to Cornelia, Ares continued.

[If you have the resolve to go for it, then I won’t hesitate to give up my life for it. Let it be known that the Schwarzer will be backing Her Highness Cornelia from now on.]

On that note, Ares smiled.

[Your Highness Cornelia. This may sound rude of me, but I’ve done a little investigation regarding Your Highness before. And it makes me want to meet you one day… Well, this isn’t exactly how I planned it though]

He resumed while keeping eye contact with Cornelia.

[I know Your Highness has been helping with developing the West District using her own private properties…]

[!? But how?]

[I have many acquaintances in the Western District and all of them had only good praise in regard to Your Highness.]

Ares then turned toward Silvia.

[No one in the Capital had ever given up their own private property for the sake of the commoners, Her Highness Cornelia here is the only exception.]

He returned to Cornelia.

[That is why I’ve been wanting to meet Your Highness. I have given it a thought today while we were talking. Your Highness Cornelia is worthy to dedicate my sword to. However… there are still a lot of things I do not know yet. Therefore… I want to know more about Your Highness. I would be glad if such an opportunity appears in the future.]

Cornelia replied despite her reddened cheeks.

[…I understand. I will accept this feeling of yours. However, it’s not solely your sword that I want from you.]

She then laughed.

[If possible, instead of dedicating your sword to me, can we walk side by side? Not as a master and servant, but as an equal]

Both Ares and Cornelia smiled gently at each other.

Hearing the exchange, Silvia inwardly thought.

Among her siblings, Cornelia is probably the one who inherited the kingly nature the most.

She herself had gone through a lot of battlefields. The pressure Cornelia gave off, even if only for rare instances, was no joke even for her.

Even so… despite the given situation, Ares still wholeheartedly opened up and received Cornelia.

[It appeared that my eyes didn’t see wrong… interesting.]

Silvia laughed in satisfaction.

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