The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.65

Weekly chapters (2/2)

Another country has fallen…


Chapter 65 – Blitzkrieg

The Trevoir Kingdom is located east of the Brittany Federation. The Grants Principality is at its east, and Redgear in the south. Despite being a small country, it managed to remain stable by establishing a good relationship with the surrounding countries.
Its cities were beautiful; a testament to its riches.

And war finally reached it.

Although they received pressure to join the alliance to defend against Arcadia, the royal palace is still divided whether to go to war or to let Arcadia forces pass peacefully. This dispute is still ongoing.

The Trevoir Kingdom is a small country in which, unlike most other countries, the aristocrats hold the greatest power.

Despite the confusion, the King of Trevoir merely chose to keep watch silently.

[Your Majesty, we can still make it. Please send reinforcements to Brittany immediately]

[Are you out of your mind!? We can’t defeat the Arcadia Empire!]

[No, is it still possible to send help to both Brittany and Redgear at the same time?]

[If we lose, not only the king, but the whole aristocrat clans will also perish.]

[No, the Thunder Emperor will surely pardon us if we surrender. But if we fight, we’ll die…]

[Pardon me!]

Several aristocrats looked on unpleasantly when the door was suddenly opened.

[You cur, do you know what we are currently doing here…]

[Pardon me! The Arcadia Empire forces are attacking!]

Everyone who is present were astonished by the news.

[The Brittany Federation has fallen. The Arcadia Empire’s forces are now in position to storm the palace!]


[You said Brittany Federation had fallen!? What is going on?!]

[Isn’t this going too fast?!]

In the middle of that uproar,

[So they’re here… it’s time for me to fulfill my duty as a king…]

King Louis said as he stood up.

Some of the aristocrats were already standing up and returning to their abode, probably plotting on how they would act in the future on the premise that Arcadia Empire won.

After declaring that the council is adjourned, Louis turned to his childhood friend Simon, who looked upset.

Both Louis and Simon were still in their twenties. Simon was the only person that Louis could entrust Trevoir Kingdom’s governing to.
Simon wasn’t born of nobility; he was a regular scholar recruited through normal means.

[Simon, apparently our dream has come to an end. I wish for the day that we can change the country and uproot those aristocrats away… but this is it.]

Loius laughed in sadness, but Simon quickly denied.

[Your Majesty, everything is not set in stone yet. According to the information I’ve gathered, the opposing forces are led by Ares Schwarzer. Allow me to go to negotiate with him so that our beautiful Trevoir will remain as it is]

Simon then continued.

[I may not return alive. Your Majesty, please do your best for Trevoir if that really comes to pass…]

Simon said so with a strong resolve.

Louis looked on.

[In that case, I will also do my duty. Summon the aristocrats once more; I’ll announce our surrender…]


Ares oversaw the scenery of Trevoir Palace and the city around it from above horseback.

[It’s such a beautiful city. I wish that I don’t have to sack it if I could.]

[That’ll depend on the other side.]

The knight Vulcas then mentioned.

[There has been a lot of aristocrats trying to reach out to us since earlier. Perhaps in secret]

In that, Ares could only feel complicated.

[Against orders, they already went to seek their own reprieve. Despite ruling the land for generations as aristocrats… none of them actually care for the country nor its people.]


Ares turned around at the sudden report.

[A messenger from King Louis of Trevoir has come]

[…speak of the devil. Well, shall we see what he has to say?]


Even surrounded by the soldiers of the Black Legion, this person remained unmoved and calm, which somewhat sparked a little of Ares’ admiration.

(That’s a face of someone prepared to die. There is actually someone like that in this country, huh?)

It was Simon who appeared as the messenger.

[Thank you for receiving me. I’m here to convey my King’s intention to the Arcadia Empire’s forces.]

Simon said so as I handed over Louis’ letter to Ares.

Ares read it, then handed it over to Vulcas. Vulcas was surprised upon reading the content of the letter.

[Surrender without a fight….?]

He looked at Simon who had a sad look on his face.

[Yes, that was my King’s response… unfortunate as it is, we have no troops to rival yours.]

Simon continued without missing a beat.

[However, it is only under some conditions…]


After Simon left, there were only Ares, Vulcas and Sigurd remained inside the tent.

[They’ll take responsibility with their lives. But in exchange, they want us to refrain from using violence and destruction to take over Trevoir…huh?]

[I have nothing to say but brilliant.]

Sigurd was perplexed by Ares’ remark.

[Let’s march in to the palace for now. We’ve received permission from the King himself after all]

Ares took out a piece of paper from his notebook. Seeing that, Vulcas immediately spoke his mind.

[….can I ask a question?]

[What is it?]

Ares turned around in response to Vulcas’ question.

[The letter from His Majesty and then this blitz attack…same goes with Brittany…Ares-sama seems to have anticipated everything in advance. Just when was this strategy set up?]

[Before I left the Capital.]


[This time everything went as planned. Well, there were deviations, but we managed to come up with different solutions. So all is well.]


Ares’ reply caused Vulcas to feel upset. In other words, what happened up until now, and those letters had nothing to do with the Emperor. It was probably all written by this young man himself.

[…can I ask another question?]

[If it’s something I can answer, sure.]

[Ares-sama, how many copies of His Majesty’s letter does Ares-sama still have?]

[I did ask His Majesty to write some]

[!? How come…]

[Uーn, that is something I can’t tell.]

[Then… change of topic. What will happen to Prince Carlos and Archduke Saxon who are currently advancing?]

[Ah, those two won’t be able to breach Redgear.]


[They are about to attack Redgear’s two great fortresses which were built specifically to defend against Arcadia. In addition to that, those fortresses are manned by famous generals such as Gold Tiger General Zion and Silver Bear General Garn. And more than that is Princess Liliana the Silver Princess Knight. Her presence is like a strategic weapon in itself. She can’t be ignored so easily.]

[But…if given enough time.]

[If they have time, then they probably could do something. Those two are Arcadia’s greatest generals. Eventually they’ll breach the fortress and march to the capital… however.]

Ares laughed at the end.

[I would’ve already taken the capital before that.]


Inside Trevoir Palace

Ares was standing before the upset King Louis and many other aristocrats to accept their surrender.

[Well then, I will convey His Majesty’s decree.]

Vulcas who was standing on the side opened and read Emperor Sephiros’ handwritten letter with strict and serious tone.

[Trevoir will be part of Holy Arcadia Empire, and the King of Trevoir, Louis Trevoir, henceforth, will be the Earl of Trevoir. Trevoir is to continue administrative works as is.]

Everyone present was astonished upon hearing that Louis will still be holding the position of Trevoir’s de facto leader.

[The official papers will be given once we return to the royal capital. However, this decree can also serve as a valid formal grant, therefore cannot be attested against.]

Ares added to silence the astonished aristocrats.

When Vulcas saw Emperor Sephiros’ handwriting, he couldn’t his surprise as well. How many more letters does this man have? Moreover, how come His Majesty allowed such a thing?

Keeping that question to himself, coughing once, Vulcas continued to read.

[Regarding Trevoir’s aristocrats… we guarantee that they can keep their property and wealth. However, their land will be confiscated. All aristocrats will be appointed baronet, and be stationed in the Arcadia Empire]

Hearing that decree, the aristocrats present were silent at first, but soon started to raise their voice.

[N-no way! I’m a duke in Trevoir! There is no way I can accept being demoted to baronet!]

[Land confiscation, you say!? Does Arcadia Empire not know about courtesy between aristocrats!?]

[This lord cannot accept that condition!]

Complaints started to fly one after another and soon the hall became too chaotic. Seeing this, Ares then said.

[Then do you want to fight for it?]

The hall which was noisy and chaotic gradually quieted down after Ares’s words.

[This place is but a small country. In Arcadia, you’re already fortunate enough to be considered as baronet. Know your place.]

[The confiscation is against courtesy, you said? You’ve surrendered. We have no obligation to show any courtesy to you. This is us already giving you preferential treatment by letting you keep your property.]

[And more than anything!]

Ares refuted the aristocrats’ argument one by one and added a decisive statement.

[If you don’t accept, then it’s fine. Just prepare to have your clan completely erased from the face of the continent!]

No one dared to counter argument Ares after that.

And from that day onward, the Trevoir Kingdom became Trevoir County. The aristocrats did not dare to rebel. Three days later, they packed their belongings and headed to the Arcadia Royal Capital.

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