The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.66

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 66 – Princess Knight

The Redgear Kingdom is located west of Grants. Its territory is twice as large as Trevoir, but only half of Grants.

It’s not that huge of a country, but sufficient enough to maintain its independence from powers such as Arcadia Empire.

Redgear boasted two fortresses
The Lasse fortress and Soran fortress.
Those two have had many historical battles against Arcadia forces and had remained impregnable.

As of now, 30,000 soldiers led by Prince Carlos is heading to Lasse. While Archduke Saxon Georg led 40,000 soldiers to attack Soran.

Arcadia forces marched for 3 days then had been engaged in battle for 4 days. A total of one week and still no victor emerged.

Carlos who received the battle report was enraged.

[You say it’s all because of a mere young girl!?]

Lasse fortress was currently defended by General Zion the [Gold Tiger General]. A capable general and a solid warrior, he had saved Redgear from several perilous battles.

No matter what strategy Carlos concocted, it was rendered useless thanks to Zion’s ironclad defense.

And above all…

[That white haired witch always got in our way over and over again!]

Intercepting them as the flying squadron was the first princess Liliana Redgear, said to hold the greatest military power in the kingdom.

[Our soldiers were decimated by princess Liliana alone. Her using…that holy sword Alflex…is like a moving strategic weapon already.]

As they spoke, a silver haired young woman was wading through the battlefield, blowing away Arcadia soldiers with her shining blue sword with so much ease to the point that the Duke of Hoover Douglas who served as military staff could see her with his bare eyes.

[Arcadia forces is just at this level!? How pathetic!]

The silver princess said so as she dug deeper into her enemy ranks all by herself. Being in the midst of the enemy, naturally the soldiers went in to surround her, but…
With a flash of blue light, those soldiers were blown away.

[It’s all because of that magic sword and princess Liliana as its wielder…I have to admit it after seeing this myself.]

[I don’t like this… I don’t like this at all!]

Carlos stood up, taking his spear along.

His spear… was emanating dull dark red glow due to certain magical enchantment.

[Demon Spear Killburn.]

It was said that it belonged to an unknown demon warrior before it somehow made its way to human hands and now, it’s Carlos’ spear.

[This spear should be able to counteract that holy sword. I’ll fight her myself…]

[Please reconsider. A general shouldn’t act only by following his whims.]

Douglas quietly advised Carlos.

[Although we sacrificed many soldiers, it doesn’t really matter since they are all lower ranked aristocrats’ soldiers. No need to worry about them.]

Douglas laughed.

[More will come after this. I wonder how long she could endure… isn’t it better to wait for that?]

[…understood. Very well, there are still some time until Esteemed Father arrives anyways. So let’s do things carefully]

In Carlos’ face, a smirk unbefitting of a prince bloomed.

[Just wait you silver hair witch… you’ll regret your folly one day. I’ll be sure to capture you and make you my sex slave. Yes… I’ll definitely enjoy messing her up!]

Looking at the battlefield, the Redgear was clearly the one on the lead. And most of it could be attributed to one person, Princess Liliana. If one looked at the Arcadia forces, the troops provided by the aristocrats were obviously already in tattered state.

[Let those Redgear weaklings do as they like for now and execute all the aristocrats who dare to retreat later. Afterward, we’ll advance with the royal army.]

Carlos announced as he left the battlefield.


On the other front, Silvia who finally joined Ares was unable to hide her surprise.

[When I heard that he had conquered both Trevoir and Brittany in such a swift manner, I couldn’t believe it… but he actually did it…]

[Even if they were small countries, taking over two of them within a short five days is… unheard of before. Not even the history of the whole continent ever mentioned such a feat.]

Silvia’s assistant officer, Astoria also added with astonishment.

Silvia was supposed to take over the command of the forces to conquer Trevoir and Brittany. That’s why she left the capital three days after Ares …but it turns out that Ares had already taken both countries.

When Silvia arrived, she was greeted by the sight of a man in white battle attire, with soldiers in black armor stood behind him.

[It’s good to meet you, Schwarzer’s little lord]

Silvia climbed down from her horse.

[Your Highness has had a long journey. The resting place has been prepared in Trevoir palace, if You may.]

Ares stepped forward and greeted back. He then walked side by side with Silvia.

[Conquering two countries and not to mention in mere 5 days. Can you tell me your method so I can study it later?]

[Nothing special in particular. It’s all thanks to the soldiers’ hard work. For details, Your Highness may ask Vulcas about it.]

Ares replied with a laugh to Silvia’s question.


[Merry-go-round charge formation was it…? I’ve never heard of it before.]

Commented Silvia upon hearing the battle details from Vulcas.

[But to think he took down Trevoir Palace without a fight.]

[Perhaps, it’s likely because the enemy did not anticipate for the blitz. Ares-sama said, the opponent’s decision making capability will be dulled when facing such sudden pressure.]

[I see… I understand now. Alright then, Vulcas.]


[You know that being an aide knight for him isn’t your only duty… so could you report the result now?]

Before becoming a knight serving directly under the Emperor, Vulcas was originally one of Silvia’s knights. His loyalty actually tilts more toward Silvia than the Emperor.
The reason why Vulcas was appointed as Ares’ observer this time was because Silvia had pulled some strings behind the scenes. Silvia asked him to observe Ares.

[Ares-dono was astonishing. To the point that I’m looking forward to what he’ll do next…]

Vulcas’ face turned serious afterward.

[Your Highness. You must not make an enemy out of him at all cost. I couldn’t see through this man. This continent may have a lot of Heroes… but I have a feeling he’s a vessel that will go beyond that.]

[…is that so?]

[The world will change and he’ll be at the center of it. I’ve only spent about a week with him, but I was made sorely aware of this.. He’s not exactly a horrible person to get along with anyways.]

Silvia often relied on Vulcas’ ability to judge a person’s characteristics. If Vulcas even said that…
Silvia smiled silently in agreement.

[Was my gut feeling was right? Then we cannot afford to let go of that man… interesting. Very interesting…]

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