Glutton Berserker ch.123

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 123 – The Resurrected

Mason noticed Roxy. He got off from his white horse and approached her slowly.
Perhaps normally, if someone who was thought to be dead appeared in front of us, we should’ve accepted them with joy. But Roxy was just standing there wordlessly, staring at the approaching Mason.

Mason also seemed to feel troubled seeing his daughter. His face was full of anxiety, still doubting whether he had truly returned home.

[Roxy, I’m back.]

Mason gently spoke to Roxy. His voice seemed to melt away the frozen atmosphere.
After Mason died, Roxy succeed his position as the head of Heart family. Other Holy Knights didn’t think much of her since she’s on the commoner’s side. So they pushed a lot of work to her, under the pretense that she’s just a newcomer. Even I, when I was still working as her servant, could see that it was certainly taxing work. She really had it difficult.

Even then, she was sent to Gallia due to Rafal’s plot. The previously silent Tenryu suddenly went active once more. There was no way I could forget the day she set out for Gallia.
I saw it by accident. Roxy was visiting Mason’s grave the day before her departure.
There were probably a lot of things she wanted to say, but it was all left untold. Perhaps she visited the grave to speak up her mind.

Even I would do similar thing. My parents were already dead when I was still very young. There were a lot of things I couldn’t say to them. I do have things I want to say to them, if only we could meet again.

And Roxy would be able to do that now. Perhaps, her silence was due to the long repressed feelings surfacing back and overflowed.
And what came out in place of words, was tears.
Mason said as he pulled her into a hug.

[You’ve done your best, Roxy]


Only then I remembered that I still couldn’t make any sense of any of these.
Aaron had already asked the reunited families to come to the palace to report themselves. Mason also obediently started moving toward the palace.
Roxy stood there, as if unwilling to separate yet.

[Esteemed Father…]

[Don’t look at me like that. We’ve not met for a long time, and you’ve even become a Holy Knight, yet you still act childish.]

[No, that’s, that’s not it! I…I]

[I’ll be back soon, so just wait for me at home]

Before Mason-sama headed to the palace, he spoke to us.

[Aaron-sama, thank you for your guidance. Could it be…you’ve returned to become a Holy Knight? This sure brings back memories. And this one is?]

[Fate Barbatos. He is my adoptive son. Shall we save the stories for later?]

[Of course. Well, shall we?]

Meeting Roxy’s father, although I found myself tensed up, I still managed to bow my head. In response to that, Mason-sama simply smiled. Good one…hopefully he thought of me like that as he made his way to the palace.

The rest of us were still trying to swallow the situation. People that were killed by the Tenryu actually returned alive.
It was almost like a miracle. Many people died during the attack. Their remains were collected and returned to their families to be buried.
Similarly, Mason-sama’s remain was supposedly buried in his grave.

Aaron told Roxy to follow and check, but she turned down the offer.

[It’s scary….so I won’t. Pardon me for backing off on such an important matter.]

[No, it is alright to feel apprehensive. We should be the one to apologize. Sorry, Roxy].

Later on, after receiving Miria’s report, the soldiers and holy knights from the palace arrived. So we left it to them to handle the matter.
Aisha-sama had already returned to Heart mansion. It’ll be better to immediately inform her of Mason-sama’s return.

[Mother will definitely be surprised.]

[Yes. I could almost imagine Aisha jump in surprise]

Looking at Roxy and Aaron who were walking ahead, I asked Greed.

[What do you think is happening?]

『This is certainly not normal』

[I know it already. But that’s not what I’m asking for]

『I thought you already know about it. Luna should’ve told you. In the end, it won’t bring happiness to anyone.』

[You mean…at first they’ll be happy, but they won’t be in the end?]

『Yes, that is correct. Look at Roxy, for instance. She was puzzled by his father abrupt return at first, but by now she’s smiling happily.』

If my own parents turned out to be alive as well, either I started to accept it little by little, or feeling afraid that all that was just a sham.
Then I asked Greed again, whether this had anything to do with what Myne is searching.

[Is it the Door to that Land?]

『If it is, what can you do about it?』


『My bad. In any case, there is still time. So you need not to be angry. If you go now, you’ll miss out on Eris’ return. She should come back with some valuable information. All you can do right now is to wait』

[Waiting, huh…]

I’m really not good at waiting.
But now, it seemed that it was the best path to take. First things first, we have to gather enough information from these ‘resurrected’ people.
The white knights should be able to handle the investigation. Even if I’m not that familiar with them, I would still be informed of the result.

We proceed through the commercial district to the Holy Knight residential area. When we were nearing the Heart Mansion, Aisha-sama was already there waiting at the front gate.
Apparently after the switcheroo had been dispelled, she’s waiting for our return. Despite her calmness, she’s actually very worried.

Aisha-sama rushed towards us upon noticing our arrival.

[Everyone is safe. Thank goodness…truly. Mimir-chan woke up just a while ago, and Shara-chan should be tending to her at the moment.]

[Thank you, Aisha-sama.]

[Un un! This one is better after all. It’s fun to have Roxy as a boy while it lasted. Too bad I won’t be able to see it again.]

[Mother! That is embarrassing!]

[Arara, I’m sorry then. Roxy, you shouldn’t be angry so easily like that. It’ll cause wrinkles on your face. Fate would surely hate you if your face had too many wrinkles.]


A cheerful person, as usual.
A few months ago, due to her sickness, I wouldn’t even imagine that she’d be this cheerful.
But there is something we needed to tell Aisha-sama. I got a little worried over what kind of reaction she would make upon hearing the news.
As me and Aaron watched, Roxy’s face turned serious as she delivered the news.

[Mother, please listen to me while keeping calm]

[Whatisit whatisit, is there something wrong? Ah, don’t tell me!?]

Aisha-sama got excited as she alternately looked at me and Roxy.
I felt like she had a misunderstanding again.
Roxy also realized this, so she promptly explained.

[We’re not there yet! Why does mother always tease me with something like that!?]

[Eh, so it’s not that… Too bad then. Then what else? Other than that, I cannot imagine anything else worth my excitement.]

After being told that it’s not as she expected, Aisha-sama immediately lost her excitement.
Since she’s trying to convey a very important news, Roxy also calmed down in response. I suppose these two had always act like that.
Both understood each other really well.

[Mother, please listen carefully.]

Roxy grabbed Aisha-sama’s shoulder to prevent her from running away.
Aisha-sama was surprised by this, thus she relented.

[U-understood. Yes, what is it?]

[Esteemed Father has returned]


[I repeat, Esteemed Father has come back from Gallia. Alive and well.]

Unable to comprehend what her daughter meant by her long deceased husband somehow returned home alive, Aisha-sama blinked her eyes and reprimanded Roxy.

[Please don’t kid like that. There is no way that could happen. Mason died in Gallia. If this is a joke, then it’s a really bad joke.]

[But it’s true!]

[He!? Ara ara, there there…what is actually happening here… Aaron-sama, can you elaborate?]

She still thought that it was just a joke. Therefore she asked Aaron who is unlikely to tell a lie.

[O Aisha. Roxy is telling the truth. We met Mason earlier. He’s now reporting to the Palace.]

[Even…even Aaron-sama is lying. Lie. That’s a lie, right? That…that person was… Fate, please tell me the truth.]

Aisha-sama turned to me with hopeful face.
I’m not saying that I hate seeing Mason-sama is still alive. I’m actually very happy about it.
But dead people coming back to life is something far from common sense and thus hard to accept. Aisha-sama’s reaction was quite normal.

[Everyone is trying to tell me a lie, Fate! Mason is already…..I’m not out of my mind yet to easily believe that he actually come back.]

[Aisha-sama….please calm down. Take a breath, and release.]

[Un un. Thank you, Fate. I’ve calmed down somewhat.]

[Good to hear that. But I’m gonna say the same thing here, Mason-sama is indeed coming back.]


Apparently she finally took the news seriously.
Aisha-sama promptly fainted. Fortunately I was there to catch her body from falling to the ground.
Even Roxy did not expect that her mother would faint on the spot like this.


[It cannot be helped. We should take her inside. Aisha has always loved Mason after all…]

[Aaaa…sorry about that.]

[Fate doesn’t have to apologize. Give me my mother’s hand. I’ll help you.]


I ended up carrying Aisha-sama alongside Roxy.
Entering the Heart Mansion, the head maid――Haru-san rushed to us.

[What happened!? Aisha-sama!]

[Her emotion was in great turmoil, and she fainted.]

[That’s……bad. Let me fetch some water.]

Haru-san immediately left us. The other servants also looked on anxiously.
Aaron quickly advised Roxy.

[Mason should return to the mansion shortly. It will be better if you inform the servants in advance.]

[Yes. I will gather everyone and inform them about the news. Can I leave mother in your care?]

[Leave that to me. Fate should be alright with it as well.]

[Yes. We’ll take care of Aisha-sama.]

[Thank you! Well then.]

As the current head of Heart Family, Roxy gathered the servants to make an announcement.
It was to convey the news that Mason-sama was still alive and has returned to the Capital.
I couldn’t blame Aisha-sama for being overly surprised like this. Even when I was still working as a servant here, she seemed to still mourn Mason-sama’s death.

When we drank liquor together, I still remembered that the last topic was about Mason-sama.

Roxy was speaking to the servants. As he watched that, Aaron made a remark.

[She is doing well. Anyone can see that. Shall we take our leave here?]

[Yes. But, will it be alright to leave Aisha-sama alone here?]

[Now that Fate mentioned it, speak of a devil…]

Haru-san came back with a towel and water basin.

[Pardon me, but it would be nice if you can guide us to Aisha’s room]

[With pleasure. Fate-sama]

With Haru-san as a guide, we brought Aisha-sama to her room. I could faintly heard Aisha-sama muttering something.
She was muttering her husband’s name.

[He’ll be here soon.]

Whispering that to Aisha-sama, I noticed that her countenance changed to that of a relief.
I supposed that it’s long overdue.

And then, Luna’s word re-emerged in my mind.
The Door to that Land is about to open. Or had it already opened?
I still didn’t know for sure… But surely it has something to do with Mason-sama’s return, though honestly I thought that it’s actually a pleasant thing.
I’m just happy for Roxy and Aisha-sama now.

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