The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.67

Weekly chapters (1/2)

Entering the enemy’s capital.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 67 – Redgear Capital Fran

Ares and co. left Trevoir immediately after Silvia joined.
Originally, a deputy lord should be stationed on Trevoir for future government…but Ares decided to leave that to the Trevoir king who surrendered to him.

[How foolish! You’ll just get attacked from the back if you do that!]

[There is still some discontent in Trevoir. What if they revolt?]

Naturally, this decision was opposed by Silvia, as well as Astoria.

[…let me explain the reason behind the decision.]

[Can someone who doesn’t trust their people….be able to understand their heart?]

[Are you saying you trust Trevoir king?]

[He’s no longer a king when he surrendered. He’s now Arcadia Empire’s servant. If he happens to revolt… then my army will handle it, and it’ll be my full responsibility even if it’ll cost me my life.]

Silvia who rode next to Ares, considered his words quietly.

[Very well. I will trust the Schwarzer little lord’s judgement this time]

Thus, the entire army once again marched, this time under Silvia’s leadership, leaving Trevoir under Louis’ care. This time heading to Redgear.


[We’ll be entering Redgear border soon.]

When Vulcas reported so, Silvia raised her voice.

[Redgear’s two fortresses are facing a siege at the moment… making the capital vulnerable, is it not?]

She turned to Ares.

[Did you seriously plan all this in advance?]

[Redgear is a strong country. Breaching the two fortresses will surely take some time. However, even if I did not expect that the two countries will fall in less than a week. I intended to make use of this head start to poke right at the opponent’s heart]

[That’s why little lord applied for this front.]

[Brittany and Trevoir were reluctant to participate in the war. They didn’t even field their soldiers. Therefore, I believe that the two countries would fall easily if we move swiftly. And… there is also the fact that Redgear capital city is only two days march from those two countries.]

The capital of Redgear was already within sight.

[Well, shall we attack?]

Ares promptly replied to Silvia’s question.

[No, we cannot just yet. Let’s wait for a while since not all the actors are in their position yet.]

Ares said with a laugh.

[If we attack now, the other side will most likely resist us desperately. Worse comes to worst, it’ll cause the civilians to go against us. Even if we have the best of the best here, the casualties will still be great.]

[But the capital will fall for sure if we attack now. At the moment, Redgear’s three generals are busy at the frontline. Sacrifice is common in war, we should attack now…]

[I prefer that no one has to die, even if it’s my enemy. The less sacrifices we have to make, the better. And… above all, it’ll support our future endeavor if this plan succeeds.]

Standing on the side of Silvia and Ares, Vulcas raised a question.

[So Ares-dono is waiting for something… but what are you waiting for?]

[That is…]

Ares replied with a mischievous face.

[The strongest of Redgear, [Silver Knight Princess] Liliana Redgear.]


Lasse fortress was celebrating their success in intercepting the Arcadia forces.

[Somehow, the guys at Soran fort are also doing okay.]

Zion responded to Liliana’s remark.

[Yes, apparently Garn did his job well. Having Her Majesty here working with us is truly godsent.]

[Nonsense. It’s all thanks to both General Zion and General Garn’s hard work, and most of all the soldiers]

Riding the Heavenly Steed Pegasus, she’s been going back at forth between the two fortresses. Whenever one of the fortresses was in peril, she would ride there to intercept the Arcadia forces and repel them valiantly.

[Your Highness, are you not tired? The war is still ongoing. Pushing yourself too hard will put an impact on the future. Please get some rest. This Zion will manage the rest…]

[Excuse me. A messenger from the capital has arrived…]

The soldier apologized for interrupting their conversation.

[A messenger from the capital…? Please bring us there.]

Liliana remained silent… but her mind was filled with a bad premonition.


[Soldiers are sighted near the capital…?]

[Yes. We are currently at a standoff. Even His Majesty Himself has donned His armor to lead the defense force. I was tasked to inform Princess Liliana to immediately return to the capital.]

[Impossible… does that mean both Trevoir and Britanny have fallen!?]

Zion who was standing next to Liliana asked with a harsh voice.

[Your Highness. This lowly one and Garn will handle the defense of the fortresses. Immediately return to Fran. The situation might still be unclear, but the fact remains that the enemy has come knocking on our door. If Fran fell, then everything is over. Please… protect Fran and His Majesty.]

Liliana responded to Zion’s plea.

[Understood. My brother is inexperienced in terms of war. Hurry up and lead me to Fran. General Zion, I leave the rest to you]


Liliana then hurriedly walked out the door.

[Hopefully, brother stays safe until I arrive…]


The King of Redgear Wilfred is young but highly praised.
Redgear was originally known for being regularly attacked by monsters. Therefore its military forces have to be tough enough to handle it.
In recent years, the kingdom was blessed with the presence of Gold Tiger General Zion, Silver Bear General Garn and Silver Knight Princess Liliana who brought immense help in maintaining domestic security. Not only subjugating monsters, but they are also the backbone of the kingdom’s defense against foreign invasion.
On the other hand, the current king is young, but exceptionally capable in terms of politics and bureaucracy, promoting reforms in domestic management and enhancing national power.

But for Wilfred, this would be the biggest crisis he had to deal with. One he never expected.

[Liliana, returning for duty.]

[Thank goodness you’ve returned! Liliana!]

Wilfred was leading the forces outside the palace. Although he’s well capable in political matters, he’s lacking in experience when it comes to war. That’s why he was overjoyed to see Liliana’s return.

[Speaking of which, has the battle not started yet?]

[Umu…at the moment I don’t know what is going on… we are still at a standoff…]

[Their number is around 25,000. Similar to our own. They’re probably being cautious.]

Liliana looked at the enemy, which remained eerily quiet.

[We must not let the standoff to last for far too long. Let’s move out. I will take the lead.]

With that, Liliana whipped up holy sword Alflex. Wilfred also responded in kind.

[Wasting time like that, let them understand that we are the hunter here, not the prey!]


[Enemy forces have started moving! A silver haired woman is in the lead… it’s Princess Liliana!]

Hearing the scout report, Ares and Silvia stepped forward.

[They’ve started moving.]

[Now all the actors are in position. The soldiers will meet them head on. If we delay it anymore, the damage will increase as well. Let’s be on our way.]

Silvia rode alongside Ares, watching as the army marched. Ares drew out his sword atop his steed, Saint.

Sigurd called in from behind him.

[Ares-sama. Shall I go to the front this time?]

[I wish I could order you to… but I need you to protect Her Highness Silvia. I should be fine on my own, although even I don’t know how this will end.]

Silvia’s 10,000 Rose Knights and Ares’ 5000 Black Legion marched in fervor. But the 10,000 Arcadia Empire army was lagging behind. Liliana did not miss this detail.

[Blow aawaaaaaaaaaaaay!]

Everytime Liliana waved her holy sword Alflex, many knights and soldiers were blown away like dry leaves in the wind.

[Well then, I guess it’s my turn.]

Ares rode to the battlefield in a fairly relaxed manner.

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