The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.71

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Short chapter~
The prelude before next war.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 71 – Grants Principality

[What are you planning?]

In the hallway, after Emperor Sephiros left and the court was adjourned, Silvia grabbed Ares’ hand and asked.

[This time around, no matter how you think about it, it’s a trap set up by others. Are you fine with it? At least tell me something]

Ares then looked at Silvia closely.

[I was expecting this. Certainly, I’ve done too much to warrant that trickery.]

He said so as he smiled quietly.

[But it’s fine. They may try to prevent us from getting more merits.., but the Grants Principality’s soldiers are not to be trifled with. Truly one of a kind. Even if both Carlos and Archduke Saxon work together, it’ll still be difficult for them to achieve victory. Even if they bring the entire Arcadia Empire’s military forces with them… I think it’ll still be difficult. No worries, we’ll have our turn.]

Silvia was surprised upon hearing his reply.

[That is ridiculous… they are no more than 30,000 strong. Our Empire has more than 300,000 soldiers. How in the world…]

[I’ve received information that their actual number is actually closer to 50,000. Some of the soldiers are in hiding. And…these hidden soldiers are different from others. If they are led by an excellent general…then I don’t think Carlos and Archduke Saxon will stand a chance.]


The Grants Principality is a unique nation in both geographical and cultural terms.
To its west is the Arcadia Empire, its east are large mountain ranges, its north is a vast grassland and the smaller eastern countries like Trevoir and Redgear are in its south.
Its position in the east is peculiarly stuck out like a sore thumb.

[Cursed Land]

Grants was known as such.

In the northern grasslands lived another ethnic group called the Horsemen, feared for their raiding habits.

In the eastern mountain lives the dwarves that hated to socialize, constantly engaged in skirmishes with neighboring countries.
And to the south of the mountain ranges, there lives another ethnic group called the Aryans. Their tribe took pride in their powerful physique. Appearing from time to time, they would wreak havoc and pillage small towns and villages.

That’s not all. In the west, there is 『The Mysterious Earth』, where various magic beasts and demonkin lives. That place was ruled by the『Demon Lords』.
These powerful beings were the former followers of the slain demon king Galgain.

Grants, Redgear, Trevoir, and Brittany… if those four countries were conquered, the road to unite the east will be wide open. It’s really important, but Grants had thwarted all of Arcadia’s efforts up until these days.

The reason why Grants Principality is so strong… most likely tied to the fact that they have to continuously fight with those different ethnic groups as well as the magic beasts and demonkins led by the demon lords.
There is no discrimination between the demihumans in this country. Such things are trivial matters when strength is justice and the need to defend their country is greater than anything else.


[An excellent general you say… do you mean the Sovereign of Grants, Gail? But he’s been sick…]

[Only the ignorants would not know about Sovereign of Grants Gail. He may not be able to participate in battle due to his sickness. But… his heir turned out to be an excellent individual as well. Not many knows about him yet, but Darius’ heroics will soon surpass even his father.]

[Darius? I think I’ve never heard that name before?]

[I heard that he mostly deals with the northern barbarians and the demon lords. Apparently that’s why he hasn’t participated in regional war yet.]

After giving it a thought, Silvia asked Ares.

[Well then, what should we do?]

[For now I’ll just accompany Your Highness and wait. As for the upcoming battle…let’s just enjoy the show.]

Ares smiled mischievously.

Silvia looked at that smile…and frowned. Wondering what would happen on the battle to come.


Author’s Note:

A month has passed.

I was motivated to keep writing thanks to all the readers’ comments.

For the time being, it was declared that it would continue for a month but because it might be bad for my readers, I will post every day until the end of this Chapter 2.

Thank you.

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  1. Well, it’s not a bad idea for those opposing Ares to be the vanguard since they can exhaust the troops of the Grants right? At least make them tired or exhaust the supplies is enough too.



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